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Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 4

Shopping Day

The next stop was for shoes, there was a sign for shoes right next door to the clothing shop and inside she did the same to the woman who was asking questions she would either nod or shake her head to answer and she came out with one new pair that matched both outfits and she was beyond happy.
The last stop and I will go home.
“Would you like a chilidog?” she nodded and paid the cart hotdog seller and headed home uplifted and happier than she had ever been in her entire life.
At home, a man was standing in the doorway, and she backed up against the wall as he was making his way out.
“Awe, excuse me, Miss, I was just finishing vacuuming. Have a great stay.” And he passed right by her, and she was alone in the apartment again.


Dawn approached and she had no idea that she slept. Alone she opened the bedroom door and looked around, there was nothing to eat in the kitchen, so she went to the diner around the corner. She opened the door and smiled as she was greeted and placed. There was no talking as she remembered from the letter the day before and she had the money from Bryan in her pocket, so she’d be able to pay. The woman came over and she gave a sign that she could not speak and pointed at what she wanted, and the woman placed the order.
She ate and went to pay, and the bill was already paid.
What! Why was the bill paid for already?
“You’re staying at Bryan’s apartment, right?”
Kayla nodded.
“He associated the bill to his account when you come in. that’s what he said yesterday with you in the booth, sorry he didn’t tell you.”

Making a Friend before the End

Kayla looked surprised but then relaxed and nodded her head and then grabbed the woman’s hand, she placed a couple of bills in it and the woman’s eye’s widened and Kayla felt good making someone’s day as she walked out.
She made it back to the apartment and closed the briefcase and suddenly the door burst wide open, and three men were standing there!
“Madam, you’re going to have to come with us.” Said the first one who was dressed in blue and white.
“Yes ma’am, you don’t want us to come in and take you, would you?” said the second one, he had buck teeth and looked at every part of the villain from every picture book she owned long ago.
“Yeah, right boys, she is prime real-estate. Let’s take her now!”
Then the men rushed in!


Bryan woke early that morning and stretched his arms out. He gripped with the idea that there was a person, a woman nonetheless, trying to escape from her district named Kayla and she was beautiful. He took the phone from beside his bed and dialed a number and then placed the receiver to his ear. After talking briefly to some person on the other end, he hung up and rose from his bed.
He stretched his arms out once again and this time got onto his tippy toes, feeling the stretch. He scratched his arms and back then adjusted his boxers, finally he went to the shower where he also shaved. Finally ready for the day, he got dressed into his jeans, t-shirt combo, slipping on a pair of tennis shoes after dawning his socks, Bryan took his cell phone off the charger and placed it into a pocket on the backside of his pants. He smiled quietly and thought of Kayla, helping her to make her move more permanently this way she does not have to fight for too much.


He walked out of his room and headed toward his door smiling the entire way. He believed there was nothing that was going to happen to her, he had given her a strict command of not talking while she was in public via the note he left, and he was sure she wasn’t going to do so. Kyle held the door as he left out from it and Bryan thanked him then left like there was nothing wrong like nothing could go wrong.

Walking into his usual morning restaurant near to his home, he was greeted with the usual speech, “Sit where you want, we’ll be with you shortly.” And he walked down the lane to his usual spot and sat down. After ordering and getting his food, he ate and sat there a little while longer, just enjoying the atmosphere, then rose, paid, and walked out turning left.

He was eager to get to Kayla and see how the day went, whether his men had come by to check in on her and see if he needed anything or if nothing else, to make sure she was doing all right. But he had not heard from them with their report, so he was a little worried something had happened. He believed these men to be of good statures like himself and the whole of the group, they were new members and seemed just as enthralled by it as the rest of them. He turned right going down an alleyway and stopped by a door on the right. Knocked three times and when the slider opened, he gave the password and entered.

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