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Limbo Part 06

Writing Articles is my dream.I have been writing for many years. but I think working on this site would be better.

_Every shade of us, you fade down to keep them in the dark, on who we are_

Raining. Thunder tearing the sky. The cold gusts forcing tree to bow down.
' You can't win, you know it's always been like this, when will you understand that it's in your best interest to accept me and all of this? She can't save you.No one can. Only I can.' Voices echoed in my head. I was climbing my way up the cliff. It was difficult but I had to go back.. It's time to go home, I know my way back now.....

_' Can you walk on the water if I, you and I?_
_Cause your blood's running cold outside the familiar, true to life '_ Someone was singing. I fought my way through the thick bushes into the clearing ahead. Under a big oak tree, I saw a girl, she was sitting besides the empty trunk.

She ran up behind the trunk as a child hides behind mother.
'Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you,' I exclaimed.
' It's okay.. are you a fellow seeker? ' She asked peeping from one side of the trunk.

' Yes, apparently I am.
I have been through quite a lot these past few days or months, I don't know how time works here. But still I couldn't find what I seek ' I replied.
' And what exactly it is that you seek? She asked.
' That's something.. I.. I don't know that but I guess I'll eventually find it '
' I am almost close to my treasure, I can feel it ' She revealed herself. Her hair flowed down like a waterfall. She had a fair white complexion with the contrast of grey eyes as monsoon sky contrasts with dark clouds.

' You look like you have seen your fair share of the Limbo,' she giggled.
' Yeah it is how it is ' I sighed.
' Don't you hate when people expect you to reciprocate the same energy all the time. I have struggled sometimes with people and situations. They expect from me my time, considerations and feelings. I can't be around them all the time, but they act like it's always my fault for not being there for them and answering to them.
My friends hint at things which I always understand late, jokes which I can't seem to reciprocate and discussions which I fail to contemplate ' she complained.

' _I have been there, done that, didn't bother much about it_ ' I thought. ' I also have some issues kinda same as yours, I get too practical and logical about things. I ended up being deemed as cold. But don't let it bother you, people should know that not all expectations come true, it's not your fault. Just do what you can step by step '
' Fair enough, I guess we should stick together and search for what we seek. Better two than one ' She offered.
' Why not, it'll be alright ' I nodded.

It had been a few hours since I met her. I learned much about her, we had similar interests, our vibes matched.
I looked at her, she was walking besides me matching my pace, she seemed nervous but I could see the shine in her eyes that were gazing down at the distance.
'You know I sometimes end up hurting others unknowingly. The tiny details to things, I seem to always miss those, and that ends up being the reason people become offended.' She said softly.
'It's not your fault for being unable to reciprocate every time. It just happens. Never let others shun you for this. People do it all the time. I am sure you give your best.' I tried to cheer her up.
I was getting used to her presence. 'What's this feeling?' I thought.
'Aren't you the kindest,' she smiled.

After walking miles and miles, we reached a cliff, there was a chest there, the girl got excited and said 'That's my treasure, the one I have been seeking, my heart is there. I lost my heart to the Grimes of the society and almost became passive. But you saved me from turning into one of them, for which I am grateful.'
I smiled in return.
As she opened the chest, a snake, which was protecting the chest, hissed at her. Startled and shocked, she jumped back and slipped from the cliff.
I rushed towards her, she was hanging on the ledge, I grabbed her hand and pulled her back, when I managed to pull her back up , the snake bit me on my leg, a wave of numbness suddenly spread throughout my body. I lost my balance and dropped down from the cliff. The last thing I saw was the horrified face of the girl and her scream. I didn't want to lose her so I grabbed the snake from the tail. 'You are coming with me you piece of shit,' I said and closed my eyes, as I transited through the pitch dark abyss.

' Ooh, pretty spicy huh.. That's quite some height there.
All this time and you still couldn't get your shit together. All these encounters and you still couldn't understand. You're one dense piece of art. Focus on your self and accept us. You weren't like this last time, know your peace..
And you can't keep still, can you? Always getting involved in something. The Limbo is coming to its final phase. It's about time you faced yourself, eh eh eh.. ' The silhouette said as it crushed the head of snake lying besides my body.


© 2020 Osman Ghazi

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