Land of Ania - Tunnels under Us

Updated on October 8, 2019
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I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.

Zero-Dark-Thirty. The air stank of fear, pain, and nervousness of impending death, however, this didn't phase a small recon outfit sent deep into Abomination territory amid several abductions. This mission was not officially approved by the chief commander of the Order as he still pursued peace talks with the overlord. The squad was alone in this - no one knew of this mission aside from Captain Riley who currently, studied a few silhouettes in the distance while clutching an MP-7 submachine gun. He chose to lead the team and wage a covert war alongside other Order officers who grew tired of the futile peace talks held by top brass.

"Two contacts front carrying AK47s" the Captain whispered, "Keep it quiet."
As he finished the thought, the two silhouettes got dragged to the ground; out of sight and never to get back up. Riley briskly proceeded forwards with two other lightly-armed men in-tow. The commandos crouched away from the moonlight for further orders.
"There are no prisoners here - all are Abomination drones by now so we sweep the place and exfiltrate," Riley ordered as he prepared some demolition charges, "This will make the insect think twice before camping in our backyard."
As he finished the thought, the men split up with one taking an elevated position on a hill; head to toe in a ghillie suit and carrying an M14 EBR marksman rifle to maintain overwatch. Abomination drones didn't know they were infiltrated yet so they proceeded to move around the perimeter - guarding it like a nest. Any soldier in the Abomination's army lost his willpower and sense of individuality with every battle - acting like worker drones in an ant colony; obeying the hive mind. Twisted yet effective type of unit cohesion.

Captain Riley saw many combat operations in the British SAS as a part of Task Force Black/Knight (working jointly with the US Delta Force in Iraq) during Operation Crichton from 2004 until 2008. Waging secret wars against Al Qaeda gave him the experience to face down the new and more dangerous foes. One possessed ex-insurgent became many as he dispatched every hostile in the camp while listening in on status reports from his squadmates.

"Ammo cache guard KIA - setting charges."

"Overwatch, all clear; no tangoes in sight."

Captain Riley, wiping his knife on his latest victim's clothes, set his carry-gun to full auto and looking through the night sight; proceeded into what looked like a makeshift bunker; a deep hole protected by sandbags and an emplaced Soviet PK machinegun. On-reflex, the SAS veteran discharged his weapon at an incoming silhouette that appeared to be carrying a large axe. The assailant fell backward from a headshot.
Meanwhile, the unit marksman, looking through his scope suddenly saw a caravan in the distance, getting closer to the camp with every glance.

"Withdraw, repeat withdraw!" the sniper whispered into his radio.

"Exfil without me," Riley responded, "I am deep within their underground bunker - they got a whole tunnel network here - if I don't collapse it - the insects would be in our homes!"

Having heard through acknowledgments from his squad, the captain studied the walls and ceiling for structural weaknesses - selecting the optimal place to set up C4. Suddenly, a ratchet of an AK47 charging handle derailed his train of thought - he was face to faces with three riflemen. They were dressed exactly like Al Qaeda insurgents he fought many years ago.

Captain Riley swiftly took cover behind a pillar, before the drones could open fire, he blazed away from his own gun - going for precision shots to quickly dispatch the threats. Perforating the chests of his attackers, he retreated deep into the tunnels; he was in their domain now - stealth was the only option if he wanted to get out alive. Putting the MP-7 on safe and letting it hang, Riley placed a charge on an upright pillar.
A cacophony of footsteps echoed through the darkness with ratcheting of antiquated Soviet firearms acting like backing vocals to the song of impending death.

Unlike the insurgents of the war gone, the drones weren't trigger happy and didn't feel the need to spray and pray - giving a window to possibly disarm one of them. As the thought was completed, the SAS veteran grabbed one of them from the shadows and after knocking away what looked like a Soviet World War 2 era PPS submachine gun with a hard elevated knee strike, he fed a live grenade to the drone; knocking out a handful of teeth in the process. Pulling the pin, he thrusted his victim with a heel kick towards his comrades.

Not only did the daring reversal collapsed the enemy forces but the explosion dismembered them too. The last thing the special forces operator saw was a set of exploding heads and chest cavities. The counter-attack also bought him some time to set more charges on other structural weaknesses.

Moving onwards, the tunnels just lead to more tunnels that went on for what seemed like miles; this could mean that the Abomination forces could be anywhere within the Order stronghold anytime they wanted; they could just murder people in their beds if the tunnels were mapped accordingly. Images of angry mobs brandishing antiquated firearms and improvised melee weapons breaking into houses, lynching people and mass-murdering whoever caught their eye triggered in Captain Riley's head.

It may be too late for the stronghold.

© 2019 Jake Clawson


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