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Keily, the Bookworm Part-20

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

Keily questioned herself, “What is so difficult about Algorithms? I have got the textbook, and I will read it from the start to the end, whatever is included in the course curriculum. I should be able to overcome the challenge."

She gossiped less on the phone and went outside only on errands like shopping, laundry and borrowing/returning books to the library.

While she was in the apartment, she turned her full attention to the Algorithm course. She read the textbook three to four times. She tried to solve questions at the back of each chapter. She proceeded to the next chapter and then to the next, solving questions. Still, there were many questions, the answers to which she wasn’t sure.

She consulted class lecture notes along with presentation slides prepared by the professor. Yes, she could understand them better now. But still, she had to put in more effort to be good at it.

She didn’t neglect the other two courses though and studied them with good effort as well.

She remembered a friendly girl in Algorithm class and decided to further clarify her concepts with her help and create a strong foundation in the course.

When she went to the Algorithm class, in the end, she asked the friendly girl, Kate, if she would be willing to tutor her. Keily would pay her $50 for every one-hour sitting. Kate agreed, and Keily went for regular sittings in Kate’s apartment opposite her apartment complex.

There were assignments to be taken care of also, and Kate helped Keily with those as well. Keily thought to herself, “Now I am in a position to self-study only and get even better in the course.”

Soon the menacing final Algorithm exam arrived. Keily carefully looked at the question paper and started answering easier questions first, going on to more difficult ones. She thought and wrote and revised her answer script before submitting it to the professor.

She attended the other two course exams well with more spirit and ease, of course.

Keily ended up getting A’s in all the three courses, much to her extreme satisfaction. She thought of the cheap telephone cards she had bought earlier to call on her land phone and get in touch with her family. She wanted to celebrate her happiness.

She talked to both her Mom and Natalie, describing her experiences with studies and the results she got after much hard work and also about settling down with the help of friends. Mom confided in Keily that seeing her elder sister’s enthusiasm, Natalie was also eager to study abroad. She intended to follow Keily’s footsteps. Keily laughed and reminded her Ma that she was only in eighth grade and should be concentrating gradually on O-Level course curricula. Her Mom agreed.

After talking a few more minutes about life abroad on the overall, she said goodbye to both of them and hung up, feeling pleased.

Another semester rolled by. She had completed 18 hours of coursework so far.

For an M.Sc in Computer Science, she had to complete 30 hours out of which 24 hours ought to be covered in coursework and six hours in the thesis.

She still had to complete six more hours of coursework and six hours of thesis.

She was allowed to take a three-hour theory course and three-hour thesis work in the third semester.

In the second semester, she had taken the course Databases, and she simply loved the course and also the female professor who taught it. She had learned a lot in the course in interesting ways. She wanted to do a thesis under her.

She talked to Professor Mili about her desire, and she encouraged her to find a thesis topic and get it approved by her.

Keily browsed on the internet about Databases and couldn’t come up with anything solid regarding her thesis.

She emailed Professor Mili and asked for an appointment to meet her at her office. The third semester would be starting in a week. So she had better get more active.

Finally, she reached Professor Mili’s office after she gave her an appointment time. Keily started talking about Databases and its surrounding fields.

Professor Mili asked, “Do you need help in finding a thesis topic?”

Keily confessed, “Yes, Professor Mili. I didn’t have much luck with google and browsing the web.

Professor Mili said, “Okay, there’s no need to hurry. I will send you links of several research papers and from there try to extract a thesis topic.”

Professor Mili added, “I would like you to get hold of this Data Mining book (Professor Mili pointed to a book on her table) and you had better start reading the first few chapters. By the way, what course have you taken this semester?”

Keily replied, “Software Engineering.”

Professor Mili said, “I would recommend that you take the course, “Data Mining” the next semester, which is, in fact, your last semester for your M.Sc. It would help your thesis work a lot.”

Keily responded, “Okay, I will register for Data Mining in the final semester. Thank you for the suggestion.”

Professor Mili added, “Try to go through the first research link carefully. You are likely to come up with ideas for a thesis topic. If you still need further help after that, let me know.”

Keily said promptly, “I will try to come up with something concrete after I go through the resources. I will also try to get hold of the book. Thank you for all of your suggestions, Professor Mili.”

Keily left Professor Mili’s office and went to the grocery complex for a short time to purchase some important food items. Soon she was back to her apartment by the shuttle ride.

After having a healthy packet meal, she sat down immediately at the computer to check her emails. Professor Mili was as good as her word. Indeed there was an email from her containing research paper resources links. Keily opened the first resource link. It was in PDF format. She copied all the PDF resource files in a folder, which she named “Masters Thesis PDF resources.”

To Be Continued …

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