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Limitless Boy Part 5


The Police were a good help

Everyone was escorted to the police station and questioned about what they saw and who they thought were the culprits who set the fire. Two people had run off when they heard that they were all to go to the police station to be questioned but they were caught and brought in for a question along with the rest of the people who lived in the now burned apartment building. The boy and girl with the limitless mind decided to stick around on scene after everyone left, for a while longer to see if they could find anything else out that the police couldn’t. They knew that the police would be back to check out the scene more thoroughly but they wanted to check it out for themselves and see what they could help the police with. But as the police and fire department were leaving so were the boy and girl with the limitless mind, they decided that they were going to talk about their strategy of how they were going to investigate the scene. They didn’t want to stick around when everyone was leaving because they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves. So they went to the park to talk it out and then they would go back to the scene and see what they could find out.

When the two of them went back to the scene they looked around and found a lighter with the initials RJ on it on the ground and it caught his eye first so he went to pick it up and examine it. The girl had gone somewhere else, in the rubble and looked around and when she found something she motioned for him to come and see what she had found. “ I think I know where and how the fire started.” She said, and he nodded as he looked down at the ground floor, where it looked as though the fire had in fact started. He pulled the lighter that he had found on the ground out of his pocket that was now in a plastic bag and showed it to her. She nodded and said, “ I am sure this is what started the fire but what do the initials on it mean” and it did that same lighter start the fire on the top floor too”? she asked and shrugged. Unless we can find another lighter or something that could start a fire I am thinking that yes it very could have been used to set both fires.” He said and she nodded. “ Well let's keep looking and see what else we can find.” She said and he went back to searching for more clues.

They found another lighter with more initials on it but they couldn’t make out what the initials were. So they just put it in another bag so that they could bring it to the police station. They didn’t find anything else so they decided to go back to the police station and turn in what they found. When they arrived at the station the questioning of suspects was in full swing and they stood there watching for a while. Until the chief of police noticed them and motioned for them to come into his office. As they walked towards his office everyone from the apartment fire turned and looked at them, and the people who had caused the fire, tried to run away and that was when they were handcuffed and thrown into a cell until it was their turn to be questioned. Even though the police figured out that they were probably the ones who had started the fire because they were trying to get away at every turn. But they weren’t ready to rule anyone else out yet.

When Jesse and Jessica took their seats in the chief’s office they took out what they had found and put it on his desk. “ This is what we found when we went back to the scene, it is either someone’s who is being questioned or it was given to someone.” They said, “ we wondering if we could see a list of the people that are being questioned to see if the initials on the lighter match any initials of the people being questioned.” He nodded and said, I have given the list to an investigator and I am now going to take this lighter and give it to them.” he said, “ Do you guys know why someone would start the fire, in two different parts of an apartment building”? he asked and they both shook their heads.

They were told they could leave at that moment and when they walked out of the police chiefs office the station was in a frenzy. They had two men handcuffed and were taking them into a cell and would question them later because they now had no idea who started the fire. Since there were four people now in cells, waiting to be questioned. The two men were screaming at anyone who would listen. They wanted to get out of the cells and out of the police station, they were sure they didn't commit the crime that they were being accused of. But the cops weren’t going to release them based on what they said, they could just be covering up for themselves.

They were going to fingerprint the two men and once the got the results back from what they found on the scene they would see if they could be released. This was the second time the same style of graffiti was found so they had a pretty good idea of who it was. Jessie and Jessica had helped a lot with that, and they had said, they should be kept and fingerprinted, so that is what the police did. Once they were finished fingerprinting them, however, they left the door open and they decided to run out the back door. Not that alarms didn’t sound because they did they were just really fast and they couldn’t catch them.


How many people were involved in the Graffiti around town?

So Jesse and Jessica left the police station to see if they could figure out where the guys went. They knew that if they could catch them and bring them back to the police station before they caused any more damage to the town everyone would be happy. They also wanted to figure out why these guys were doing what they were doing, what was the point of putting graffiti all over town? They didn’t know and then it hit them. Jessica and Jesse weren’t looking at what the graffiti around town was telling them. There was something that each piece of graffiti was telling them they just couldn’t figure out what it was, maybe the guys causing the graffiti were doing something else around town too that nobody was noticing and the graffiti was their way of telling everyone what else they were doing without actually using words.

Jesse and Jessica knew that something weird was going on when they looked back at the graffiti around town. They hadn’t really looked at it before, and when they were looking at it now it was as if it was telling them a story. The trick was figuring out what the story said and meant. Why hadn’t they figured this out before they didn’t know, maybe the had to see the culprits in order to figure out what they did. They didn’t know but they thought that they were on the right track now, so they went back to the first place that Jesse found the graffiti and looked hard at the picture that was drawn on the building.

As they were looking at the graffiti one of the cops from the station showed up, he watched the two of them for a moment before calling them over. “ The graffiti that is everywhere is telling us something, has there been any missing persons’ reports”? Jesse and Jessica asked. “ We haven’t noticed anything but I will put a call into the station and see if they can come up with anything. Maybe this has been going on longer than we thought and maybe these guys aren’ t the ones doing it but maybe they know who is, and they are trying to tell us without actually telling us.” He said, and the two of them nodded, “ I think that is what is going on”, Jessica said. The police officer thanked them both and went back to his police cruiser to put a call into the station.

Once the call was placed he went back to where Jessica and Jesse were standing, they were still looking at the graffiti on the wall trying to figure out what it said. Then Jessica looked back at him as he was watching them, she pulled a tiny notebook from her back jeans pocket with a small pen and started writing things down. It was as if she figured something out but she wasn’t sure what yet. They had found specific things at the fire but maybe this had something to do with it, since this was the first thing that the culprits did, and they hadn’t noticed it so that was why she was writing things down. A moment later, Jesse turned to the cop who was watching them and asked, “ DO you have a camera, maybe we should take pictures of it I think that will help us figure it out better.” he nodded and went back to the cruiser to get the digital camera out of the glove compartment that they were all supposed to carry in case of this reason. He came back to where the two of them were standing and began taking pictures of the graffiti. Maybe the guys were right, and they didn’t do it, but they were trying to tell them who did, but why would they run away, why didn’t they just tell them to look deeper at the graffiti”? the policeman thought to himself and then shrugged. He didn't know what these guys were up too but they weren’t going to be set free that easily and he knew that for sure.

Once they had been to each place that the graffiti was and they had taken pictures they went back to the station. When they got back to the station the culprits had been caught again and they were sitting in the interrogation room, screaming that they didn’t do it, however, nobody believed them and they kept saying that they did do it, but they weren’t fessing up to it. So maybe they were telling the truth but they knew who did do it. They weren’t saying that either though but maybe with a little bit of coaxing they would eventually. But they never knew it was going to be a while before anyone said anything, they knew that they hadn’t done what the cops said they did, but how were they going to explain it to them. that was what they were trying to figure out, so they sat in the interrogation room silently for the next few hours trying to figure it out.

If they didn’t do it, why weren’t they saying who did, what were they trying to get at? That was what the cops didn’t know but they were willing to hold them until they said something that they could use. For the time being, Jesse and Jessica were trying to figure it out in the conference room, they had got the pictures printed off the camera and were trying to place them in the order that they thought they went to figure out what exactly happened. It was like putting together a puzzle when they were looking at pictures trying to figure out what happened but since they had them from every place the graffiti was they were bound to figure it out soon, or so they hoped.


Who Did It?

Tune in next time to see who did it.

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