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Limitless Boy Part 7


Whats with the Graffiti What does it Mean?

When we last left off in the story the cop that was with Jesse and Jessica was bringing them both back to the station. He had just mentioned that maybe they should go in and question the suspects themselves. The two of them sat in the police cruiser silently thinking this over, they weren’t cops and they knew that but maybe the two of them talking to the suspects would help. They had tried already but with the new information, they found the suspects that the cops had in custody might tell them more.

When Jesse and Jessica walked into the interrogation room, where the guys who were in custody were still sitting and casually took a seat. “ We think that we figured something out we just need confirmation”, Jessica said. The guy sitting closest to her spoke up “ What type of information are you looking for”? he asked. “ we need you to tell us if you know what any of these pictures mean, we also need to know if you can tell us why you guys got roped into doing the graffiti”?

The two men sat there in silence, for a few minutes trying to mull over what Jesse and Jessica were telling them. “ we were hypnotized we don’t know how it happened but when we came out of it the graffiti was done.” “ We don’t know how we got hypnotized or what the graffiti even means.” The guy sitting across from Jessica said. Jessica had put the pictures that they had taken in front of the two men, and let them take a better look. “ There are that, have been abducted and I am sure that you have checked the forest area already” the man sitting across from Jesse said. They both nodded so he continued, “ there is something in the cabin or near the cabin that you guys are probably missing we don’t know exactly but by the looks of it, you guys are not checking things out enough.” The guy sitting in front of Jessica said.

“Can you tell us anymore so that we can look harder and maybe finally figure out this mystery”? Jessica asked, “ well if you went around the back of the cabin, there is something that we couldn’t draw we think that that might be where they are keeping the kids.” They said, Jesse and Jessica, nodded thanked them and said if they had any further questions that they would be in touch. They were heading to the police chief's office when they found him coming to find them to see what they had to tell him. “ Hey, guys I was just coming to find you to ask you what you have found out.” The police chief said, “ one of the detectives said you were meeting with the guys that we have in the interrogation room and I wanted to be the first person you told your findings too if you found anything out, so have you found anything out so far”? he asked. “ Well we just wanted to talk to the guys that did the graffiti and see if we could find any other information out and when we talked to them we found some other things out.” Jesse said, “ we were going to check it out now and see what we could find” Jessica chimed in.

"Okay, guys but don’t you think that it might be time for you two to go back to school, I think we can figure it out from here.” The police chief said, but Jessica spoke up in that moment, “ But we are so close to figuring it out and don’t forget we both have limitless minds, so catching up on school work won't take long.” Jessica said, “ I know that you both have limitless minds and that it won’t take long for you to catch up but I also don’t want your parents getting mad at us because we have kept you away from school for so long because we needed your help.” He said, “ If you are so concerned why don’t you call our parents and ask what they think about us missing school, but we are so close to cracking the case do you really want us to stop now”? Jessica said, the cop thought about this silently for a moment and then shook his head no, he didn’t want them to stop he knew that they were close and they could use all the help they could get. “ we don’t want you to stop helping us we just don’t know if it is such a good idea for you to be missing so much school we don’t want your teachers and your parents to get mad at us for keeping you, so why don’t the two of you call your parents and your schools and see what they say.” He said, and then Jesse spoke up, “ We can’t call the school because they will not speak to us since we are so young but we can give you their numbers and you can call them and see what they say, you will probably get a better answer out of them then we would anyway.” He said and the chief nodded his head yes so the two of them gave him their school phone numbers and their parent’s phone numbers so that they could call them and make sure the two of them being out of school was okay.

After that Jesse and Jessica left to do more investigating. The two of them wanted to figure out this mystery and soon, the longer they waited the less likely they were going to be at finding the kids that were missing not that they had heard about anyone else going missing but the fact that there were kids missing it was a race against time to find them alive. They wanted to find all the kids alive and well for the cops and parents sakes. So that was what they went to do. Jesse and Jessica figured that soon they would find the kids and figure out the mystery of the graffiti.

As Jesse and Jessica were walking out of the police station, they stopped dead. “ There has to be something missing, there is just so much that still isn’t accounted for in this mystery so we must be missing something and something big,” Jessica said Jesse could only nod he was thinking the same thing but since she said it he didn’t need to.


What were they looking for with so much graffiti?

“ Jessica I said what I said because I wanted you to respond, what is it that you think we are missing or are we missing anything”? Jesse said, “ Oh I didn’t know that you wanted me to respond I just thought you were saying your thoughts out loud, I don’t know if we are missing anything the pictures that we have taken say a lot, but where to go from here is the question.

Well, we could go back and look at the forest and see what we find there, or we could go and investigate the pictures more and see if they can tell us anything new”. Jessica said, “ Well we are outside now and I sort of like the fresh air so why don’t we walk around a little bit and see if we can find any more clues or if there are any more clues to find.” There is something that is not adding up here so I guess that means there are more clues to find. The question is where to look, they said in unison as they walked towards the forest. They wanted to see if there was any more graffiti that they had missed so they took the camera with them just in case.

The guys hadn’t said anything about more graffiti anywhere, and they hadn’t had anyone else come in saying that they heard anything or found more clues. So maybe Jesse and Jessica had found everything and they were now just looking for the kids and the people that abducted them, it was a race against time to find them now and the two of them knew that they just didn’t know where to look first which was a problem.

They were missing something they just didn’t know what it was and for the life of them they couldn’t figure it out. Maybe if they brought one of the cops out with them when they went to investigate the forest they would figure it out faster and easier, but they also know that the cops were so busy with everything else that they didn’t have the manpower to continue searching as slowly as they were going with this investigation into the abduction of children, for no apparent reason, or at least they couldn’t figure out what the reason was yet. They also couldn’t figure out why they had people in custody but they weren’t saying much and they weren’t telling them everything that they knew. Something was fishy there, even though they had told Jesse and Jessica everything they knew it still wasn’t enough to solve the case, and that was what they were trying to do.

They had looked at the pictures so many times it felt as though they were committed to memory since they had limitless minds the pictures were committed to memory right after the first time they saw them but for the sake of the cops and the suspects they kept going back to them. There had to be more people involved since the guys that they had in custody couldn’t really tell them much but where were these other people hiding and why, what was the point? These were the questions running through Jesse and Jessica’s heads as they stood outside of the police station they didn’t need to talk to each other, about because they had the same type of mind and they knew that was what they were thinking.

There had to be other clues somewhere that they just hadn’t found yet or something obvious that they just couldn’t put their fingers on yet, that was how close they felt to solving the case but it still wasn’t solved. So they decided to go to the nearest coffee shop and figure it out, there was one just across the street from the police station so it wasn’t far. Jesse and Jessica were still young and they shouldn’t have been allowed to be left alone outside but because they had limitless minds their parents, as well as everyone else in town, knew that they could hold their own if something were to happen in their presence.

So the two of them went into the coffee shop and sat at a table in the back far away from anyone who might be watching since it did look suspicious for two twelve-year-olds to be sitting in a coffee shop unattended by an adult during the school day. As they took their seats, however, they realized that they didn’t have money so they couldn’t order anything, so they knew that they probably couldn't stay long without people really looking at them. So they decided to have a quick conversation and then get out of there to see what else they could find. They took out the information that they had in their back pockets in the little notebooks and tried to make sense of it. They knew that the abduction site had something to do with the woods, and a cabin they just weren’t sure how much the cabin had to do with it.

Tune in next time to see what happens will the kids be found or is there still more, that the Jesse and Jessica are missing that they don’t know about. We will just have to wait and see what happens next.


What Will Happen Next With the Limitless Boy Tune In

Tune in next time to see what happens will the kids be found or is there still more that Jesse and Jessica are missing that they don’t know about. We will just have to wait and see what happens next.

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