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Keily, the Bookworm- Part 2

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic; Keily

Pic; Keily

Keily was looking over the glittering blue river. The river was calm with no ferries around. There were broad family swings behind. Mom and Dad, along with the baby, sat in one of these swings and moved to and fro slowly in the comfortable afternoon sunshine. They ordered some coke and offered to Keily. But Keily hated coke or cold drinks of any kind. She preferred moving around more and looking across the river. The family spent an hour at the open restaurant by the river.

Time to leave- Dad gestured. Mom put the baby in the stroller and the four-member family proceeded towards the walking distance from the riverside to their home.

After reaching home, the entire family washed up and changed into comfortable cotton clothes. Dad switched on the TV to watch the weekly movie. The baby was sleeping. So the rest of the trio sat down in the living room watching the black and white movie. Colored TVs were rare at this time in this part of the world. They watched at a stretch for three hours with the baby sound asleep. It seemed the sunlight and the time spent outside did the baby a lot of good.

After the movie was over, Dad asked Keily to bring her books and homework. Soon enough Keily didn’t understand something in her lessons. When Dad asked her something related to it, she couldn’t answer. There was a misunderstanding. Dad, in his usual way, lost his temper, and Keily couldn’t just say what she didn’t understand. Then Mom interfered, “You go ahead and look over your university lecture notes. I will handle Keily’s studies.”

By and by Keily was able to reveal to Mom what it was that she didn’t understand. Mom explained it, and everything became crystal clear to Keily. She continued with her lessons and homework and finished them for the day happily.

When Mom went to the bedroom, Dad asked, “So what is it that she didn’t understand?” Mom explained and told him not to bother Keily any longer.

Keily played with her dolls in her parents’ bedroom- well, that was her bedroom as well. The apartment had only one bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining space, and a bathroom.

The evening was approaching, and Keily was hungry. Before she could say it to Mom, she got busy with the baby who was crying, awaking from her sleep. After soothing her down quickly and feeding her the milk from the milk bottle, Mom rested the baby in Dad’s arms and took Keily to the dining table.

She gave Keily hot shemai to eat. Of course, she knew Keily would be hungry by now. She had become an expert Mom, and rearing up her baby daughter wasn’t so much of a surprise to her either as she had the first-hand experience raising Keily to six years old.

When it was eight o’clock at night, the trio, with the baby cozy asleep, had dinner at the dining table. Soon it was time for Keily to sleep. The next day there would be school again. And Dad would go to university. As usual, Keily would take the bus. Dad would take the ferry to cross the river and reach the university.

After Dad and Keily had left the next day, Mom decided to do some shopping. She took the baby in her arms, grabbed her handbag and started walking in the direction of the market. After she bought the necessary groceries along with baby food, she started noticing from a distance that a man was following her. She got agitated. Both Keily and her husband weren't at home, and she didn't want to let the asshole man know her exact place of residence. So she took the opportunity to go inside a neighboring shop and tell its aged male owner her problem.

The moment the man entered the shop, its owner told him softly to get out and not to follow anyone. The guy got mad. He exclaimed, looking in the direction of Mom, “Am I following you?”

The shop owner raised his voice to a higher pitch, and the man left. Mom stayed inside for a few more minutes and then attempted to go out and reach home, which was now not at all far away.

After her husband reached home later that day, he showered, and Mom fixed a late lunch for him. While he took bites of food, Mom mentioned the tale of the man following her in the morning with grocery bags and the baby in her hands and arms.

Her husband didn’t say much other than asking her to stay careful whenever she ventured out alone. Keily overheard the conversation and imagined what it would be like for someone to follow her on the streets. She would be dead scared and immediately stopped her imagination and focused back on playing with her dolls.

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