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Keily, the Bookworm Part-26

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

As planned, Shakhil, after giving an impressive interview at Microsoft branch office, LA, looked around for various apartments at reasonable rates and finally chose and made a mental note of one. He talked to the landlord, and Shakhil felt happy that he was offering a good deal. He didn’t sign any contract.

He would let Keily know about it after he proposed to her, married her and brought her here, and both of them would sign the contract. He went back to UT-Austin, full of dreams for a bright future.

The next day Shakhil found in his email that he had been accepted in Microsoft Branch Office in LA. He called on his land phone to share the good news with Keily. She was extremely happy for him. She added, “I hope my luck also clicks in the proper direction. So far I have only given a presentation at UCLA.”

Shakil said, “Don’t worry too much. Everything is going to be okay. Let’s hope UCLA will call you for an interview.”

The next two days were spent in extreme anguish and predicament for Keily. She prayed to God and recited the Holy Book and asked God to clear her from all sins and grant her the wish that she rightly deserved. She hadn’t done anything wrong in asking for a teaching career at UCLA.

The third day she had calmed down. Still no news from UCLA. Keily knew she had prayed, and so everything was going to be okay. Even Shakhil had affirmed her that.

The fifth day while she was browsing over the web, she had an impulse to check her email, and there it was sitting bold and upright, screaming the UCLA interview. She opened it to find that she was indeed being asked to attend an interview at UCLA. The venue was mentioned. She wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it in her purse.

She called Shakhil calmly and let him know the news. She said further, “Pray for me, Shakhil. The job is something I am really counting on. A teaching career is a dream to me.”

Shakhil said, “It’s going to be all right. Show and do your best. Everything will come out okay. So when is the interview?”

“Three days later at 3:00 pm”, came Keily’s voice.

“You mean Thursday, June 10 at 3:00 pm?” asked Shakhil.

“Yes”, said Keily.

“Okay, I am free then. I will accompany you there. We must start early.”

“All right. I would love your company.”

“Thanks and my pleasure”, said Shakhil.

Three days passed away, and Keily, together with Shakhil, boarded the plane early in the morning so that even if their flight was delayed for any reason, they would still reach there on time.

Finally, after waiting a long time, at quarter to three, both Keily and Shakhil shifted nearer to the venue. The interview would take place at the Dean's office, and the secretary asked them to take seats outside of the Dean's office.

Soon Keily was asked to go inside. All the time she was inside, Shakhil said a silent prayer and recited holy verses. It was an hour interview, and he was happy to see her come out laughing and joking.

Yes, Keily and Shakhil came out of the Dean’s office premises and on to the campus ground. Here Keily outlined the full overview of her interview, and they were impressed and said so. They said they would send her the contract letter by mail.

She could start work as early as the 20th of this month, June.

Shakhil went over the moon. He was so happy for Keily. “I am glad you made it, Keily. I am so proud of you.”

Keily was moved. She almost cried when she said, “Thank you so much.”

They both returned to UT-Austin and had to make plans.

Keily remarked, “So far, we have been helping each other. But I want to remind you that we aren’t married yet.”

That made things easier for Shakhil. Because he found it so hard to propose to her. She did have a vulnerable side but always hid it wittingly- God knew why.

Finally, groping for words, Shakhil asked very decently, “Do you think you have found your right man?”

“Yes, indeed”, said Keily.

“Will you marry me?” asked Shakhil humbly.

“Of course, Shakhil. I love you, and you are always on my mind.”

“I love you the whole galaxy. Now be good and talk to your family and ask them to fly here to attend our wedding. My brother lives in Houston, and he can drive here to UT-Austin with his family. I can bring in a Kazi who can marry us off.”

“Great, Shakhil. I feel so happy. Thank you so much”, said Keily, weeping from heart-felt joy.

“All right. I will be heading for my apartment. In the meantime, call your family to let them know you are ready to get married.”

Keily washed her face and fixed her composure. Then she used a cheap telephone card to dial its number on the land phone. Her Mom picked it up on the other end.

“Mom, Keily here.”

“Yes, I can sense that.”

“Okay, Mom, I have been conferred my Ph.D. in Computer Science.”


Natalie interrupted Mom and grabbed the phone.

She said, “Congratulations, Keily Apa.”

“Thanks, Natalie. Please hand over the phone to Mom.”

“Mom, I have a teaching job at the University of California, Los Angeles.”


“Yes, Mom.”

“I have also found my life partner who is my classmate. He has helped me many times with my Ph.D. He is the right person for me.”

Keily went on, “I am going to get married to him soon within this month. Can you and Natalie come to UT-Austin for a short visit to attend my wedding? Shakhil’s older brother and family will be here as well.”

“Oh! How can we come in such a short notice? There are a million things to be taken care of. We can make it next month, not this month. Possibly the end of next month. That’s the earliest we can come. Otherwise, go ahead with your wedding. We will visit you sometime."

“No, that wouldn’t look good. I will talk to Shakhil, and we will come to a decision.”

To Be Continued …

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