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Limitless Boy Part 8


Where do they go from here in the investigation

The last time we were here Jesse and Jessica were trying to figure out where the abducted kids were, and why there were so many clues unaccounted for and what they all meant. They were getting close to finding the kids or so they hoped but there was still so much missing and not a lot of time left to find the kids before something bad happened to them which Jesse and Jessica didn’t want, but they could only do so much. That was why they hadn’t been to school for so long they were trying to figure out, where the kids were and bring them safely home to their families. They thought that they had an idea as to where the kids were but they weren’t for certain this called for another look at the pictures just for good measure. There had to be something behind the cabin, but what and how did they get there if there was something there? Or was the cabin not even part of the picture when it came to the investigation? There were so many questions and it was getting to the point where they didn’t think that they would find answers. It was getting really tiring looking for clues when nothing seemed to be adding up.

“Do you think we will ever find them”? Jessica asked. “I think the guys that are behind this are trying to see how far they can push us,” Jesse said. “I never thought of it like that” Jessica said, “ I don’t want to give up though I want to find these kids just as much as anyone else does. “We not only have the cops counting on us but the kid's parents who are waiting to find them as well. As they were saying this they were walking through the forest, they were close to the cabin when they heard something, it sounded like it was coming from the ground.

“ Do you hear that”? Jessica asked when the sound got closer. Jesse nodded and said, “but where it is coming from”? The two of them stopped walking and listened for a few minutes to see if they could pinpoint where the sound was coming from. The two of them turned towards the woods and decided to walk in that direction. That was where the sound was the loudest so they decided to check it out. “ I think there might be people waiting in the woods,” Jessica said, and Jesse nodded “ I don’t know if we should be going into the woods by ourselves if there are people waiting maybe we should call for backup, what if we find something it will be better to have backup if we find something that is important to the case and that needs the cops attention over us,” Jesse said, Jessica had just pulled out her phone and speed-dialed the police station to let them know what they were up too. Within minutes of calling the station and walking into the woods, Jesse and Jessica knew exactly where the abductors were hiding out just one look into the woods and the photos that they had complied clicked into place. the abductors would hide out in the woods until they knew nobody was around and then they would go to the cabin underground and either add more kids to the kids that were already there or they would beat the kids whichever they wanted to do at the time but nobody knew this yet because Jessica and Jesse had just figured it out themselves.

As they walked deeper into the woods, they found all the clues they needed to confirm their suspicions, pieces of the kids clothing and blood spatter was on some of the trees so they knew something that happened to the kids. Once they reached the middle of the forest, where you could just make out the cabin they found something new clothing that was torn and the blood on it looked fresh so someone else had been abducted recently that they didn’t know about yet. Hopefully, they were still all alive, but all they had to go on at that moment was hope for that.

As they were standing in the forest they heard footsteps and saw movement from four trees over from where they stood so Jesse and Jessica walked a little further and found not only the two guys who did the crime but also a lot more evidence they had tried to conceal, to make sure that they weren’t found out but that didn’t work. Jesse tackled the two guys to the ground when they tried to run away from them and waited until the cops found them so that they could arrest them. They had brought the dogs to sniff things out just in case the kids were close by but they were nowhere to be found. The cops arrested the abductors and they all went back to the station to question them. The dogs had been able to sniff the abductors out but they hadn’t found the kids. It was getting so late for the kids to be found alive that they didn't think they were going to find them.

Jesse and Jessica stuck around the police station for a while, to try and see if they could get any more clues from whatever the real abductors said, to either the cops or their accomplices if they could even be called that, but they said nothing for so long that Jesse and Jessica decided to go back out and see if they could find more evidence. There had to be something else that they could find without the help of the dogs or the cops that would help them find the kids faster. That was the end goal now, to find the kids fast because they didn’t know if any of them were hurt or dead because it had been so long and they probably hadn’t been fed which is never good when you are a child or anyone for that matter but a child more so that was why Jesse and Jessica wanted to close this case and quick.


Why were they so into this Case?

The two of them needed to get back to school, but that wasn’t why they wanted to find the kids. They wanted to find them because the more time they spent unfound the more death there might be when they do finally find them and that is something they really wanted to avoid they didn’t want any of them to be dead. Jesse and Jessica knew this and they had a feeling that nobody was dead but they were very malnourished which was bad in itself so they needed to find the kids soon. So Jesse and Jessica sat in the conference room going through their notes again after they had seen the area for the 100th time, there was something that was at the forefront of their minds but they couldn’t place it.

They spent hours sitting in the conference room going over the pictures trying to figure out what they were missing and when they finally decided to give up it was well after midnight and their parents had called over 100 times to check on them. They hadn’t heard from them in hours and were worried something had happened to them like the kids that they still couldn’t find, they didn’t want to happen to their kids, so just as Jessica and Jesse were packing up the pictures there parents burst through the conference room door. “Why hasn’t any of you called, we were so worried about you.” their parents said in unison the two of them looked up and said, “ We were busy helping the cops we thought that you knew that was what we were doing we didn’t think we needed to call you every couple hours to give you an update.” They said, “ We still haven’t figured it out and we are so close we figured that if we kept working we would be home by tomorrow and you guys wouldn’t have to worry any more but I don’t think we are going to be able to finish tonight now,” Jessica said as she looked at Jesse who shook his head. There is still something missing that we can’t place and we might need to sleep on it and figure it out in the morning.

So they went home and went to bed with their parents for the first time in days but they both couldn’t sleep, their minds were too preoccupied with the case. So the two of them stared at the ceiling even though they knew that they should be sleeping because the next day was going to be a busy one. They just couldn’t sleep, they knew they were close and it was as if they were close enough when they were in the forest but they didn’t realize it but now they realize it and are kicking themselves because they haven’t found them yet. The thought of what if we never find them crossed both their minds about a million times and they were getting annoyed that they couldn’t place it. They were getting close and they could feel it but how close they weren’t sure. They just hoped that they found them soon because they both wanted to change their focus to happier things and they were pretty sure the cops did too. They had almost the entire police force in this case and the cops who weren’t were getting mad about the workload that they had to take on extra because this case was so consuming on other officers.

Jesse and Jessica were so close they could feel it but why couldn’t they do anything more, at that moment. It was late that was part of it, but there was something else that was bothering them, they felt as though they were losing something because they were so close but didn’t find it when they were there the first time, and they didn’t want to get upset over it when they did finally figure out where the kids were. By now they knew that not all the kids that had been abducted were going to be alive, it had been way too long for all of the kids to live, and that wasn’t the most upsetting of all.

What if it had happened to them that was the big thing that was going through their heads, they knew that it probably never would with their minds but it could and that was what they were afraid of. They wanted to figure the mystery of the kids out since they had figured everything else out, even though they still didn’t understand why the guys who had done the graffiti got hypnotised to do what they did but, they didn’t think that they did either so that would be part of the mystery that would never be solved which would bother them but it would be okay once they found the kids.

There goal was to find the kids and soon because they knew that there parents were worried about them. Even though Jesse and Jessica had a pretty good feeling that most of the kids were fine, they hadn’t talked to the parents because they didn’t think that it was there placed to do so, but they would try and find more evidence if they could to help the cops find the kids it was the least they could do. They were so invested in the case already that they wanted to see it through they just didn’t know how else they could help without getting under foot of the cops, not that they felt as though they were under foot but the feeling was coming and they were afraid to ask the cops about it because they really didn’t want to hear what they were going to say about it.


Will they ever find the kids?

Tune in next time to see what happens when they find the kids

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