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Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 5

Divide or Come Together


Bryan Listens

Bryan stood before a tall statue of some old-world god that was made from gold. He lit a candle and made a silent prayer. Opening his eyes, he noticed the red and white striped tapestry of the place and the scented room smelled great to his nostrils and though he did not want to leave the sanctum, he knew he had to. He took a right and exited around the other corner and took a left yet again onto the sidewalk heading toward Kayla.

He stopped by a hot dog stand and bought two of them and not being far from where he had Kayla, he figured he would surprise her with a mid-morning snack before taking her active, then taking her to meet the group that would be able to make her a citizen. He knew that his group could do it, though it may take some time and she would have to be in hiding until then, still, he was confident.

Turning onto the main strip that led to his alternative house, he saw three men enter in and thought that they were the ones that were supposed to be there and so, he slowed his pace a little and was going to surprise her on the street. Then he heard her scream and ran to the apartment as fast as he could.

Kayla’s in trouble

The three men surrounded her, and she felt like she had no choice but to sue it.
She was told from an early age not to use it. She thought about what had happened back then…

The buildings were small, surrounding her and the four boys that wanted to play keep away, they had taken her favorite doll and though she asked nicely to have it back, they refused and were tossing it back and forth between them. Her parents did not care, they just laughed at the misery that their youngest daughter was facing.

‘Kids will be kids, right honey?’

‘Yup, it will build character besides, she is not worth protecting.’

‘What is she worth?’

Her mother and fathers were happening now as she was hearing them again from the men surrounding her, thinking back again:
She was then being poked at while not being able to get her doll. She’d run to where the doll was got pushed down because not only was he smaller but weak. Then it truly began to happen, her hand while lying in the mud her white dress coated in the muck and grime of the street, she felt it build up and wanted to hurt the boys badly, then her hands began to glow and she hollered out,
‘GIVE ME MY DOLL!’ then a blast from her hands rocked the area and the boys fell to the ground frozen, not with ice or anything like that, as she was able to poke them and still felt them living, saw their chests rise and fall with each breath they took…

Kayla’s in trouble 2

Her grandmother came rushing out and took her and her doll inside before anyone could notice and told her not to use those powers because that would be the end of her. The government would kill her…

Now the men that were surrounding her looked like they wanted something more and were toying with her as she tried to push her way through. They would push her back and say things like: “Where you are going sweet cakes?” or “Stick with us and we’ll have some fun, right guys?”

Kayla felt it build up inside her again, as it did that day, as it did other times in her life, the times like when she froze her parents after her grandmother, the only one to understand her died suddenly, she felt it build as her sisters told her she was nothing and hoped she die painfully. She felt it build.

One man reached for her and grabbed her arm and began reaching for the other one. Another man grabbed her legs and together they lifted her off the floor and carried her to the chair, which was more like a couch, while the third one began ripping off her new clothing. She thought to herself that she needed to use it off she’ll be nothing anymore and just as they tossed her to the couch, she opened wide her hands exposing a bright white light that froze them to the spot, then one after one they dropped.

Bryan Bursts In?

Bryan burst in through the door and was ready to fight for her. She rose to her feet in her tattered clothing and felt incredibly woozy and it was visible to Bryan who ran over to her right as she was falling.

Later that day

Kayla woke in her bed and looked around at the room and wondered how she had gotten in there. She threw off the covers and looked at herself in the mirror as she rose from the bed and her clothing had been replaced and they looked exactly like how they were when she first bought them. Her smile was huge, she thought that she dreamt the whole thing and ran out into the living room with a smile on her face.
It grew brighter as she saw Bryan sitting in the chair by the wall, he looked like he had been waiting for her for a while and her smile faded.

“Bryan, hi!”

He gestured to the other seat without saying a word and she was worried as she crossed the living room in front of him that she had done something that made him angry. Her breath was heavy as she sat, staring at him with child-like eyes, ready for what was to come. She was ready for a beating like her parents did every day with whatever they could get their hands on, or ready for some sort of trafficking the kind that she was able to escape from with her last owner, who made her all sorts of things that she not only did not want to do but hated as well.

© 2022 William L Truax III

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