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Keily, the Bookworm Part-19

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

After the midterm exam week was over, the weekend followed when Lucy planned with Keily and the guys she knew to buy a computer for her and help to reach the parts to her apartment.

Accordingly, Lucy came in a strong guy’s car along with another sturdy guy and knocked on Keily’s apartment door.

Lucy said, “Are you ready, Keily? The guys are waiting downstairs. We will buy a cheap good functioning computer for you. We can get excess RAMs to increase the memory if you want. In our complex, we all have cheap computers that function well. Are you for it?

Keily replied, “I have no objection if the computer is cheap and functions well and has enough memory.”

Lucy remarked, "Okay, then we are all set to go to the "Bailey Computers" shop a little distance away from here. We are taking a private car. So it should be all good.”

Lucy further said, “If you are ready, you can come with me downstairs right away. The price of the whole computer set would be between $80 and $100.”

Keily remarked, “That is not a problem. I will lock the door from outside.”

Keily and Lucy went downstairs. Lucy introduced Keily to the deshi guys, Rupom and Adnan. Lucy took the lead in the conversation, "Keily has decided to buy a cheap and good functioning computer from Bailey Computers.

“Okay”, said Adnan who sat behind the wheel. Rupom remained silent.

The girls sat at the back of the car and Rupom in the front passenger’s seat. The car traveled quite a long distance until they reached their destination. They parked in the parking area outside of Bailey Computers, and all four went in.

Keily took the lead now. She said she wanted to buy a good functioning computer set. “I will need to install a lot of software editors because I study in Computer Science. Please take a note of this and give me the appropriate CPU.”

The shop owner said, “Okay, I will increase the memory by inserting more RAMs.” After inserting more RAMs, he restarted the computer, and the computer was working fine.

Next, Keily had to choose a monitor. None of the modern brands were there as it was a shop for old computers. So she chose an old model of a bulky monitor but in good condition. She took a keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. It all cost her $88. And Keily was happy. She placed the keyboard and mouse along with the mouse pad and the receipt inside her backpack.

The monitor was packaged into a box and so was the CPU. And off the group of four headed to the car.

The guys placed the package of the monitor in between the girls at the back of the car. And Rupom took the responsibility of the packaged CPU and put it on the floor of the car at the front, holding it tight with his legs, and the car drove away.

The guys went inside Keily’s apartment and set up her computer. Now all she needed was a dial-up internet connection. Broadband or wireless internet connection was not available during this time of Keily’s life.

She gave the guys and Lucy, each a rice pudding cup from her refrigerator. And the guys and Lucy gulped them, feeling very hungry. Keily offered them bottles of water, and they took them bountifully.

The guys left, but Lucy remained for further fun chitchat. “So what do you think of the guys?” asked Lucy playfully.

Keily replied honestly, “They are okay- in fact, good guys ready to help a girl in need. I appreciate all their help.”

“Why do you ask? Do you have a crush on any of them?” asked Keily out of curiosity.

Lucy laughed but didn’t answer. So it was a mystery for Keily.

Lucy stayed for a few more minutes for a little more conversation. Keily thanked Lucy for all the help she had given her. Then Lucy left before it got pitch dark outside.

Keily fiddled with her computer and craved badly for an internet connection. She thought of calling the techie guys right away and setting up an appointment. After contacting them, the techie guys said they would be able to come in the afternoon the next day. So it was settled. It was a Sunday the next day, and they would still be offering service. That was quite a bonus for Keily.

Keily woke up in the morning to buy cheap telephone cards in the neighboring shop next to Groceries complex as Grace had suggested. She went there at 10:00 am and found the shop open and got the relevant cheap telephone cards, each costing $10. She bought four of them and came back to the apartment to make a meal for herself.

She lay on the bed, after having her meal, taking rest. An hour passed by, and then there was a loud knock on the door. The techie guys had come in with cables and a modem and they started connecting the phone and the computer via the modem. They set up the dial-up internet connection as in this era this was the modern method to equip oneself with an internet connection.

The techie guys asked Keily to test if the connection was working properly. The connection relied heavily on the modem and the phone. After the dial-up process on the computer was initiated, yes she could connect to the internet.

The guys were polite to tell her that they would charge her nothing right now as it would all show in her university student billings account.

After Keily got familiar with using the dial-up internet connection, the guys left, telling her that if she faced any problems, she could call them again, and they would be ready to offer service. Keily thanked them warmly, and they were gone.

Classes were still going on for Keily. She had only recently appeared in midterm exams and was eagerly waiting for her results. Soon she found online her results in her student account and was happy that she had done well in Computer Architecture and Compiler Design, securing A’s but felt bad about earning a ‘C’ in Algorithms.

Keily thought to herself, “I really must rise to the challenge. I cannot afford to do badly in the Algorithm final exam. I will take all the necessary preparations step by step. It’s do or die!”

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