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Keily, the Bookworm- Part 4

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

Dad came home late in the afternoon with ruffled hair and an exhausted hunched back. But when he saw Keily running towards him, he lighted up with a smile. "I became first in class", she said happily. "Here is my result and the gift I got."

Dad was quiet for a second trying to absorb it all. Then he broadened his smile and brightened up. “Of course, you will become first in class, Keily”, he said. “You are Daddy’s daughter no doubt.”

Mom smiled happily in the kitchen, fixing Dad’s lunch.

Later that day guests arrived unannounced. A native couple was visiting them. While the lady guest was busy talking to Keily’s Mom, the man asked Keily, “Which grade are you in?” “I am in grade 2”, Keily said promptly.

Her Dad put in, “Today was her result day.” So the man asked Keily, “What is your position in class?” She answered happily, “First.” “First!” exclaimed the man in wonder. He turned to Dad and said, “You must have guided her in her studies.” Dad said honestly, “No, it was her Mom who taught and counseled her.” The man was even more surprised. “Great”, he said.

Later after the guests left, Dad said to Mom, "Tomorrow the weekend begins. We can visit some family in honor of Keily.” Mom replied, “Which family do you want to visit? It has to be a family where there is a girl of Keily’s age so that they can play happily together for some time.”

“Okay let us visit Rahman’s family. Their youngest daughter is already friends with Keily, and so they can have good times together for an hour or two”, asserted Dad. “Okay”, said Mom.

The next day, in the afternoon, Keily's family, along with the baby in the stroller, walked about a kilometer to reach Rahman’s residence. After the initial “hi hello”, they were asked to sit in the living room.

Keily's friend and playmate, Alexa appeared and indicated to her to come out. They had a beautiful garden and a porch. Alexa put down a mat on the porch and placed her toys, kitchen set, and dolls, and Keily got busy playing, not being aware of time.

After two hours, Mom came to fetch Keily. "We are leaving now. Come on, Keily", she said. Keily didn’t realize how time had flown, and she had been busy, playing and having fun with Alexa all along.

After Keily went to the living room of Alexa’s home, she was bombarded with questions from Alexa’s parents. “How did you manage to do so well in class? Alexa is always behind in class. Who helped you?” Keily replied honestly, “Both the teachers at school and Mom at home helped me,”

Alexa's Dad continued, "Yes, we know you have talented parents to help you out. We are still thinking about how to assist Alexa in her studies. Maybe we will keep a home tutor for her."

“If you don’t want to teach her yourself, maybe a home tutor is the best solution”, said Keily’s Dad.

“Yes”, said Alexa’s Dad, “I think that is a good option. Keily, you are lucky to have brilliant parents to take care of you.” Keily smiled shyly.

Keily’s family left Rahman’s residence and started walking towards home. Keily was quietly thinking, “I only became first in class and got promoted to grade 2. I still have so many grades to wade through. I wonder how the university would be like because Dad teaches university students. Dad can help me out when I am in university. I hope he will even out his temper by then. Anyway, I am so happy and joyous at the moment. Result Day was a special day for me so that I will always treasure it close to my heart."

After reaching home, Dad asked Keily to bring her lessons in which she would do advanced studies again. Keily was highly reluctant. She just wanted to stay with the memories of the day. Unwillingly she brought her books and lessons to the living room where Dad was waiting.

Dad tried very hard not to lose his temper. Evenly, he explained Math to her. Keily got him. Then it got to the harder stuff, and Dad was back at his temper, yelling at her. The baby woke up from the noise and started crying.

Mom had gone to the terrace to hang out laundry. So Dad gave Keily a break and took the baby in his arms and fed her milk from the bottle. Soon the baby was quiet and fell asleep again.

Mom was back from the terrace and saw Keily crying and the baby asleep. Mom got furious.

"Does Keily have to study serious lessons during her vacation?" Mom asked Dad. "This is the time for her to enjoy life. Think about a little recreation and take them to the park as well. I am glad about today's outing. That was perfect. But do you have to get so hard on her? Don't touch her lessons so seriously- after all, it’s her vacation time!”

Dad was speechless for some time and asked her meekly, “Do you want to teach her again?” “Yes, maybe when her school starts again”, said Mom reflectively.

“Keily will fall behind in class if she doesn’t do advanced studies in her lessons”, said Dad. “What do you have to say to that?”

“Teach her slowly”, said Mom. “She is not your engineering student back at the university. She is only a little girl who just got promoted to grade 2. Remember that?”

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