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Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 6

Questions and Answers

“Kayla,” Bryan began and paused to figure out how to talk to her now that she was right in front of him, “Kayla, what was that white light I saw from underneath the door before I entered?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” She lied.

“I know you know; I saw the look on your face as well as your clothing, and the mark on your body. What are you?”

“Marks? On my body? I’ve never had marks when I froze someone…”

“Oh, well we both lied, you lied when you said you didn’t know, and I lied with the marks. Now we’re equal. Let’s not lie anymore.”

“Fine. I’ve had that power since I can remember, and I have had to sue it on a handful of people.”

“Like whom and why?”

“The first was a group of boys, they had my favorite doll, I was five when that happened. The boys were playing keep away and after some time, they just stopped moving and I was escorted away by my grandmother and told to hide my powers.
“Next came my parents and sisters, they were vile people the way that they treated me was beyond what you would call abuse, they would punch, kick, put the cigarettes out on me, dump their beer and other drinks on me and the list continues.
“Following them were the two owners I had. The first wanted to beat me when I did something wrong or right if I did not, please him or did please him in bed I was beaten and I froze him. It was very much the same with my second owner.”

Bryan’s eyes widened and it seemed to him like there was an idea there, something to grasp at. To Kayla, it looked to her as if Bryan were going to make her his slave.

“Kayla, I, uh”

“Let me stop you right there Bryan,” Kayla began with a solemn voice, “I am not going to be owned anymore by anyone and you are no exception, no matter how much I like you.”

“Well, that’s not at all what I was thinking, now I don’t even know.” he was scratching his head and looking at her carefully like he was checking out a girl that he was not helping, and he was caught off guard with the way she stood up to him. Normally women just throw themselves like they don’t have a lick of common sense, but these does! And he was started to get attracted to her.

“So, you were not going to turn me and you’re not going to become my owner, so what do you want from me?”

Brayn's Request?

“I want to free you from all things and make sure you’re safe. Why? I honestly don’t know. It’s like, feels like the right thing to do. Now tell me more about you, and not in short sentences, I have all the time in the world, we can talk all night if needed and I would like you to start back with as far back as you can remember.”

“Well, I can think back as far as age five when my powers first reared their head, I was in love with this doll, it wasn’t something that you would buy at a store, it was made by my dying grandfather. It was my favorite, still is, it had red spaghetti-like hair and a white dress, my grandmother knitted me the same dress my doll had, so I thought it was special. I kept it close to me everywhere I went. One day this group of four or five boys took my doll and began throwing it around and then at some point knocked me to the ground, that’s when I used my powers for the first time, and I was rushed away, and my grandmother told me never use them. To keep them hidden for it could get me into trouble. That’s as far back as I can go, do you want more of my tale?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I want to know something about you in return.”

“What, I’m an open book?”

“Where do you come from?”

“I have lived here all my life; I was raised by my grandfather and grandmother since both my parents are in jail for embezzlement. I learned what not to do early. I inherited my grandfather’s money and been living off it, but never overspending.”

“Talk about a short answer, give me some details.”

“Well, I believe in talking things more on the slow side for me, as I have said before, people find out who I am, and they try to take advantage of me. So, I have learned to guard myself. Sorry about that, now if you don’t mind, please continue telling me about you, and next time, I will tell you more about myself.”

“I was young, about six or seven when the abuse started by my parents, alone and on a street corner near Capitol and River, I stood there with my dad that day on that street corner as he was pimping me out to total strangers and expecting a high return.”

“Hold on a second, I want to make a call, so bear with me a moment.”

Bryan rose from the chair on the opposite side of the room and walked into the kitchen and pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hey Brad, it’s Bryan…yes…. found her…no…foreign…and has a power…yes…you got it…uh huh…ok, see you soon.”

© 2022 William L Truax III

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