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Limbo Part 05

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

_Slowly tell me a life lesson from the fruit of your indecisive mind._

' Pl-ink Pl-ink Pl-ink. The water dripping echoed somewhere. "Looks like I am in cave or something, a fitting place for myself."
Slow breeze. Soothing. Like silk moving over skin. "I don't know how many days have passed since I fell down here. I feel numb, would anyone notice that I'm gone, if I die right here? On this ground I lay, I can see my life passing before my eyes."

I could hear Giggles and chuckles which gradually grew feeble. I opened my eyes and searched for the voices. Two shadows tried to run away as soon as they came into view.
"He's awake, he's awake, Em."
" Yes I can certainly see that, EM."
"Wait.." I mumbled with all my might. They were gone. I tried to get a second wind.
"The way out is here boy," One of the voice echoed in the distance. I dragged myself to follow the fleeting voice, as I got to the entrance of the cave, I saw two boys, not more than 5 ft in height, with small horns on their head, dark red eyes staring at me, with a mischievous smile on their faces.

' What are you doing here in limbo, boy? One asked.
'Like everyone else, like us.. You came here to find something you lost along the course of time.' The other devil added.
' I don't know what is it that I am seeking.. But I know that I have to keep moving forward.. I might find something at the end..' I replied softly.

'You look pretty beat up to me.. Stay a while, rest up and then continue your journey.'
'I am not the one who needs rest, don't trust them, you don't need them.' my mind said. 'Just for a while, stay here.' my body said.
'Ok, I might take up your offer.'

'Like you guys I am searching for something, you said. Why did you guys come here?' I asked.
' We.. we were shunned and outcast-ed by our loved ones.. we failed at their expectations. What the society demanded, we couldn't do it up-to to the mark.. so they shut us out, mocked us.' Em spoke.
' It's not our fault, they didn't want the skills that we had, they didn't give us any other alternatives, like every other kid, we were taught same things, they robbed us of our ability to use our potential to the fullest. They wanted us to crawl when we could fly,' EM added. 'I was a good athlete, I could run miles easily and win marathons, but there was no scope of this in our society, no one wanted my skills and demanded me to be someone else, pretend to be someone I am not.

' I was good at video games, I used to win local competitions quite easily, I was the best there ever was in our society, I wanted to take it to a professional level, like others, compete world wide to win and earn a living, but there was no scope of this in our world. They said to us, sports and games are useless and will get you nowhere. Look at your friends, how they get good marks and are becoming doctors and engineers. Why for once, you can't be like them? They are just like you but they know their goals and are pursuing it.'

' But if you would've pursued your dreams, you could have proved them wrong.. If only someone was there to support you,' I remarked with my head full of thoughts.

' At every event, we were compared to other kids around, no one wanted to see what we had.. So, we left home to search for someone who would acknowledge us and support our dreams.. that led us here in Limbo.
What do you think about this?'

' I just want to say that I have acknowledged you both and I support your dreams.. No one has the right to stop us from reaching our potential, rather be dead all in all instead of brain dead zombies they make out of us..'
' Aren't you the kindest to listen to our deal, we have found what we were looking for, you are our salvation. Thank you for listening.. It's what we ever wanted.'

' I am happy to be of help, well guys, I should get moving, I crossed the trench and went ahead.
As I was passing through the trench, I saw remains of the corpse's of those same boys I met earlier, and I thought to myself, 'why does salvation and redemption come so late? Is it necessary to live the pain to earn redemption?

I am same like them, I wasn't shown any alternative, just one single road ahead, no one acknowledged me nor my efforts, always overshadowed by my friends who were better at almost everything. My every achievement overshadowed by something greater done by them, but I didn't succumb to it..
I crawled my way here.. Now, give me a vine to climb and I will top it.. Days of being overshadowed are over.. not again, never again...'

'Are you just a brain dead zombie or something else..Extreme Dissatisfaction, your real life was covered in distress.. eh eh eh..' The silhouette disappeared.


© 2020 Osman Ghazi