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Keily, the Bookworm- Part 3

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

It was time for little Keily to sit for exams. Keily felt intimidated. Her father had given up on her, feeling frustrated. Teaching university-level students, he did not know how to reach Keily at her level during academic lessons. He lost patience and rebuked her for not understanding her. Mom came to rescue again and asked Dad not to touch Keily’s lessons. From now, she would take care of her lessons.

By and by, as Keily went to school, Mom would coach her on her lessons. Keily found it easier to get along with Mom. She liked the way Mom reached her level of understanding, and she coped well with her lessons.

The first exam day came. Keily was nervous. Could Dad be right when he said she would fail? She didn’t feel confident at all when she climbed the bus and took a seat. The driver drove along. Keily said a silent prayer, “Please, let me pass this exam, God.”

When she reached school, she found her friends. They didn’t feel as frightened as Keily. One by one, a queue was formed outside the exam hall. The first one was called in, and his/her exam was taken behind closed doors.

When Keily’s turn came, her head was in a complete mess. She whispered all the answers to the examiner’s questions. She wrote and read whatever she was asked. Gradually her fears were fading away. And she felt good about herself.

Soon it was time to take the bus and reach home. Mom was eager to know how the exam went. Keily said, “I don’t know. I read and answered whatever the teacher asked. But I don’t know what marks I will get.” Mom was satisfied. Keily didn’t realize her exam went okay. Mom could tell that from Keily’s reply.

Soon Keily was put in charge of her baby sister while Mom cooked delicious dishes. Dad would want a variety of dishes on the table.

Dad arrived in the late afternoon. After showering and waiting for a late lunch, he chatted with Keily. “So how was your exam? Did you understand the teacher’s questions? Are you happy?”

Keily was confused and didn’t know what to reply. She preferred to stay quiet in case Dad would lose his temper, and he drifted away to his stuff.

One day after another, Keily’s exams finished off. It was time for a long vacation. Keily wondered how she would spend her vacation since her class friends would be away. At least at school, she had the opportunity to talk to them and have fun.

Keily’s Dad decided to teach her new lessons from books. And that was how Keily would turn into a bookworm.

Day in and day out, she was at her academic lessons. She was doing advanced studies in her lessons from books. She thought this was the best way to spend vacation time. Life felt mundane but she did enjoy it when Dad took the entire family to the riverside.

Soon it was time for Keily’s results. Result Day came and knocked on Keily’s home. She got dressed in her uniform with a palpitating heart. She hadn't felt so much scared for anything before in her life. Mom told her it should be okay and asked her not to feel so disturbed. She got on the bus and sat inside silently as the bus staggered on to reach her school.

Keily had to form a queue again at school but this time in the playground. She was made to stand at the foremost of the queue. She didn’t understand what was happening. The school started with grade 1. There was no kindergarten or playgroup in the school at her time. She listened to the teachers intently. The teachers gave short speeches. Then they started calling out names of students.

The first name they pronounced, “Keily Javed”. Keily was still confused. The teachers ushered her to walk towards them. And she did. She was given a gift, and they announced her to be first in grade 1.

Keily was so excited and thrilled. She thought she had died in paradise from so much happiness: A first position in class along with a gift! She never imagined it this way. Keily stayed over the moon for sometime before she headed for the bus, still joyous and exhilarated.

When the bus reached her residence, she jumped off and climbed two stairs at a time. She rang the bell of her home and since no one had come to the door, she turned the handle, and the door opened. So she got inside happily, eager to tell Mom what had happened at school.

She found Mom showering in the bathroom. And Keily couldn’t wait. She said excitedly, ”Mom, I have failed.” She repeated the sentence joyously. So by the time Mom was out, it was obvious to her something good had happened to Keily.

Keily produced her result to let Mom see and comment. “Oh, my God”, she said, “You became first in class. “Yes”, sang Keily.

“This is so good news. I will cook extra special dishes now to celebrate. I can’t believe it and yet, here is the proof. Wait until Dad comes, and let’s see how surprised he gets.”

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