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Land of Ania - Taskforce RIP

I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.


Chain Knights are gone, Lord Commander Cog perished while fighting an Abomination agent in our dimension and the insect overlord has infiltrated a key stronghold of the Order. Captain Riley, who barely evaded capture has mapped out the tunnel network he and his unit discovered, therefore, lower-ranking officers had a theory of the next attack. Trust for top brass was eroding at the speed of thought. The Chain Knights under Cog's leadership were important to the war effort. Also, greatly feared by the Abomination brass.

"They will surely send cannon fodder forward to bypass the landmines we placed at the tunnel exits that come out at our stronghold's structures." Captain Riley warned, "The tangoes we neutralised had antiquated Soviet hardware but knowing how Stronghold West was overrun, they will flood us with horde upon horde of footmen armed with melee weapons. SW had heavy machineguns and gunship support." The SAS veteran warned.


Captain Riley's findings were used to model an interior defense force composed of mainly close combat experts to hold the line and maintain the perimeter - this force was to be commanded by the Roman Centurion Marius Titus; an expert tactician and a masterful wielder of the Scutari and gladius. The taskforce was dubbed RIP - Rest in Pieces - to be activated during sieges.

As predicted, the tunnel network livened up with several explosions - indicating the approach of what seemed like millions of Abomination drones. Taskforce RIP was standing at the ready meanwhile, Centurion Marius was positioning his men in the "Testudo" shield wall formation used commonly during sieges.

"HOLD TESTUDO!" he yelled as he caught sight of a black sea of attacking drones with blades resembling the apex of a tsunami. The Roman legionaries grunted in response - signifying their commander that the enemy will not pass.


"ZA MNOJ!!!!!" (Follow me) a yell of a Soviet Penal Battalion sergeant almost overpowered the incoming drones grunts. The penal battalions were a part of the Soviet war machine during World War 2 who acted as suicide squads that charged the enemy head-on. However, while during the war they were also motivated by the dreaded Order 227 - "Not one step backward" meaning retreating soldiers were to be executed on the spot, today they were motivated by the desire to defend the Anian people and their hopes to thrive despite the hardships and death. The Soviet soldiers smashed into the tsunami of blades - smashing the enemy hard enough to shatter not only their chests but make the person behind feel the impact. The sergeant, wielding the PPSh-41 submachine gun broke through their ranks to reach anyone resembling an officer - eating several fatal wounds during the fact.

While the heroic penal squads kept the enemy busy, there was still only so much they could handle so many broke through only to meet the Roman legionaries who stopped them with a combination of shields and pilum spears.

"Deploy Pillum!" Centurion Marius ordered, blocking an incoming missile with his shield.

The Romans were an impregnable wall that stopped those who survived the retaliation from not only the Soviets but Viking berserkers who joined the fight as backup.
"Valhal awaits, brothers!" the berserker war chief cried, "SHOW NO MERCY!"
The Vikings charged forth to overwhelm those drones that carried guns however, they were already too close for said guns to be of any effect - heads were sliced, broken and the battlespace was a sea of blood and gore - justifying the taskforce's acronym fully.

"FORWARD!" Centurion Marius ordered. "BREAK THEM!"


The angry tortoise/testudo needed no further convenience, it moved with a vengeance; breaking many faces and bones in its way. The Centurion didn't hesitate to show his prowess with the sword and shield, one could even assume he could spar with a monsoon. Even the bigger drones were lifted and thrown over his head - to be trampled by his cohorts.

The perimeter was slowly but surely clearing from the attacking drones where those that weren't reduced to either a pincushion of Roman spears, bruised, lacerated corpses or riddled with bullets were being subdued and taken prisoner. A few members of the Soviet penal squad conjured a truck to transport them all. It was a victory for Taskforce RIP. Meanwhile, Captain Riley and other officers were contemplating their next move.

"We have to double the guard on the outside, " Captain Riley suggested, "They got close enough to dig tunnels - this is unacceptable and need to be fixed."


© 2019 Jake Clawson

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