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Keily, the Bookworm Part-22

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

Keily got a break at the end of the current semester. Again she got to enjoy with Grace and Lucy and their guy friends. They were moments to savor and cherish. But time flew away quickly.

A new semester began. Keily took a trip to Professor Mili’s office and met her. Dr. Mili discussed a few research papers and where she could get samples on writing a thesis. Dr. Mili told her of the folders on her lab PC’s which contained many theses of passed students. She asked her to take a look at them.

Keily took two samples in her flash drive after having gone through 10 of them.

In her apartment, she went thoroughly through the samples and came up with a draft for the “Table of Contents” of her own thesis. It followed like below:

1) Introduction to Databases

2) Introduction to Data Mining

3) Developing a Text String Database

4) Research on Exact String Matching Algorithms and their Analysis

5) Research on Approximate String Matching Algorithms and their Analysis

6) Conclusion and Future Work

7) Appendix

7.1 Implementation of Exact String Matching Algorithms

7.2 Implementation of Approximate String Matching Algorithms

This was a broad view of chapter headings. Subheadings would go under each chapter. And Keily’s task was to fill up the “Table of Contents” and make a thesis book at the end.

Keily showed the broad view of her "Table of Contents" to Dr. Mili, and she was surprised that she chalked out a “Table of Contents” in so short a time.

Dr. Mili made omissions and insertions in the “Table of Contents”, and Keily took a note of it. She discussed a few ideas about what would be ideal to put in as subheadings. Keily made a note of it as well.

Then came the marathon long hours when Keily toiled on and worked hard on her thesis focusing on the “Table of Contents” skeleton and adding in subheadings. She made sure she wrote down the analysis of the algorithms in clear language and got it approved by Dr. Mili.

After spending long hours at her thesis, the semester was coming to an end. She made sure Dr. Mili read her whole documented thesis. After Dr. Mili made corrections, Keily put in more effort to bring out a good thesis book.

She proofread it once again and printed out the pages of her thesis on Dr. Mili’s laser printer. And then she took them off to the binding shop on campus. They showed a variety of samples. Keily chose a good, gravity–looking thesis hardcover and put in the order.

This semester she also had to take the course Data Mining as suggested by Dr. Mili. And there were lots of assignments and quizzes. Keily found a friend in a Deshi classmate, and with him, she cleared her concepts in the course and managed to do quite well overall.

Keily had to defend her thesis, and a committee of four professors including Dr. Mili was present on the defense day. They asked various questions. Because the thesis was all done by Keily’s understanding, the answers were obvious to her, and she spoke out smartly. She was applauded at the end for a good thesis presentation, and Keily was all smiling. She made it to achieving her M.Sc. degree in Computer Science.

The graduation day came. Lucy and Keily attended it to encourage Keily. Dr. Mili was also present. It started with great pomp and show. Keily took photographs of herself in graduation gown and cap along with her certificate, and she never felt more honored.

Now came the winter break. Keily thought hard if she would go on a vacation to her country. It was a high peak time- adults and children would be traveling and there would be a rush. Or would she ask Grace and Lucy to go on a tour with her in the US?

She debated for some time, and somehow her heart flew out to her Mom and Natalie. She hadn’t seen them for a long time. So she bought an e-ticket with her credit card from a travel agent that Grace showed, and Keily had contacted him by email.

Keily felt spirited. Lucy dropped her at the airport. The inside was congested with a lot of people moving around. Nevertheless, Keily kept her spirits up. Yes, she would make it and unite with her loving family once again. She took Emirates Airlines all through with transits in between and finally reached Dhaka airport.

Before moving on to collect her luggage, she gave a quick look at the glass windows. Yes, she spotted Mom and Natalie and waved at them. It took a long time for the luggage to arrive in the conveyer belt. And finally coming out safely with both her suitcases in a trolley, she met Mom and Natalie with a big smile, and they moved on to a rented van where they all settled along with Keily’s luggage.

The first two days Keily stayed at home to overcome jet lag. She opened her suitcases and unpacked them. She gave out her gifts to Mom and Natalie. They could have been very small tokens but both Mom and Natalie appreciated them. She also had bought a few chocolate packets and put them in the refrigerator and informed Ma and Natalie about them.

Soon there was an invitation for a get-together party at Keily’s eldest aunt’s place. The trio got ready to get there. Everyone was surprised to see such a slim Keily because she definitely lost health. She said it was too much work abroad, and to keep up with it, one naturally went slim. She further added, “You should see my friends Lucy and Grace and really look how slim they are. They are definitely slimmer than me because of too much work.

Keily now visited friends in the city and took a few chocolates for them. They all thought of going to the movies like the good old days, and Keily agreed. She had fun times after a long time with these friends watching movies and gossiping.

Soon it was time for Keily to return. It was barely four weeks. Yet, she had to leave to be in time for finding a related continuing research topic in her doctoral program. That gave her the boost once again to begin Ph.D. studies in Computer Science in UT-Austin.

Natalie admired her sister. She thought of the time when she would be abroad and independent and smiled sweetly.

To Be Continued …

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