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Land of Ania - Origins

I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.



Whenever a war in our world ends - the souls of soldiers and their families go to either Heaven or go to a special dimension where war never ends and their strength is needed yet again. The realm's name is Ania, a temperamental land where brutal wars are followed by flourishes of peace which last until a counter-attack. The heroic, well-meaning soldiers fight for Order, a faction who uphold what remains of peace. The best of the best become Chain Knights - the finest warriors Ania has ever seen.

However, terrorists, tyrant's pawns, marauders, bandits, insurgents, brigands or those merely seeking revenge or committed war crimes and profiteered from the wars get called by the Abomination - an entity of endless evil and the embodiment of pain; promising glory, power and riches in exchange for their labor, blood and will to fight. Ania was founded by a conglomerate of historic warriors from all centuries; some say the origins began with the Knights Templar others say it was with Rome either way, the realm was founded on protecting those that can't protect themselves. Soldiers from all epochs would join forces on the battlefield, fighting with their respective weapons - ascended into perfect working order during the dimensional travel phase. A medieval knight fighting back to back alongside a 21st century US Marine is a common sight on the Anian battlespace.

The realm of Ania has interacted with our dimensions many times throughout history as Order warriors are known to be sent back in pursuit of agents sent by the Abomination to create chaos so the ranks of its armies are always full. Some say that the spike of terrorist incidents related to Abomination agents where they sparked conflicts in unstable regions of the world.

The Russian government was the first to discover this when a SPETSNAZ VYMPEL element located a cache of occultist artifacts during a top-secret operation in Khasavurt, Chechnya; leading to the formation of an entirely new wing of the Russian military which was composed of the best SPETSNAZ operators to conduct recon operations into Ania using all the artifacts and information recovered about inter-dimensional travel. Unfortunately, only one operator returned and even then, suffered severely from PTSD. Traveling from our realm to Ania is highly inaccurate therefore, most attempts lead to arriving in lands controlled by the Abomination.


The Abomination

Who or what is the Abomination? Very few know and even fewer faced it since this entity's leadership is unparalleled meaning that its will is represented, enforced and protected by efforts of its army. The Abomination has a very sophisticated roster of commanders whose ranks are impossible to infiltrate.

Rank progression within the armies means you lose your humanity and either become a drone whose entire life is based on fighting for the Abomination or evolve into a higher being to serve closer to the overlord - carry out clandestine operations inside and outside of the hierarchy.

Further research has shown that the Abomination maybe of insectoid nature since tactics operates like a hive mind. Many warriors got corrupted by the will of the Abomination including a high-ranking commander within the Order who, in a desperate attempt wanted to negotiate peace with the overlord. So much that the Order of the Chain Knights got decimated for opposing him. Sent on a suicide mission to be killed by the atmosphere which was too risky for a recovery mission; covering all tracks. One solitary knight managed to penetrate the Abomination's stronghold and not only disrupt a realm-to-realm travel ritual but follow an Abomination agent sent to our world, into New York City. The Knight's fate remains unknown but to Order's high-command he is a traitor and a renegade.

What is the Abomination's endgame? Its endgame is to capture everything it can reach; every land, every realm, and every dimension until the overlord achieves Godhood and ultimately, usurp all dominating powers. Day by day the overlord gets closer to its victory with more and more falling under its influence; deifying it with places of worship erected all over Ania and some parts of our world. All the world's disenfranchised are called to such places to walk away as loyal zealots ready for directions. The only obstacle the Abomination faces are the heroic souls of warriors who surpass his own in terms of warfare, skills, and tactics alongside the desire to save his fellow man no matter the costs.

The most notable example of this last second save was from the sudden arrival of an entire army of Slavic warriors under the command of Bogatyrs - legendary heroes of medieval Russia. Charging the Abomination's ranks head-on while protecting the last Order bastion. The counter-attack was followed by close-range air support which inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.


Last Word

Every day, Ania walks the balance between Order and Abomination control where the flourishes of peace come from heavy casualties from either side or a tactical regroup; keeping inhabitants on edge all the time. Order-controlled cities are military bases with weapon forges, training grounds, war factories and gun emplacements where citizens were always looking to help the war effort.

Not all Anian citizens are warriors however since the natives pre-dating both sides do exist; average people like those in our world - always seeking a roof over their heads with some ending up doing pull-ups under strict direction from an Order drill instructor or being bred into a mindless killing machine by a combination of technology and arcane rituals.

Abomination-controlled lands reak of fear, pain, and suffering - a bloody marriage between man, machine and everything the twisted overlord thought helped his endgame. If the person who ended up at the Abomination's wall wasn't strong enough - he'd be processed into fuel to keep the war machine running. Bled dry off his blood and life.


© 2019 Jake Clawson

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