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Keily, the Bookworm Part-9

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

While Emma shifted to the more rural areas in the outskirts of the city, attending a university there, Keily decided to attend classes at Dad’s university according to her deal with him.

She hadn’t imagined much about this place before, having her real focus on going abroad. But when she explored the campus on the orientation day, she fell in love with the place.

She loved the greeneries all decorated around neatly. She appreciated the large spacious sitting grounds, the wide elevators, the enormous resourceful library and the list goes on.

She wondered what her classmates would be like. She loved the campus, but if the guys and girls in her class didn't match up to her expectation, she decided she would quit studying at this place. She was early to the campus with her Dad. He had a few important leftover tasks to do. So he set forth for his university before the new students came in and asked Keily to come along with him.

As time passed on, students started coming first singly and then in flocks. She wondered which of these would be her classmates. Soon the management group of the university also arrived, and they started giving directions to all students. Keily thought she might as well take directions.

Keily was asked to go to the fifth floor, taking the elevator and turn left to the first classroom where she would find her classmates.

As she reached the fifth floor and turned left, she found her desired classroom. She went inside to find a few classmates seated there. She said hi and tried her best to strike up a conversation with them. Soon others joined, and it looked as if a party was going on.

The teachers along with the chairman of the department came in asking them to be quiet and calm down. Keily supposed they had important things to say. How right she was!

The chairman and other senior teachers by turns briefly spoke of the rules and regulations of the university, about the library, course curriculum, syllabus, tuition fees, examination rules and procedures and what not!

After that, the students were delivered a flower stick along with a snack box and an envelope carrying important documents relevant to the department. Then they were free to move around the campus and explore.

Keily had a dashing experience. When she was on her way back with her Dad, she poured in the details of her experience. Then she confessed, “Although I like the campus and my classmates, I would still like to stick to our original deal about examining the university for the first three months. Are you okay with it, Dad?” “Sure!” came Dad’s reply.

Dad was happy with what Keily already said about the campus and her classmates. He was sure she would click in with the university. And yes, he was head-on right.

More than three months passed away, but Keily never had complaints about the university or her class. She was busy keeping up with the class studies and assignments. At times she took help from her Dad as well for short intervals at home. She was a grownup now, and she didn’t need much help, unlike her childhood years.

She started becoming more friendly with her class, helping them with academic lessons and assignments. And soon, the boys and girls of her class started admiring her a lot. She was so cool and humble about assisting them. Being a Vice-Chancellor’s daughter, she could have been arrogant and snobbish. Instead, they found her smart, ready with a helping hand.

As a semester went by, it was time for 1st-year exams. Keily, by now, having the experiences of too many important examinations took them seriously but felt less intimidated than before. She got used to the rules and one by one, the exams rolled away.

When it was time for results, they were published course-wise on the notice board. Keily’s name was always on the top, earning the highest mark and grade. Classmates simply appreciated her, and soon they too started putting efforts into their studies and worked hard to do well in class. And the competition in her class soared.

As for the first semester, Keily did become first in class, earning all the highest grades. Within the next two years, each of her classmates joined her in the competition to do well. So it wasn't always possible for her to be first in the upcoming semesters but overall, she was at the top of her class.

Keily enjoyed two years of complete bliss. She made friends and group partners in labs. They also went shopping and sightseeing in the city together. Keily thanked her Dad in her prayers secretly for helping to give her such a wonderful life.

But after two whole years, tragedy struck her home. Her father had an initial heart attack and many more in the upcoming months. He had been in and out of hospitals until he succumbed to his illness and was gone from the face of this earth.

Keily was the one who was the most hurt, and she cried a lot secretly in her bedroom. Her sister, Natalie wasn’t so much affected. Her mom cried, but Keily was the one who felt the utmost pain compared to the others in her family.

As a tribute to her Dad, she completed graduation from his university. There was another responsible Vice-Chancellor now in his place.

Keily had a convocation with gown and cap and she was conferred her BSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering along with her classmates. Her Dad wasn’t there to watch her graduate, but her classmates filled the space, encouraging and complimenting her to be first in class and to grab the gold medal for her excellent academic feat.

Soon everyone was talking about joining jobs. Keily wondered where to apply as she was not very knowledgeable in this respect. One of her classmates, however, came forward and said, “Keily, you don’t have much to worry about. The university has a surprise for you. I have been hinted from the higher authorities in the university.”

Keily produced one of her sweetest smiles, acknowledging his remark and said, “That's cool.” But inside she wondered out of great curiosity what it exactly was.

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