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Like a Bad Dream

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Adekitan is a Nigerian writer and poet. She has Self-published over seven novels. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends


Like a bad dream

"I'm sorry but it's over" Akin said to her, with his eyes looking everywhere but not meeting her gaze.

Sharon felt like the ground is shifting from under her feet, after seven years of dating, three years of being engaged , making ten wasted years, all down the drain with that statement.

She was sweating despite the air-conditioning system in the room.

"B...but why, I thought we are happy and looking forward to spending our lives together" she stammered .

"It's not you it's me, I just don't love you enough like I should and you deserve better, someone that can love you in a way that I can't"

Trying to sound like he actually cared, but in truth he can't wait to leave.

"So you are saying all those ten years I spent with you is wasted right? Is there someone else? Have you find another person!" She was practically screaming, causing the other people in the eatery to stare at them.

"Please stop drawing attention to us, try to understand I did not plan it like this, the truth is yes have found another woman and she is pregnant, also we are getting married next month"

He said, pleading with his eyes for her to understand.

It was as if they pour a bucket of cold water on her.

" that is why I'm not good enough, where will I start from now Akin? answer me! at thirty-seven ?" She demanded with tears rolling down like a torrent.

"Thank you for ruining my life , God will be the judge".

She stood up, causing the chair she was sitting on to bump into the next chair, while beating an hasty retreat out of the restaurant.

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