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Little Red Roesners: Part Two

“What are we going to do?” Camille asked. “There has to be something that we can do to help them.”

“Let me take a look at what might be going on in there,” the cat said. “I can get away more quickly than either of you, if whoever is in there decides they are going to come out.”

Camille nodded, and the cat went closer to the house. It climbed up and sat on the window sill, looking inside.

It saw their mother and grandmother, sitting in chairs, their arms tied behind their backs, and their legs tied to the legs of the chairs. They were both gagged, and Mother was glaring at someone who the cat could not see.

If she had been able to speak, she would have put a spell on whoever was in the room with them, so it was probably a good thing for whoever it was that they had stopped her from being able to speak.

When the person that was holding them finally came into view, the cat took one look at them and jumped off the sill, running quickly back toward the girls.

“What did you see?” Camille said.

“Your mother and grandmother are in there,” the cat said, “and so is a wolf.”

“What would he want them for?” Camille asked.

“I don’t know,” the cat said. “Wolves are dangerous creatures. There are a lot about them that I don’t understand.”

“What is going on?” Onyx said, and Camille told her what the cat had said. “We’ve got to figure out something. We can’t let the two of them get hurt.”

“I agree,” Camille said. “What do you think that we should do?”

“I don’t know yet,” Onyx said. “Let me think for a second.”

Onyx sat down on the ground, looking toward the house. Without realizing what she was doing, she started drawing in the dirt in front of her with her finger. She was thinking about what the cat had said, about there being a wolf inside the house with them, and she drew something that only kind of resembled a wolf.

When she looked down at it, she wished that it was a real wolf, that it could turn into a lot of real wolves, and they would all do what she wanted them to do.

The air started to shimmer above the drawing, and the girls backed away, unsure of what was happening.

A moment later, the first of a pack of wolves climbed up out of the ground where the drawing had been made. It looked at Onyx, went over to her, and licked her hand. She pet it on the head and scratched it behind the ears.

As she was doing this, several more wolves came up out of the ground, and they all came over to Onyx for a pat on the head and to await their orders.

“Now, we have help,” Onyx said. “We should go inside and get them away from the wolf that’s in there.”

“We might need more than that,” Camille said, and she turned to the cat. “Is there anyone else out here that could help us?”

“There might be,” the cat said. “Sounds like you should send out a call that will bring someone else to you.”

“Who should I call for?” Camille said.

“A bear might do,” the cat said. “I only saw one wolf in there, but there could be others, I don’t know. Between the wolves that your sister made, and a large bear, there shouldn’t be much trouble in getting your mother and grandmother free.”

“How am I supposed to call a bear here?” Camille said.

“The same way you called me,” the cat said.

“But I didn’t,” Camille said, shaking her head.

“Then, how did I hear you,” the cat said, “and know that you needed help?”

Camille thought about it. She couldn’t remember having called the cat, but she supposed it might have been possible. But even if it was, she wasn’t sure how she could get a bear to come here and do what she wanted. She was afraid that if a big creature like that would not want to do what it was told, and it would end up hurting her or her sister.

But as she was thinking about it, she heard something walking toward them,a nd the two of them looked in the direction of the noise, afraid of what it might be.

Onyx took a step closer to Camille, and they grabbed each other’s hand, glad that they were with each other.

A moment later, a large grizzly came into view. It stopped a few feet away from the girls and sniffed at the air. It swung its head back and forth as though it were clearing it, and then, it looked directly at Camille.

“What do you need?” the bear said. “I heard you calling to me.”

“Our mother and grandmother are inside that house,” Camille said, looking back toward the house. “There is a wolf in there with them. We think he wants to hurt them. Will you help us get them out?”

The bear took a few steps forward so that it could look around the tree and see the house. It sniffed at the air again. Then, it backed away and nodded.

“Yes, I will help you,” the bear said. Then, the bear looked at the wolves that were surrounding Onyx. “Did she make those wolves? They smell like her.”

“Yes, she made them,” Camille said. “They were going to go in there and help as well.”

“Alright,” the bear said. Then, the bear looked at the wolves that Onyx had made. “Come along with me, boys. We’re going to go take care of the wolf that is inside there.”

The bear ambled toward the frond door, and Onyx wondered how they were going to get inside the house. She was sure that the bear and the wolves weren’t going to be able to open the door. So, she drew a house in the dirt, imaging that it was the house that was in front of her. She drew it with a door, and when the door was finished, she wiped it away, concentrating hard on there not being any door there anymore.

She heard Camille gasp, and she looked up at the house. The door had vanished, and the bear was walking inside the house.

They heard the bear roar loudly, and there was a hout from someone inside (they were sure it was from the wolf that was in there). A second later, Onyx’s wolves went rushing inside after the bear.

There was a lot of roaring and barking and shouts for a few moments, and then, there was a crash that sounded like a window breaking. Then, the wolves came running out of the house, and they ran toward the other side of the house.

The bear came out of the house a moment later, and he roar at Camille to come inside.

The two girls ran to the house and went inside. They found their mother and grandmother still tied to the chairs, but neither of them were hurt. Grinning broadly, the girls went to them and untied them.

When they were free, Mother hugged both of her girls tightly, saying how proud she was of them, and how glad she was that they were safe.

“How did you get that bear and those wolves to help you?” Mother said,a nd the girls explained what had happened, each of them interrupting each other repeatedly as they did so. “Well, it seems as though you have had a very exciting day.”

“Yes, we have,” Onyx said, “but I think I am ready to go back home.”

“Me, too,” Camille said.

Mother, Grandmother, and both girls went back outside and started to make their way back home, but before they got very far, Onyx ran back to the place where she had made her drawings, and she ran her foot over them (so there was no more house, and there was no more wolf).

When she did so, the house completely disappeared.

Then, they walked back home, where Father, Grandfather, and their little brother were waiting. Father was repairing the door, and Grandfather was putting the inside of the house to rights.

Father gave mother and both of his daughters a kiss when they got close enough.

“Well, now,” Father said after a moment, “what sort of adventures have you all been on?”

Camille and Onyx looked at each other and smiled, not sure if anyone who hadn’t been there would believe them if they tried to tell them what had happened.

“Oh, you know,” Camille said. “Just your average kind.”