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Kiamichi Voices: Chapter 4

With new inspiration and a great solution, Kiamichi Voices continues. Thanks to all my readers for the encouragement to keep it going.

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    The Kiamichi Voices continue in Chapter 3, Stormy learns more than she really wants to about her new friend, Jasper and even more about herself.

Chapter 4

The fresh mountain wind was very stimulating to Stormy’s soul as she headed out of the cabin, to do some exploring. She needed to unclog her head of all her thoughts of him.

Traveling down the footpath in Willow Forest, the musky air reminded her of his eyes. Her mind began to explore the possibilities. Could he be shadowing me? Her heart quickened at the idea of encountering him. Brushing off her eccentric thoughts, she cautiously sidestepped the prickly vines on the forest floor.

She took a deep breath of mountain air as she plopped herself onto the blanket next to the Blue Oak Tree. She was very careful not to touch the Willow Herb with her bare hands.

A wave of sunshine warmed her body as she stretched out her legs and closed her eyes. Her mind drifted in and out of the events that had happened the day before. After resting for a while, the wind shifted directions and the aroma of baking bread made her stomach growl. Time was going by too quick, and she still needed to get to town, before the day got too late.

By the time she was heading back from town, the sun was approaching the horizon. The crate of food she had lugged up the Kiamichi Mountain was beginning to get heavy. The soft voices began to visit her head again, but this time she could understand what they were saying. The words, trust him, came through loud and clear this time.

As she got closer to the cabin, she could feel his presence. She could only make out a silhouette on the cabin porch, but she wasn’t certain it was him. But her heart screamed it was, and the strange sensation came over her as she drew closer to him.

“So how long you been sitting here waiting on me?” Stormy swept past him into the cabin and dropped the crate on the table. As she spun around, he was standing there. “I didn’t hear you behind me. You about scared me to death, just now.”

“Maybe you should pay better attention to your surroundings then. Why did you walk? You could have taken the buggy.” He slowly started handing Stormy the groceries to put away. “And why did you buy all of this? I showed you where to find food.”

“First off, I didn’t know there was a buggy and second, I want food I know I like. Any more questions?” Stormy spatted as she headed to the coffee pot. “I’m making some coffee. Would you like some?”

“No, but it sure sounds like you need it.”

Stormy just busted out laughing, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so short with you. I’m tired from the walk.”

“So, did you learn anything from the journal last night? Or by exploring the cabin?” Jasper made himself comfortable on the seat next to the window, “On second thought, that coffee smells good, I think I will have a cup.”

Stormy handed him the cup. “No, I was just too tired. I curled up in the recliner and fell asleep. It’s been a rocky couple of days trying to adjust to life here. I have to say it has taken its toll on me. The only reason I’m here at my grandmother’s home is that my mom was………she’s……gone.” Blubbering, Stormy sank to the floor, using the fridge as a backrest. Her brain wandered off again, why is it when he is around me, I get all emotional? I don’t even know him, but I just can’t seem to stop myself.

She soon realized that Jasper had settled down next to her and had his arm around her shoulders. How long had I been sitting there, why didn’t I see him sit down or feel him? What is wrong with me. Her mind continued to scream at her.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. Starla only said you were coming to live with her, she never said why. Had I known, I wouldn’t have been so hard on you yesterday.”

“It was all my fault it happened. My mom was out looking for me when……” Stormy could feel Jasper gently placing his hand on her leg, and so she leaned her head over onto his shoulder. “I’m so problematic that even my father escaped me, and my grandmother has never taken the time for me. So, I don’t know why she wants me here now.”

“Stormy, your father didn’t escape from you. He is a good man.”

“Sure, then why did he never come to visit or even write to me?” She snuggled a little closer; his body heat was making her sadness melt away.

“That is a long story, which one day you will learn. But for now, your grandmother knew your mother didn’t accept who you are and refused to let you know. It broke Starla’s heart that she couldn’t have any contact with you.”

“What do you mean, who I am? How do you know this?”

“I’ve been close to your family my entire life; remember, I live in the backyard.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot. Why do you live there?”

“That story is for a different time, for now, you have to accept that you are a Sand Cat Mage. The sooner you accept it, the easier things will get for you to understand.”

“I don’t even understand what that implies, but if it means I don’t have to take that stupid medicine anymore, I’m all for it.” Giggling, they looked at each other. “That's a story for another time.”

“That's fair. The journal your grandmother gave you to read, is it a small leather book with your family crest on it?”

“There you go again. Assuming I understand what, you are talking about. What is a family crest?”

Jasper put his hand on hers and the warmth of his touch made her smile. Stormy stood up and reached her hand down to help him up. The short connection surged through her, leaving her wanting to understand more.

“It’s hard for me to remember, you really don’t know anything about this part of your life or family. Listen, just spend the rest of the night exploring the cabin and reading that journal. I mean it, read that journal tonight!” Stretching his legs, he took both coffee cups and put them in the sink and stood by the back door. “If you need me….”

“I know where to find you. I’ll be fine. We can have coffee tomorrow and talk some more.”

Jasper walked out the back door, stopped and looked back at Stormy. “You sure you're going to be okay here by yourself? I can stay if you want me to.”

“I’m going to be fine; you don’t need to stay.” After she shut the door, she leaned against it, her mind screaming for him to come back and help her to understand.

A door

A door

Finally, she grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and headed to the den. Sitting at the big desk by the window, she thumbed through the papers laying chaotically across it. But Stormy’s mind just wasn’t interested in reading them. After she finished her coffee, she grabbed a bag of chips, lit the lantern in the living room and curled up in the recliner, with the journal.

Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the smell of leather and the softness of the cover. Breathing out, she opened her eyes and prepared herself. She knew that the answers had to be in that journal, or else everybody wouldn’t be telling her to read the stupid thing.

Slowly, she opened to the first page.

Dear Stormy,

At the end of my bed is a chest. Look in it for a canvas bag. Inside the bag, you will find what you need to start your journey to discover who you really are.

You must embrace your abilities, take the time to learn about herbs and plants. Jasper can help you with this if you will let him.

You are a Sand Cat Mage, whether you believe it or not. You need to understand that what you have lived up to this point has been a lie.

Furthermore, you have a long journey to make, but you are not ready. Talk to Jasper and he will help prepare you.

Love Always,

Your Grandmother,


Stormy shut the journal.

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