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Limitless Boy Part 6


The Limitless Boy Working With The Police Department

When we last left off in the story, we were trying to figure out who caused the graffiti and what it meant. Jesse and Jessica had been sitting at the table in the conference room pouring over the pictures that they had taken of the graffiti around town. They wanted to figure it out and soon because they had a feeling if they didn’t do it soon something else was going to happen. They hadn’t heard of anything but they saw the graffiti happening and they wanted to know why. The graffiti said something they just had to figure out what it was saying.

As they took a deeper look at the pictures they realized that the guys doing the graffiti around town were trying to tell them something without using words so much as pictures because they probably didn’t want to get caught by the people doing the abducting. Jesse shot up from his chair and shouted, “there are kids missing they have been abducted.” He said as he pointed to the kids that were drawn throughout the graffiti. “Why hasn’t anyone come forward to say that kids are missing”? Jessica asked, “Maybe they are afraid that the cops won’t be able to help that I think we should tell the chief what we found.” Jesse said, with that, he went over to the telephone on the wall and called the office of the chief to ask him to come into the conference room. They had something that he should see that might be able to help them in their search for the bad guys. “Jesse, Jessica you wanted to see me, you had something to show me”, the police chief said as he came into the conference room and closed the door. “Yes, I think that we have found a clue.” Jesse said, “What is it that you think that you figured out”? The police chief asked.

“The guys you have in custody were right they are not the ones who did anything bad, sure the graffiti is bad but it was them trying to tell you that something else is going on in the town. Take a look at the pictures” Jessica said. The police chief took a deeper look at the pictures that were all over the conference room table. One of the pictures looked like a forest but if you looked deeper into the photo there was a building obscured by the trees of the forest because there were so many of them. it was a cabin the woods essentially which was probably where the guys abducting the kids were taking them. Now they just had to figure out who was doing it and maybe release the guys that they had in custody because now they knew that wasn’t really a part of it. They were just trying to help the cops out, in the search for these people. They didn’t want to release them yet though because they didn’t want to have to call them back in for more questioning they wanted to get it all out on the table now and then let them go.

The police chief was standing in the conference room staring out the window on the far side of the room which was looking out onto the street when it finally hit him. He turned around and put his finger up as he said, “I think I figured it out.” “Maybe it is time to go and tell the guys we have in custody that we believe them maybe they won’t be so scared of us anymore and maybe they know more than they are actually telling us and will tell us more if we tell them that we believe them,” he said, Jesse and Jessica nodded and the chief left the conference room to do just that.

As the door opened to the conference room and noise drifted in Jesse and Jessica noticed that the investigation was getting more complicated. The police chief had gone to the front of the room and announced that he thought that he had figured out what was going on, and he had just told everyone that the guys that they had in custody were trying to help them. Just as he finished speaking people came rushing into the station shouting that their kids were missing and they needed the police’s help to find them they also wanted to know who was behind it and what the police knew so far.

The people who had come in screaming were screaming about what the police knew and why hadn’t they done anything yet. “Why would you all wait until now to come in and tell us that your kids were missing, it has been more than 24 hours which means you should have been earlier, even if we couldn’t do anything until the 48-hour mark? We should have known people were missing before, we even had the pictures of the graffiti that are now sitting all over the conference room table.” The police chief said, the people who were complaining that they weren’t helping didn’t say anything, the police chief was right, but they had thought their kids were just in school but when they didn’t come home that was when they got worried and they told all of that to the police.


The Limitless Boy's Investigation

“We wanted to know if you had caught the culprit yet, but we hadn’t heard anything that is why we are here.” They said, “No we haven’t caught the culprits yet but we are finding evidence and the people we have in custody are helping us but they are not the ones that took your kids we are still trying to figure that out.” The cop said, “It is going to be a race against time our kids could be dead by now,” the people screamed and the cops nodded, we are doing the best that we can, we are putting every ounce of manpower we can on this, we have two people with limitless minds, helping us, their names are Jesse and Jessica. They took the pictures and are going through them now.” The police chief said they have found a cabin in the woods that they are going to look at now and hopefully they are still there. If they find something we will let you know” the chief said, they only nodded but they didn’t seem convinced. Jesse and Jessica caught the tail end of what the chief of police was saying and spoke up “We haven’t found anything that says any of them are dead, but we also haven’t exactly found out where they are, so Jessica and I are going to go out and see what else we can find.” Jesse said, “When we find out more information we will be sure to let everyone know.” Jessica said.

At that Jesse and Jessica left the station in search of more clues. “Jesse where do you think the kids are, according to the pictures they are in some sort of forest. We just don’t know exactly which forest they are in there is a few around here that we now need to investigate.” Jessica said, why don’t we try by the entrance off the police station “? Jessica said, we might be closer than we think or father but we don’t know so we have to start somewhere.” She said, and Jesse nodded as they both started walking towards the forest. Just as they were about to enter, though one of the police officers called out to them, “Jesse and Jessica wait for me, we are going to come with you and bring the dogs they might be able to sniff out where they are.” They said, “That is a good idea, we are going to try starting here and see where we end up.” Jessica said, “I have the picture of the cabin here and that is what we are looking for we just don’t know what part of the forest it is in, so we are going to have to check the entire thing until we find it.” Jesse said, and the cops with the dogs nodded and followed them into the forest.

After hours of searching with the cops and dogs they finally found the cabin, but when they saw it something else made Jessica stop in her tracks. “How did they get lured here, there is no evidence of a struggle at least none that the dogs have found yet, so how did they get here.” She said, and at that everyone stopped and stared blankly at the trees that were in front of them, she had a point. It was an ongoing mystery that seemed as though it was never going to be solved. They found something about 2000 miles away from the police station but there was no life to it. They had broken into the cabin but found nothing so this wasn’t where they were, they were somewhere in the forest though but where was the question. At that point, they decided to stop the search and head back, but as they were heading back they noticed something else.

It was really windy and it hadn’t been when they had started. So either someone was causing the wind or there was a storm coming that they couldn’t see, but they weren’t going to give up. So they went deeper into the forest and found another cabin with nothing in it, which meant they had to go farther. The question was why were there so many cabins in the woods in the middle of nowhere with nothing in them, it didn’t make sense something else was going on but what? Jesse and Jessica turned back to the cops that were following them with the dogs and said, “why are there so many cabins in the middle of the woods have they been here before, are they allowed to be here”? They asked the cops shook their heads, “these cabins look they were newly built it looks like someone is trying to confuse us maybe they aren’t in the forest at all.” The cops said, Jesse and Jessica shrugged they didn’t know now because the pictures couldn’t be telling them what they wanted to know but they were so certain that they were, that they didn’t want to give up.

Maybe it was time to turn around and go investigate the pictures a little bit more and talk to the guys more, maybe they were missing something. That was what it felt like anyway, but they were determined to figure it out. “I don’t know what these little cabins are trying to tell us but maybe we should go back and see if the guys know something else because this isn’t helping but I think that we are close, just not close enough,” Jesse said, to the cops and they all nodded and turned around to leave the forest and head back to the station. They were close but not close enough it was going to take a little bit more coaxing out of the suspects to figure out if they knew more than they were telling them.

As they were going back to the station the cop said, “maybe you guys should go in and question the suspects I know that you are not authorized to do that, but they might tell you more than they are telling us, and if that is true we can figure out this crime a lot faster and we can all move on. Not that we don’t like having you guys around but we all know that you have other things to do, like school. The two of them just smiled. “Yeah School we forgot but this is a little bit more important than school and we will figure it out soon, we have a feeling we are really close.”


Where will they end up next?

Tune in next time to see where they end up next.

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