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Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 2

The Meeting Ends

She looked around at the tall buildings that towered the landscape, the multitude of vehicles on the road and wondered why Liberty was not like that. They were all so beautiful and fast-moving. She thought that people had a lot of places to go, or had a lot of money, but she had none. What was she going to do for food, shelter? The man stopped at a crosswalk and pressed the button. She hurried to him. Standing behind him directly she and he waited for the green and when they had it, all the cars stopped, and they crossed.

Turning right on the opposite sidewalk, they walked a good distance before he took a short break by leaning on a tree. It looked more like a park for grown-ups, there were a lot of people there and there was a good mixture of ages. He suddenly turned around facing her and waved his arm hollering “Come on!” She pointed to herself, and he nodded, she then walked up to him embarrassed.

“Hey there dear lady, why are you following me?” he questioned, “I mean, I was watching you inside the train and I know you were looking at me, so why are you and who are you?” He finished as Kayla finally arrived.

“I don’t know why I am following you; I just have a gut feeling that I need to, I was watching you on the train, but I did not mean anything wrong by it…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. I am grateful and appreciative of your attempt to hide from me. But don’t worry anymore, I’m Bryan, who are you?”


“Nice to meet you. Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Come on, let’s get something to eat. I know a place up the road.”

“Thank you. I just wish I had money with me. I don’t know how I am going to get back home.”

“Where is home?”

“Republic Road, Liberty.”

“I am here, Representative Road, Phoenix. Come on, I’ll give you a hand.”

Flirting with the Enemy

At the diner, the two of them, Bryan and Kayla sat across from one another, and it was silent. There was nothing that either one wanted to say. The food came and the waitress smiled and tried to bring in some happiness to the two of them, but Kayla just sat there with her mouth shut and eyes staring into Bryan’s hazel eyes. She wondered if they change colors but did not say anything for fear of where she was and if he had already said something to someone.

Before they arrived, he called someone at the park, turning his back, he stepped away from some distance and began talking to someone, Kayla could not hear anything that was being said and she grew silent, worried that she just signed her death warrant, now at the diner, they ate in silence and wondered if this was her final meal. She had no idea if any of this was true, but she did not want to take the chance. He may have been a Reporter. I like him, this is not fair! We can date, right? We can survive this, right? I don’t have to go to jail?!

“Keep silent. We will talk later.” He finally spoke and his speech was like heaven to her ears, and she nodded her head and kept silent while she ate her meal.

She wanted to speak but as Bryan finished his, he kept his index finger to his lips and motioned to walk out of the place. Paying for the meal and then walking out to the street, he said: “Hey Kayla, out here you are fine. I buildings you must keep quiet. Don’t trust many people.”

“Can I trust you?”

“I am one of the few here that you can. There is a group in this district that hates the law that keeps us all separate unless we are married. That is the only way to fix it, and that is most of the time chosen at birth.”

“Wow, I don’t have that problem, I will never marry at home. I look terrible to the boys there. I look like an old maid.”

“You look fantastic to me! How old are you?”

“30, you?”


She thought that there was no way, he looked more her age than older. But my god, look at him! Incredible! I am in love. He has been so perfect to me.

“Tell me about your district while I guide you back to my place.”

“There are no buildings like the ones I see here, the place is boring and grey there are few colors, and I cannot stand my parents, they have not cared for me in so long, but it is like that, once you turn twenty-one you are cast out on your own and living there is a real pain. You must be married by twenty-five and in your husbands’ home where he works, and all a housewife does is mind the children who all dress alike as well as act alike. There are no differences between one house and the next. The only way that that is, is when a woman goes unmarried and has no children, at 35 she is either cast to a different district or jailed until the judge is ready to carry sentence.”

“Wow! Sounds different and difficult. Do you have a husband or a family?”

“No, in five years they’ll more than likely kill me.”


“I have had to steal to get food. All that the judge at the end. The eldest person at home is fifty.”

“Holy smoke!”


They passed another park and this one had dogs in it. She watched the dogs for a minute while keeping up with Bryan who was leading her to a left turn on the corner street.

“My place is up here; it will be safe there.”

“Great, thanks.”

They crossed the street at another pedestrian crossing area and after the light turned red and theirs green, they made it in a few moments and turned left and right a few steps later. Then they climbed three flights of stairs and were at his apartment. He pulled out the key to it and inserted it into the lock and opened the door wide when it was unlocked. Inside was a fashionable way to live type building. There were two chairs on opposite sides of the room, which were large, they were purple vinyl and adorned with different embroideries that made it look rich and soft. The carpet, he has a carpet, let me touch it! It was white and looked like it had never been walked on. Kayla rubbed her hand over it and even as Bryan followed in behind her noticed, she was laying on it is making butterflies, the smell as she took in a deep breath, smelled like sunbeams roasting peanuts on a sweltering summer afternoon, then there is a scent of lilac on the tip of her tongue. There were two other chairs in the home that looked ancient and aged with the years.

© 2022 William L Truax III

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