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Limitless Boy Part 4


The Fire

It was 4:00 a.m. on a Monday morning when the alarm that signaled the authorities needed help started to sound. His eyes opened and he jumped out of bed like a rocket had just been launched. There was a fire in an apartment building four streets over from where he lived and he hadn’t even smelt it yet he just knew that was what had happened. So he bolted from his room fully clothed and ran out the door towards the fire. He arrived at the fire just as the police chief and the fire chief were arriving. He was staring up at the top floor when he thought of something and immediately looked at the bottom floor. He looked back up at the top floor of the apartment building again and then at the bottom, trying to make sure what he knew happened actually did happen.

He stood staring at the structure silently, trying to figure out what happened when he heard, “ Do you know what happened”? come from the police chief to the fire marshall but the fire marshall said, “ No I don’t know what happened and I can’t tell what happened from this angle. The boy turned to the police officer and said: “ Sir I don’t think that the fire started from the top, the floor of the building and if it did there are two fires, that were started here”. He said and the fire chief looked at him dumbfounded. The other girl who had a limitless mind who was now the boy's friend showed up minutes later and confirmed his suspicions of the building had caught on fire in two places.

“How do you know that “? The fire chief asked, the girl turned to him and said: “ look at the origin of the fire where does is a start and stop”? the fire chief took another look and then turned to the two of them and said, “ you are right there were two fires started, the question is how and by whom”? he said. The little boy and the girl looked around at everyone standing outside of the building far enough away so that they wouldn’t get hit with the smoke. The two of them asked for a list of how many people lived in the apartment building and began to do a head count. Everyone was accounted for but one person, who should have been there but wasn’t but they all knew that nobody had died in the fire because the fire chief had just come out the building and confirmed there were no bodies of people anywhere. That still didn’t explain the one person not being accounted for with the rest of the people that lived there.

“ There is one person unaccounted for said the boy and girl to the crowd of people and to the fire and police department. The people were watching them and they had very confused looks on their faces, but the little boy and girl knew that It wasn’t the right time to tell the people who were now possibly homeless how they knew this. They knew that the people outside the apartment building had a few other things on their minds to comprehend. The person who was missing must have been the one who started the fire and he or she must be a piryo because by the look on everyone else' faces they wouldn’t have started the two fires that plagued their home now.

The police and fire department however never came over to where the people were standing making a speculation of what had happened. They were too busy trying to put out the fire. Would the police find the person who started the fire or would they listen to the bystanders who were saying that the boy and girl who had shown up were probably the ones who did it?

What was going on, every time they showed up somewhere something bad happened. The reason, why is because they were supposed to be the ones to fix it with the police and fire department. They have limitless minds, and they want to help the community out when they are asked. Since they knew what people were thinking when they looked at them once it was quite easy for them to figure out who was causing trouble for the rest of the town.

The one thing they couldn’t figure out, however, was why they were causing trouble, for the town. What had the town ever done to the people causing trouble, it was a nice quiet town until this happened and now everyone was worried about what was going to happen because everything was getting vandalized. It wasn’t safe to be outside or to leave anything unattended, even buildings weren’t safe because one minute they were all clean and the next they were covered in graffiti. What was going on nobody knew they were trying to figure it out, but they didn’t really know where to turn. All they could do was wait, and see if the guys were caught, the more havoc they caused the town the more people were going to be watching to see if they could catch them. Not that there was a reward for civilians catching the bad guys but they wanted it stopped as much as the next person so they would do what they could.


The Mystery

Why was someone putting graffiti on every inch of the town that a lot of people could see it just didn’t make sense. What did the graffiti mean nobody could figure that out either so there was one big mystery if that was what you wanted to call it. The other question was what were the guys in custody not saying, or did they even know anything about what was happening in the town. These were the questions running through Jesse and Jessica’s heads but they weren’t saying anything to each other because they knew that, those were the thoughts that they were both having.

Why was there so much graffiti what was the person doing it trying to say to them? if anything or were they just having fun. Or was it more than the two people that they had in custody. What was it that was what they were trying to figure out and they were getting mad about the fact that they couldn’t figure it out? The guys in custody weren’t talking and they didn’t know why. They didn't know what to do, from there and it was getting out of hand. They didn’t know what to do,

They were looking for clues and essentially coming up empty, the only things that they had, they had brought to the police station already and now they were waiting for results. But what could they do until then? Were there more people that they hadn’t yet found? And if so where could they find them, and were there people missing did anyone even know? These were the questions running through their heads as they stood staring at the graffitied buildings around town. What was going on, why was there so many of them? that was the question. Their town wasn’t a ghetto or anything but there was a bunch of weird writing and pictures of buildings that weren’t there before.

The guys that they had at the police station weren’t helping much either but they knew that they knew something and that was why they weren’t letting them go. They wanted to wait it out and see if the guys cracked, they knew that they would eventually, but Jesse and Jessica were at a loss for what to look for next. They thought that they were on the right track but they had been looking for so long that everything began to blend together, which was confusing them. After another hour or so of being confused the two of them decided to go back to the police station to see if the police had found anything else out. They were all working together after all, so it was good to check in every once in awhile.

They were just so confused because they couldn’t figure out who was doing the vandalism or why. What was the point in doing what they were doing, there had to be a reason behind it but what was the reason, they didn’t know and that was what they were trying to figure out. Why weren’t the guys at the station saying much what were they trying to hide? These were the questions were they telling the truth when they said that they didn’t know much, so why were they there? Why hasn't anyone asked them that yet? It was beginning to wear on Jesse and Jessica with a number of things they couldn’t figure out, they hoped that they could figure it out soon but for now they were just going to go back to the police station and see what was going on. They couldn’t stand being out looking around for a needle in a haystack any longer, they were getting angry at each other and it wasn’t their fault and they both knew that but what were they supposed to do. They didn’t know where to look all they knew was that there were drawings everywhere that meant something they just couldn’t figure out what yet, and that was what their goal was. The graffiti was a clue and the fact that, the guys were always seen for the most part doing it, so they wanted to get caught, or they wanted to tell people something. Jesse and Jessica weren’t sure but maybe it was time to tell the cops this if the guys hadn’t already. So they went to speak to the police chief, “ I think the guys really don’t know what is going on, I think that they were just there trying to figure it out or they just like art and they thought that was what they were doing.” Jesse and Jessica said, maybe they were hypnotized and didn’t realize it, is there any video of them? have we even thought to check? How could they be hypnotized, is that even real”? the cops asked Jesse and Jessica shrugged, we don’t know but it could be a possibility they could have been told to do something and because they didn’t want to get in trouble they just did it.” They said and the cops nodded, “ We don’t really know how good of an assumption that could be, but if there is video surveillance we might be able to see what actually happened. Why didn’t we think of that before”? the police chief asked, “ well because we thought that the guys in custody really knew what was going on and now that we know they really don’t we had to take different measures so we are now still trying to figure out what happened.”

Where do we look from here, everything we have tried seems to be a dead end. The cops said when Jesse and Jessica told them what they had thought, “ Well no it's not a dead end we just have to look at the videos now and see if we notice anything we didn’t think of that before. Now that we have it might be a little bit easier to figure out what actually happened in terms of who told them to do the graffiti and why. We will figure it out we just need more time to do so, and until then the guys should stay here because we don’t want them getting roped into anything else if they are telling the truth and they didn’t do it. “ Maybe we should send you to in there to speak to them we never thought of that either but now we are thinking that you should go.” One of the cops said. Jesse and Jessica weren’t so sure about that because they had never spoken to people in an interrogation room before, they were kind of nervous. Maybe we should but why don’t we look a little bit harder first and then if we still can’t find things then we will give it a shot.


Where does it go from here?

Tune in next time to see what happens next

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