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Land of Ania - Homestead Liberator

I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.


Yuri lived in the mountains; tending to his homestead and keeping to himself - not getting involved in the never-ending war between the Order and the Abomination; however, his grandfather was a cavalier of multiple high commendations for his deeds in battle for the side in question. The man served as a martial arts instructor for the remainder of his time until his death from heart failure.

Yuri initially wanted to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and join the Order - only to be rejected by the army medical commission multiple times. However, his drive to continue his grandfather's service didn't end, therefore, he grew produce and provided it to the Order while practicing martial arts; taught by his grandfather since early childhood. Yuri, despite no military experience, was a good fighter - skilled in a variety of melee combat techniques; further enhanced by his imposing, muscular physique that he built with manual labor, calisthenics and curling bricks.


Despite living far away from most battles, the Abomination harassed Yuri multiple times with failed raids and intimidation visits. It started small with only groups of ruffians coming to push people around and leaving with broken bones. It became a weekly occurrence with bigger and bigger crowds brandishing makeshift melee weapons - the only damage they managed to inflict were minor bruises on Yuri himself along with not making it back alive. Bigger crowds meant the need for a weapon. "There is no blocking an iron rod" as Yuri's grandfather always said hence, what better way to defend a homestead than with a big scythe - a dangerous weapon indeed, as the ruffians discovered.

One day, however, the Abomination sent a more serious force - a group of ten men with one dressed in what resembled a priest's garb while others looked like police officers of our dimension; only difference being is that those who came were corrupted with haphazardly installed biomechanical augmentations while their badges had Satanic imagery as opposed to normal attributes of a police badge of our world.


Yuri was tending to his crops, only to turn around to face 9 shotguns staring him down.
"You are under arrest for corrupting the land and multiple counts of murder!" one of the corrupted police officers threatened.

"I am a farmer, I grow vegetables." Yuri calmly replied, "When people attack my land, I will defend it with all means I have - come to me with a sword and you die by what you bring."

The farmer turned around, shovel still in hand; provoking the corrupt cops to raise their mechanical voices.

"DROP IT!" one demanded, summoning a chuckle from Yuri.
"You guys afraid of a shovel?" he asked jokingly.
"Drop it or we will drop you!" corrupted cops warned in a choir.


Yuri scanned the immediate area, planning his evasion route and cover from the inevitable storm of shotgun shells then, lightning-fast, he flung the shovel into the priest like an oversized javelin. Instantly, the defending farmer leaped for his toolshed where the scythe was hanging - waiting for its hour. The Abomination drones gave chase under the assumption that they got him trapped - only to lose one more member of their team to an impaling strike.

Pulling the scythe out, Yuri knocked out another corrupted officer with the other end, using the farm tool like a Bo staff. (a piece of wood typically 1.8m in length; used in Okinawan martial arts - Bojutsu) By freeflow, the scythe blade was driven into the shoulder of a drone cocking his shotgun and taking aim. Yuri didn't pull out the scythe this time and instead, went for the remaining drones with his bare hands; pulling the shotgun from their arms and putting a drone down with a headbutt. Executing a spine-snapping grapple and even ripping out a drone's throat.

The drones were defeated and Yuri was the last man standing, his scythe in hand - blood still dripping from the serrated blade.

"What next?" he pondered. "More will come and as long as they do, I will fight back, I will defend."

However, deep down, the reluctant civilian wished he was accepted by the Order army long ago to fight the drones in a better way with a bigger arsenal. Guess the homestead will become a serious pain for the Abomination behind Order lines.


© 2019 Jake Clawson

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