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Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla


With one look, Kayla was hooked, but who was this person? She clung tight to the latch that hung from the top of the train. It was a faux leather loop that was stapled by a nail gun onto the roof of that fast-moving train. There was no sign for alarm there currently as Kayla watched on. She was average height and well built, not stocky or anything, but as what Kayla noticed, she has legs that went on for miles as well as a slender waist, but where the stockiness came in was her chest, Kayla noticed it was built up big time.

But that was not the only person she spied on…there was a man there too, talking to her. She thought for a moment that those two were dating and that there was no conceivable way for them to communicate, but he moved away or was that the train as he moved back into view. Kayla worried for a moment or two as she dealt with her inner thoughts, the idea of him and her sharing life and falling in love, babies, a home in the country. She had their whole life planned but she did not know his name.

She clung hard to the loop with both hands as the train came to a stop. People on the seats slid forward just like those on the loop, but eventually, the stop was finished, and people got off including the voluptuous woman who wiggled like crazy, but the guy did not seem to be interested. He sat there taking a deep breath and placed his hand to his head. More people got on and he moved closer to the back of the car. His hair was slicked back, and it was short, neck length, and seemed to cut often. He turned his head toward Kayla who was caught staring and she ducked under his gaze and tried to hide her eyes from his peering into her.

She felt her face getting hot as well as her whole body. Her nerves were all over and her body reacted accordingly. She felt her face redden and tried to calm herself by talking quietly to herself her usual mantra, calm, breathe, relax, one day he will come, relax, just breathe, you will be fine. She breathed and the pressure feeling went away. The train shouted loud once more over the intercom that another stop was coming, and she reached back up and grabbed hold of the loop and braced herself. She looked at the man and seen that he was not on the loop but the pole and watched him carefully. She then imagined that he danced on the pole just because he could and she danced with him like they had two poles at home that allowed them to do that, then the train stopping took her out of the imaginary world and arrived at the real. She watched him as he picked up his briefcase and seemed to get ready for something, like getting off the train, but Kayla was not sure.

He opened it wide, and she was unable to see what he was looking for as he had it pressed against his chest. Why would open that here? What could he be doing? Quickly she saw what he was doing, there was a bag of some sort pulled out from it and he was eating something from it. It was an orange bag but that’s all she could tell of the bag.

There was a big enough hole in the crowd to get a better look at him…average height looked about 5’6” and he was skin and bones as far as thickness went I can make him more well-rounded, she thought, brown hair and she does not know about his eyes yet, she kicked herself from when he looked back at her earlier and she ducked, he wore a flannel overcoat and a pair of jeans. That’s all she was able to see. It was not much, but it would do. He then took off the coat and gave it to an elderly woman sitting on the bench near him, awe what a sweet guy! The elderly woman seemed to try to give it back, but as she saw, he was refusing.

Her thoughts were all over about this guy and she was anxious to get to know him.

He opened the case again and placed it in the orange bag again and closed it, he then pulled it up close to him and moved more toward the door. Kayla without thinking moved toward the doors nearest her as well. The announcement of the upcoming stop rang through the car. Phoenix was the next stop, wherein Phoenix was he going? Kayla was going to follow. She did not know why, but it just made sense. Follow the man to the end of time.

The train came to a stop the way it usually did and they, as well as other people too, got off. She tried to keep an eye on him, but with the crowd, it was nearly impossible. She believed at one point to have but then she saw him walking down the aisle on the outgoing side and she took her first step toward a new life.

She placed her headphones in her ears and began walking in his direction.

There was a crowd that was hard to navigate through, but once she was able to make it out, she locked eyes with the man that she was spying on. He was in a dark green shirt, the same outfit that he was in after taking off the jacket and giving it to the elderly woman. He was a long way ahead of her and she liked that. She hid behind a bulky concrete pillar and walked again as he went further on inside the building.

There were four rows of entrance and four rows of exit areas. He slipped through the spiked rolling pins that blocked you. She crept slowly behind him until it was her turn and as she made it through her jacket got caught and she struggled to free it. The man heard the commotion and came back down from where he was and helped Kayla out, with her jacket free, she was able to stalk the man some more.

“Thank you.” She said blushing.

“No worries, dear lady. I am happy to have been here.” He replied and his voice sounded like trumpets calling to her in the distance, it was like the angels were singing his tune to her and she was ready to jump into his arms right there. She held herself and continued behind him.

Light from the outside was approaching quickly as they walked, she behind him, he an effective way ahead. She watched as he exited through the open doors and turned right, she did the same and they went down the steps and again turned right on the sidewalk.

This is Phoenix, I haven’t been here for a while. Especially since I live in Liberty.

© 2022 William L Truax III

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