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Limitless Boy Part 2


The Little Boy Is The Savior of The School

When we last left off with the twelve-year-old boy his schoolmates and teachers were hollering his praises for saving them from the people who were putting graffiti on the school while they were in it. Now he is on his way to the police station to receive a medal of honor for the protection of the community at such a young age. The principal even gave him something to show him gratitude for saving the school after he told him what he had seen through the window and how he has stopped them when he went outside, even though he wasn’t supposed to go outside during class time. Anything that he saw he could recount entirely and that was why people liked him around and they wanted him around. Although some of the kids in school thought he was weird because they couldn’t remember everything that he could and they thought that he was strange because of it, but most of the kids in school liked him there was only a select few that didn’t. After the incident during class, the police gave him a pager and it would go off if there was trouble. He would be able to see the trouble before anyone else and let the cops know about it before even they got wind of it.

When you are someone who never forgets anything people will always have a use for you and that was what the little boy noticed. People would always ask him for help and they would always want his advice for things that they knew nothing about but they knew that he knew things that they didn’t. He was very cautious when it came to making friends though because once people found out that he had a limitless mind they thought that he was weird and they would make fun of him and sometimes he couldn’t handle that but he never let it show. He just did what he was asked to do by the people who asked him without asking questions he knew that if he asked questions or tried to explain to people what was going on in his mind they wouldn’t understand.

He knew how to do everything even if he saw it being done once, but there were things that he still had trouble with. Forexample talking to people, girls, in particular, was a hard task for him. Girls thought he was cute but he didn’t know how to address them and that was why they thought he was cute. One day he would figure out how to address them through and see what came of it. Until then he was just going to have to try and make friends with everyone and keep them close so that they wouldn’t just write him off as someone crazy, he knew what those people were like and they werescaryhe didn’t want to be associated with them. He didn’t want to tell people how his mind worked because he didn’t want them to think he was odd but he did want to make friends so he was going to try and figure out what to do.

He would try and interact with people in school and for a little while it would work, but then he would be able to do things that they couldn’t do, like a math problem or something to do with spelling and that would scare them. Which in turn meant that they wouldn’t want to be friends with him anymore. They were afraid that he could do more than they could and they wanted to be as good as him when it came to school and that was why they would stop spending time with him. They thought that he was weird but they never asked him why he could do the things that he could. So he would spend most of his time at school alone.

When things would happen that the kids in school couldn’t understand but he could, they would look at him weird but then after class, they would come up to him and ask him to help them or better yet do their homework for them, which he never did anyway no matter how hard his classmates tried. Since he could remember everything that he was ever taught he would always get perfect on tests and that would make his classmates mad because they were never as good as he was. He tried to explain to them why he did better on the tests but they all thought that he was lying and that he was crazy so after a while, he just gave up and wouldn’t talk to anyone. One day he even mentioned to his parents that he wanted to be homeschooled but they wouldn’t hear of it. They wanted him to have a childhood experience, of going to school. They knew why he didn’t want to go to school but when people asked about it, they never told people why he didn’t like it because they didn’t want themselves to look weird. That would be harder to explain and that is what they didn’t want.

On the last day of the week, he decided to stay inside at recess to finish up an assignment and kids around him began to talk. “ is he losing his edge, or is it just that he doesn’t want to finish it later”? the kids were saying, He tried not looking at them or listening to what they were saying, his focus was being tested enough with the kids in his class watching him, do his work. Sure he could remember anything that he was ever taught but that didn’t mean it came fast and easy to him. He still had to do what everyone else had to do when it came to writing and assignments, and that was what he was doing. With this classmate watching him until he looked up and said: “ why are you all watching me there is nothing different about me because I am doing work, I still have the same mind I had an hour ago that is never going to change.” He said and they all immediately avoided his imploring eyes and went outside to play.

Just as he was finishing up his work though the alarm signaling something was going on went off, and he immediately jumped up he would never get a break when he had a limitless mind and there was no way of getting rid of it So he ran from the room towards where the crime was happening in town. He didn’t even tell his teacher that he was leaving but he never did he just ran out of the school with all thigs he knew that he wouldn’t be coming back that day and didn’t want to leave anything behind. Before he could get out of the school his teacher stopped him, “ you have homework tonight here it is, makes sure you do it and bring it in tomorrow.” He said and the little boy nodded as he ran from the school. He smiled to himself as he continued to run, what his classmates didn’t know was that even though he had a limitless mind and even though sometimes he had to leave school to help the police out he still had to get the same amount of work done. He was never exempt from anything no matter how easy it might be for him.


The Protector

He would protect anyone and anything that needed protecting no matter what the circumstances, were. That was what the kids in school also didn’t know, they could be as mean to him as they wanted but when the time came that they needed his help he wouldn’t hesitate to be there. A thought crossed his mind as he made it to where the police had an area blocked off, “ Why would they treat me so meanly if they clapped for me when I caught a trespasser on school grounds”? he thought to himself, and then he put that thought at the back of his mind and focused on the task at hand. He recognized the person that the police were trying to talk too, but couldn't get to stop causing vandalism to a building.

The little boy stopped in his tracks and stood there. The police chief waved him over, and he went to where he was standing. “ you know who is without me having to tell you to don’t you.” he said and the little boy nodded, “ Yes he is the one who vandalized my school and I caught him to remember you were the one who dragged him away in handcuffs.” I thought that he was still locked up but I guess not now.” The police chief nodded, “ we couldn’t really hold him for vandalizing the school so we had to let him go on the condition he wouldn’t do it anywhere again but I guess he didn’t listen because look where we are now”? he said motioning around himself and the man doing the vandalizing.

When the police finally had him in handcuffs, the little boy walked towards the graffiti and examined it. He wanted to see if it was along the same lines as the graffiti that was at the school. Which meant he was the same person who did the graffiti at the school, would he ever learn his lesson that graffiti wasn’t supposed to be done? The little boy shook his head and watched the guys eyes dart from where he was handcuffed to the street, the little boy turned to the police chief and said, “ I would put him in the swat car if I were you he looks like is going to run if you don’t keep an eye on him.” He said and the police chief looked at him and watched what he was doing if he didn’t get him the swat car soon he was going to bolt and then they would have to run after him and that was something that he didn’t want to do. So he tightened his grip on the culprits cuffed hands and brought him towards the swat car, but as the cop was opening the door he tried to get away. Although that didn’t work with the little boy standing so close to him he managed to hold the culprit in a headlock until the cops could get him into the car.

The little boy was asked to go to the police station with them to testify about what he knew. They were going to try and see if both events the one at the new location and the one at the school were connected. Why would they be connected he wanted to know and why was someone causing graffiti around the town. Wasn't it like the town looked bad”? he thought to himself. The police were probably thinking the same thing but they wouldn’t tell him that. Then he looked harder at the wall with all the graffiti on it and he noticed something glittering. There was something in the wall but what was it? He thought to himself. He motioned for one the cops who were still there to come closer and look at the wall.


The policeman came closer to the wall and noticed what the little boy had seen. The cop immediately called the fire department so that they could help them break the wall down so that they could see what was underneath. When the wall was down they found jewels and over a million dollars stashed there. They thanked the little boy for all of his help and promised to give him something for his services since he had to leave school to help them. He didn’t mind having to leave school though it was his job to help the community and if this helped the community then this was what he was going to do no matter what anyone else said about it.

Tune in next time to see what happens with the little boy.

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