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Lost for the Second Time


Read First: Dear First Love

Time to rest my heart, and hope sleep will come around.

So I can finally dream of finding the love I lost, that now is found.


Maybe I’ll find you in the moon, or maybe all I’ve been missing is my heart’s tune.

When I lay at night sleepless I wonder, do you lie awake, remembering me so tender.

Because just between the dark and the morning light, I search for your love my handsome knight.


Do you dream of me or reminisce? Do you wonder how it feels to taste my bittersweet kiss.

Maybe God will answer my plea, and all that I wait and love are waiting in a special place somewhere beyond the sea.

So I shall never be blue thinking of the love that I thought have gone out there and flew.

Your loving gaze is my perfect cave that makes me glow when days are grave.


Are you smiling away from me from a star?

Shall I always think of you from afar?

Gone but not forgotten will I be to you?

Or will love find its way soon in the next avenue?

I feared that all the memories I’ve shed are gone for good, like a love that’s long been left in a hood.

But your presence has not at all gone, nothing’s really left or lost without a trace for you are the one.


Just behind the moon, I pray that love is playing hide and seek and appears soon.

Should I wait here until it’s time to show, or would it be like waiting for the month of June to snow?

Now that I’ve lost you once again, am I the only one to blame?

But did you really love me and when?

Because for me my love was never lost, it was just left on the road to frost.

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