Kiamichi Voices: Chapter 2

Updated on August 11, 2018
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Kiamichi Voices: Chapter 2


Kiamichi Voices: Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

Standing slowly, a movement caught her eyes. Crunching leaves drew her eyes to the big weeping tree in the center of the yard. With the morning sun in her eyes, all that she could make out was that something was moving closer to where she was standing.

“Who's there? What do you want?” her voice shook as she scanned about looking for where the sound came from.

“Hi, I’m Jasper. I was just heading headed to the stream to go fishing. Hey, so why was Starla in such a hurry?”

Lowering herself into a chair so that she could get a better look, she shielded her eyes but still was not sure where the voice had come from. Was it real or was it just in her head again?

“I can’s see you. Where are you? Move closer out of the blinding sun.”

Her heart skipped a beat, unsteadily she strolled to the porch steps to get a better look. A bright blue blur was moving towards the cabin. Jumping back she stumbled and landed on her butt. Hummmm, did I take my medicine?

As the blue orb came closer a strange tingling sensation went through her. Finally, a white fuzzy hand grabbed the railing on the porch as he leaned over.

“Here let me help you up. Starla warned me that you might have a hard accepting my looks, but I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You didn’t scare me, I just, um, I hadn’t seen anyone that…”

“I know, that looked like me. I know this is a whole new world for you. That’s why I don’t understand why your Grandmother left in a hurry and didn’t take you with her. Did she tell you anything?”

Finally, she grabbed his hand and let him help her up. “I apologize, I didn’t mean to be rude. No, not really, just that she was needed and had to go. By the way, I’m Stormy.”

“I know, your Starla’s estranged granddaughter. She was so excited about you coming to live with her.”

“Really, then why did she leave me already?” Stormy slowly sunk down into the closest chair and waited for his response. Crossing her arms, she just stared. “Dang it, I did it again. That was not nice of me. So the first day I’m here, she shows me how excited she is by leaving me all alone in a very strange place. I don’t even know where she is going or how I can get ahold of her. Jasper is it?” Stopping suddenly, she realized how harsh those words were.

More softly she began again, “Would you like a cup of coffee to go with my rambling madness?” She didn’t wait for him to respond, she just poured a cup and shoved it at him.

He just laughed and smiled, and took the cup. Instead of sitting, he chose to lean against the porch post.

“Let’s start over, Hi I’m Stormy. Now, why were you standing under that weeping tree?” She waved her hand across the seat of the chair across from her, “Please, have a seat. I’m getting tired of looking up.”

“Thank you, thought you would never ask. I was getting tired of standing. But it's rude to just make yourself at home with someone you just met. Don’t worry about the rambling on, as you can see I tend to do it too. As far as Starla goes, she does that a lot, it’s not just because of your here. As far as me, I’m going head to White Willow Stream to go fishing. Say would you like to go with me?”

“Wow, you do ramble on like me. Cool. I would love to go, but I'm supposed to be reading this book that Starla gave me. She seemed really upset that I hadn’t read it yet. I just got here last night, what did she expect?! Is she always that touchy or is it because she needed more coffee?”

“Yes, she is. You could just bring it with you.” Jasper’s dark eyes sparkled as he spoke, his round ears, peeking out from under his blue hair surrounding his face. Waves of curls, swirling around his shoulders, oh, that is why I thought I saw a blue orb floating towards me. Stormy’s face crinkled as she busted out laughing. “Sure, just let me grab my backpack and that stupid book.”


After she grabbed her stuff, she followed him into Willow Forest. The atmosphere was sweet with jasmine and cedar wood. They followed an overgrown footpath to a narrow well-worn pathway that zigzagged up and down. The bell-shaped flowers and red mushrooms lined the path through the deep gorges, leading us into a meadow of Baby’s Breath blossoms that were covered with many butterflies and dragonflies.

Stormy stood on the edge of the meadow, feeling a sudden peaceful feeling. Closing her eyes she took several deep breaths and relaxed.

“Are you okay, Stormy?” Jasper grinned and took off running.

Opening her eyes, she laughed and took off running after him.

“Look, it's just over that.” his long fuzzy finger was pointing to a rocky hill.

The luster from the stream stopped her in her tracks. “Wow, why is the stream glowing like that?”

Jasper stopped, turned around and faced her. “You really don’t know? Do you? Its because the bottom of the stream is covered with mystical stones.”

She looked at his face, but couldn’t tell if he was joking or telling the truth, so she ignored what he said. “Have you ever taken one?”

“No, I’ve never had a desire to disturb such beauty.”

Studying him, she soon became aware of the blue blur surrounding him again. It was very pleasing to her eyes. Something about it drew her in to accept that every word he spoke was the truth.

Jasper grabbed his fishing pole off of the bank and tossed his line in, as she settled down on the reindeer grass and closed her eyes. The flapping wings and the call of the geese seemed to encompass her. The tenderness of the sun’s rays on her skin brought down the last of her shields. She felt like she had known him her entire life, in spite of the fact they had just met. The scent of his musk reminded her that he was close by. Peeking out of the corner of her eye, she watched his hair blowing in the gentle breeze. Suddenly his fishing pole jerked, pulling her attention back to the stream. She giggled to herself and laid back down.


“What are you grinning and giggling about over there?”

“Nothing, just wondering about those stones in the stream. So tell me again, what kind of stones are those that are sparkling through the pink water. Wait a minute, why is the water pink?” Turning her head, she watched his muscles tighten through his soft purple shirt. His eyes seemed to match and the longer she stared at him the brighter the blue around him seemed to get.

Laughing, he smirked, “Mystical ones. You know magical ones.”

“Really” she began laughing with him. “Fine, we won’t talk about that. I’m starving. Can we go back to the cabin to get something to eat? Because I’m not eating any magical fish.” With that, they both busted out laughing. “No seriously, I’m hungry.”

Stormy got to her feet, brushed the grass off of her butt and waited for him to respond.

“I guess with the walk here it has been awhile, and I didn’t eat breakfast either. Since I’m not catching no magical fish, we should head back.”

Stormy stood there openly examining him up and down, she was being drawn to his stocky physique, as her feet moved, she could feel something pulling her towards him. Swiftly she recovered, shaking her head and took off walking back the way they had come.

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