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Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 3

Leading On

“When you get up, I’d like to show you to your room, Kayla.”
“My room?”
“Yes, where did you expect to stay?”
“On the dirt?”
“No, no, no. You have a home, this place. it is my fourth house and backup for guests. I am happy it is getting some use. Let me show you to your room.”
She rose from the floor and walked slowly taking in the sights and smells of the furniture and bumped into Bryan who was standing still staring at her. He grabbed her arm and hooked it into his, his left arm, and with his right, he patted her hand and was mumbling about her staying if she wanted and something else. She was too distracted to listen as she was freaked out about him touching her this early on in their relationship, then the thoughts came in, why was he leaving me with this place? Does he do this often? Why me? He will never like me; I am too ugly.
“So, here you are.”
“He had already released her arm and she did not realize that, and she then saw her bed and it was huge, white, fluffy.
“I will check on you in a couple of days. Some people will be in and out cleaning and other things, don’t bother them and they won’t bother you.”
“Got it.”
“Here’s the keys.”
“Thank you. Why are you helping me?”
“I have been there myself. I know what it’s like to be new. Welcome. See you soon.”

What had he meant?

He turned and left, leaving Kayla alone to do what she wanted. She ran and jumped on the bed and wiggled around in its soft feeling. It was like lying on a giant white fluffy cloud and in her imagination, Bryan was there clinging to her, pulling her in close to kiss her, then he wrapped her in his big strong arms and carried her away up the steps into the land of the clouds.
What had he meant by he’d been there himself?
A thousand questions were running through her head about where she was, was turning her in, countless others about her and the apartment, and he and his goodwill. Was she the first? Has he been with others? This group was about freedom, what was it? Where was it?
The door opened and she recoiled in the sheets. “Hello?”
“Yes ma’am, I am Kyle, I am here to give you something from Master Bryan, would you please step out here?”
Kayla stepped out slowly and around the corner was an old man in a suit and tie looking frail and alone. She stood straight and proper like a rich persons’ personal assistant. As she entered the chair room, as she called it, he set a briefcase on the giant glass table that took up a portion of the room and motioned her toward him. She approached carefully and upon arrival, he opened the case wide and there was a giant stack of money filling the entire briefcase!

Spending Money

“This is for you. He called it the ‘spending money.”

“Okay! I can’t believe it!”

“Madam, if I may as to say, he has been smitten with you, please take caution as to not leave suddenly. Take time here, he can help you.”

“I wasn’t planning to leave anytime soon. I have a huge crush on him and would like to see if it develops.”

“Very good ma’am. I will report back to him and tell him that you are staying.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kyle.”

“I will see you soon madam.”

Here he bowed and walked out leaving her with the briefcase. She then wondered how much was in there. She began going through it and found a note and it read on the cover that it was from Bryan.

“You can go anywhere in the city and buy things. Be careful when speaking, you have the accent of a foreigner, and without papers or a license that says you can be here, you may get into trouble. But if you act mute then you will be fine. I will see you tomorrow.


Kayla smiled and pushed the note into her chest and giggled. She was too excited to count the funding, she ran to the closet and noticed it bare so, she grabbed a handful of cash and ran downstairs and began exploring the city for things to wear. The streets were busy with people walking and talking and just hanging out with one another acting like there was nothing wrong with the world. She was a little taken back, annoyed and at the same time, she did not care. She was able to leave and go somewhere other than work. So, exploration was on the horizon. She looked around the area that she could see and saw a sign on the same side she was hanging there that had a picture of a dress and went there first.


The building was red brick and looked like it was well built and when she pushed on it there was no give, but some people were looking at her like she was crazy or like she was about to run. She walked inside and there was a plethora of outfits from wall to wall free to buy for the right price. She felt secure and happy with just one outfit, but then she wanted to buy two.

A man walked up to her and smiled, “Ma’am, can I help you?”

She shook her head no and then placed her hands to her mouth and shook again.

“Oh, you cannot speak, is that right madam?”

She nodded.

“Very well, let me get some measurements and I will help you find the perfect outfit to get a guy, ok?”

Here she nodded once more. She then grabbed the man’s hand and he led her to a room where he wrapped a tape measure around her body at certain points and other points, she helped hold it while he went down the front of her.

“I have a good measure on you, do you want something athletic?”

She shook a no, and the man went on to the next question, “What about something fancy?” No again, “Evening wear?” No, once more, “Ah! I know, what about something comfortable?” here she nodded, and he brought her to that section.

She walked with him to a spot that had everything that she was looking for. This area of the store had the simpler things that cost so much at home and her excitement was visible on her face and the man noticed it. He pulled out a simple crop top that was baby blue and she knew that it would accent her eyes, but it exposed too much of her belly and other areas if she were to jump or fall. She shook her head and he pulled out a red and navy-blue dress and she nodded, and he placed his finger in the air and then said that they did have her size and then went on to say, “It’s not measured by small, medium, large, etc. it is by exact size, our measurements.” He continued to pull out another outfit, this was a pair of white jean looking pair of pants and a cotton white shirt and she nodded once more and he reached in and pulled out her size and asked her if there was anything more and she shook her head saying she was done, and he verified, “You are done right?” here she nodded and they approached the counter. Rung out and the money she had was more than enough to cover the cost of the two outfits.

© 2022 William L Truax III