Lost in You: A Short Story Part 1

Updated on February 7, 2020
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Amy is an avid writer and a travel junkie and lifelong expat. She writes on topics from literature, to dating to sex. She has an MA in Eng.

Lost in You Part 1 Summary

Sarah has been dreaming and saving to live and work in Spain. Finally, her dream has come true. She has been offered a English teaching position in the Aragon region of Spain. But first she will study Spanish in Barcelona. She is confronted with unexpected choices, adventures, and trauma. Will Sarah stay strong?

Lost in You is a story about dreams, love, loss, and the indomitable human spirit. As of right now, this story will be in four parts. Stay tuned!

"She was finally in Spain. One dream down."

Stepping off the train in Barcelona, Sarah was immediately inundated with how crowded and loud it was. It was a shock to her mind after being on the train for 10 hours in relative silence, well, except for the super chatty woman who was on her phone for an hour before she alighted at Perpignan. Thankfully, she had only been on the train since Montpelier. Sarah pushed through the crowded train station grateful she only had her pack to carry. She had finally learned over the years of travel how to pack light. Once she made her way out of the station and onto the street, she stopped to get her bearings. This was not her first time in Barcelona but it was the first time she was going to stay for a long period of time. She was going to study Spanish full-time for three months and then begin teaching in Aragon. As she was standing there, someone bumped into her, as she looked up she saw a rather attractive man’s face. “¡disculpame!...senorita", the man said.

“No pasa nada", Sarah responded. The man paused and stared for a moment, then turned and continued on his way. Sarah would probably remember his face for a while; he had beautiful green-grey eyes and a light that seem to radiate from them. He exuded happiness and kindness. She watched him walked away until he was enveloped into the busy street crowd and then she began her walk to her hostel. It would take her about 25 minutes according to Google.

Once she reached her hostel, it felt like a homecoming. “Sarah! ¿Como Vas?! Bienvenida de vuelta!” Esmie came around from the desk and hugged her. “Bien,bien. Oh, Esmie, Es tan bueno estar de vuelta! ¿Come vas?”

¨Bien, bien. Tu cama esta lista. Cómo. Cómo.¨

Sarah followed her up to the dormitories. Switching to English, Esmie said, “I have put you with three other quiet, nice women. I get your work schedule tomorrow and you start on Monday, so that give you time to get school stuff fixed.”

“Oh, excellent. Muchas gracias.”

Esmie smiled and left. Sarah was going to clean the dorms a few days a week in exchange for cheap lodgings. Since the school had a library that stayed open late, she could study there and not be disturbed at the hostel. If she were staying longer she would have just rented an apartment but this arrangement worked well since her Spanish was not fluent enough for regular jobs. At the hostel she could just use English and if there were Spanish speakers who did not speak English, Esmie would handle them. Sarah took out her toiletries and pajamas and laid them on her bed along with her favorite pillow and shoved her backpack in her locker and took a deep breath. She was finally in Spain. One dream down.

"...she felt more at home here than she did in her own country, but she also knew she didn’t quite fit here either. She seemed to be forever stuck between."

Sarah walked down to Catalunya station to go to the university to pick up her books. Once at the bookstore, she was able to get in and get out quickly and back on the subway. She took a seat at the end of the car where all the seats were empty. At the next stop, someone sat across from her and she looked up and immediately recognized the man from earlier who had bumped into her. But it was him who spoke first. “¡Eres tu!” Sarah was hypnotized by his smile, and just stared back at him, so he spoke again. “¿Te acuerdas? más temprano hoy?”

Sarah came out of her zone, “Sí, lo siento. Hablas ingles? Mi español no es muy bueno.”

“Sí, I mean, yes. Your Spanish pronunciation is very good, I had no idea. What are the chances of running into each other twice in one day?”

“Yes, most unusual. I’m Sarah.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Marc.”

“Uh, this is my stop.”

“Sarah, wait, this is my number.” He was quickly scribbling it on a piece of scrap paper. “Why don’t we meet for a drink sometime?”

“Oh, uh, that’d be lovely.” She quickly moved to the exit, but turned back, “Adios.” And then she got off. Sarah stood on the platform staring at the number in her hand, then shook herself to wake from her daze. I can’t believe I met him again and he asked me out. Life is full of surprises. She walked back towards the hostel, but decided she needed to eat so she popped into the little café near the hostel and go some pizza and pasta salad. She decided to text her friend that lived nearby to see if she was busy. She typed in: Ana, are you busy tonight? And began to eat and her phone beeped and she read the message.

No, darling, what’s up?

She quickly responded back: You got plans tonight? I’m wanting to go out.

She finished her pizza and then her phone beeped again.

Not busy. Let’s meet at Armando’s at 9 pm.

She threw her garbage away and returned her plates and typed back: Okay, c u.

Now that she had plans, she checked her watch, it was 6:30 pm. She needed to go back to the hostel for a nap and get ready.

Later when she woke and showered, she fought the impulse to throw on her flip flops and denim shorts because she knew Ana would call her a guiri. She chuckled to herself. She chose her skinny jeans and body shaping black dress top and her black silky petal pushers. As she was putting on her makeup, she was thinking how strange it was that she felt more at home here than she did in her own country, but she also knew she didn’t quite fit here either. She seemed to be forever stuck between. It did not really bother her, but she did ponder what it meant from time to time. She went downstairs and headed out to Armando’s.

Armando’s was still only half full at 9 pm, so Ana and Sarah were able to snatch a good high bar table near the window. Armando’s was popular spot for the more mature crowd. You didn’t generally find many college students in there, unless they were working there. The atmosphere was low lighting, dark and deep violet walls with crystal chandeliers and black lacquered bar counters with gold railings. The bartenders and servers were always dressed in vests and ties.

Ana raised her eyebrow and asked “So, tell me what’s new. Any new hombres on the chopping block.” Sarah laughed and rolled her eyes. “Nothing new. And no, new men. Although, this one guy bumped into me, literally, at the station today and then surprisingly, later on he got on the subway and sat across from me on my way back from the bookstore. He’s really attractive. His name is Marc. That and his phone number is all I got before I had to get off.”

“Guai! He gave you his number?”

“Yeah, and asked me out. I’ll have to be the one to set it up though because he doesn’t have my number.”

“Text him, now!”

“Oh, where did I put his number?” Sarah began searching her bag. “I think it must be somewhere on my bed or near it. It was on a piece of scrap paper and I didn’t have time to copy it into my phone.

“Oye, Sarah, a hot guy gives you his number, and you lose it?!”

“I did not lose it, I’m sure it’s at the hostel somewhere.”

Ana just shook her head at Sarah. “Girl, you’re a mess. Haha.”

“Even if I message him, then what? He’ll probably turn out like every other man, and have no follow through.”

“Girl, no one said marry the guy, just play around, enjoy the sex.”


Sarah got back to the hostel at about 1 am and by then had completely forgotten about looking for Marc’s number and just crawled into bed and went to sleep.

Paella night

Two weeks had flown by with work and studying, and Sarah hadn’t again thought about Marc until she was studying and one of the characters in one of the role plays was named Marc. She went back to her room that evening early and looked all over the room and around her bed. No number. Then she searched all her bags, but nothing. She all but gave up until she had started to put her backpack back in her locker when she saw a piece of paper at the bottom of the locker. Sure enough, it was his number. She put everything back and then laid on her bed and texted him. Hi Marc, I don’t know if you remember me. It’s Sarah. We met on the subway. How’s life?

She flipped through her apps while waiting and saw she had notifications in Instagram. Her friend in Denmark had sent her a message.

Saw you were finally settled in Spain. When’s a good time for us to get together? I can come there or you can come here.

Sarah started to respond when Marc responded: Hola, Sarah. Of course I remember. Life is good. It’s almost the weekend. Do you have plans?

Sarah started to type and then and backspaced. Should she admit she doesn’t have plans? Oh, screw it. She was going to be honest.

Actually, no plans because I have to work on Saturday morning.

How about a drink Saturday night?

Sarah was feeling all warm in her face and excited as texted him back. I’d love to! 10 pm?

Great! See you then! Marc responded back immediately.

Sarah responded to her friend in Denmark, setting up a date for her friend to visit and then went downstairs to socialize with the guests, which was highly encouraged as part of working there, besides it was paella night.

"...his eyes weren’t teasing, but instead were a dark green and looked like there was banked fire in them."

Saturday night Sarah headed out to meet Marc. They had agreed to meet at El Paraigua near Plaça George Orwell. It was a three tier hot spot, restaurant on top, bar on the first floor and the live music venue in the basement. Sarah made her way through the lingering crowd and through the door. She immediately saw Marc at the bar and waved. Upon reaching him, he stood up and gave a kiss on each cheek and a hug. Her body hummed from the electricity of his casual touch. they sat at the bar and ordered their drinks.

“So, Sarah, I thought you weren’t going to contact me. I was feeling all sad.” His eyes lit up with teasing and his lips were turned up in a slight flirty smirk so she could relax.

“I am so sorry. I got so bogged down with work and school and then I…” She looked down a little guiltily, “…sort of lost your number temporarily.” She mumbled the last part, so Marc could not resist teasing her some more, “What was that? You lost my number? Are you sure you didn’t lose it intentionally?” Now, he was grinning huge and touching her hand on the bar. “And then you realized how awesome I am and changed your mind?” Now, Sarah’s cheeks were burning with attraction and slight embarrassment, though not because of Marc’s words, since she knew he was just flirting. “You got me. I thought to myself you don’t want to meet a guy like that, he’s so full of himself. Nah, throw that number away. And then I was bored the other day so I thought I’d just use you to kill time. So I messaged you.” She was smiling back at him and she moved her body closer to him. Marc immediately noticed and started rubbing his hand up and down her upper arm and then finally resting his hand on the back of her neck. He exhaled softly and whispered, “I don’t know what it is about you, but when I bumped into and then saw you on the subway, you took my breath away. You draw me in.” He leaned in close, looking in her eyes like he was asking permission, and Sarah closed the gap and kissed him. He tasted like rum and mint and something she could not quite describe and his lips were soft and smooth. The kiss started out slow and casual. Sarah pulled away slightly to look at him, his eyes weren’t teasing, but instead were a dark green and looked like there was banked fire in them. Marc pulled her forward and captured her lips and this time there was nothing casual in the kiss. It burned her from the inside. Marc had one hand rubbing on her neck and one hand on her knee, rubbing up and down to the hem of her short black skirt. Sarah had one hand on his thigh and the other one on his chest grabbing at his shirt. She needed to hold on because she felt like she might just drown and fall of the bar stool, but she most definitely didn’t want to stop kissing him. Finally, it was Marc who pulled away first and rested his forehead to hers. Breathing heavily, he whispered, “How about we go downstairs and dance a bit? There’s a good blues band playing tonight.”

“Okay.” Marc got up and reached for her hand and she clasped his and they moved downstairs toward the music.

"...just admit you want this too and we’ll worry about the rest later. Don’t think. Let’s just do.' She pulled him toward the door and Marc sighed and surrendered to the fire."

Two hours later, they had danced and laughed so much that they were a sweaty, smiling mess. They sat down at an open table, enjoying some ice cold mojitos. Marc was hold her hands in his, stroking them back and forth. He looked up at Sarah, “This connection is a first for me...” Sarah interrupted, “…me too.” Marc smiled and continued, “…and it is kind of heady and I think it would be easy for me to just fall into it and see where it goes without slowing it down; but I think that would be a mistake. I really like you, Sarah, but I think we should go slow.” He looked down at their hands before continuing. “I want to see you again. I want us to get to know each other but I think we should be careful to not get caught up in this.” He motioned between them, referring to the sexual chemistry.

Maybe Sarah was drunk, though she’d only had three drinks, but she wasn’t quite sure she was understanding, and always being direct she said, “So are you saying you don’t want to have sex with me?” To emphasize her point, she began rubbing his upper thigh sensually. Marc grabbed her hand to stop the motion, “No, quite the opposite. The way I feel right now, I want to throw you over my shoulder and take you to the nearest dark corner, people be damned and take you right there, but that is not what I should do. I want us to know each other, to go on dates, and to find out our likes and dislikes. I think it could make the wait much more amazing.”

Sarah looked at him flirty and began stroking his hands and asked him, “Marc, do you think that if we had sex tonight, that you would lose interest and not talk to me again? Do you think it would not be a good experience?” She stroked his cheek and kissed him before he could answer, pushing her tongue in to swirl and mix their tastes. Marc pulled away, breathily he said, “No. I think it would be so hot we would set the bed on fire and I would definitely be hooked.”

“Then why are talking about not having it? In fact, I think we should go.” She winked at him and pulled him to his feet so she could rub her body against his. He groaned. “Ahhh, Sarah. I really think we should go out a few times and just…” He could not finish his sentence because she was kissing his neck. “Marc, just admit you want this too and we’ll worry about the rest later. Don’t think. Let’s just do.” She pulled him toward the door and Marc sighed and surrendered to the fire.

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