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Keily, the Bookworm Part-18

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

Keily and Grace sat in the living room of the former’s apartment and continued their pleasant chitchat together.

Then Keily suddenly remembered and said, "Grace, I owe you girls some money for bearing the costs of the initial necessities for my apartment before I arrived here." And she produced to Grace the list containing the items she owed the girls.

Grace said, "Oh yes! I completely forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me. Yes, Jasmine, Sara, Lucy and I all contributed to buying them evenly. You can give me $200, and I will split it among us four."

Keily said, “That is nice to hear. I have $50 cash notes available. I will pay you four $50 cash notes. Then you can distribute them among yourselves.”

Grace said happily, "Thank you. It didn't cost us much in person. Each of us deserves $50 as you can see."

Keily said, “I am happy to pay it back all to you, the good girls.”

Grace stayed in for a few more minutes. And then she left before darkness prevailed everywhere.

Keily started to cook a meal for dinner. But she couldn’t shake off an uneasy feeling regarding starting classes the next day. She wondered why she felt that way.

Anyways, she had her meal and completed several indoor chores. Finally, she had a shower and was so exhausted that she dropped flat on the airbed.

The next morning by 8:00 a.m she was awake. She felt rejuvenated after a good night's sleep.

Riding on the shuttle, she reached the Computer Science complex and found the relevant classroom.

Her class for the day was Algorithms. She concentrated on the class lectures given by a professor and took down notes although unfortunately, she didn't get the most of it.

After the class was over, Keily was feeling lost. She wanted to make friends with some classmates. But they just came in, attended the class and left.

Keily thought of visiting the library and borrowing one or two Algorithm books. She planned to purchase the Algorithm textbook soon.

After she covered a few errands, she went to the apartment. Having lunch and taking a little rest, she wanted to reveal the mystery behind Algorithms. Keily started to read one of the borrowed books on Algorithms. After reading a chapter, she got bored and stopped reading. She skimmed through the other book and closed it as well. She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes.

She didn’t realize how long she slept but she had deep sleep and woke up fresh, full of vigor. Then she remembered she had started to read Algorithm books.

She went to the lab and searched the textbook on Amazon in the hopes of finding used books in good condition. She was in luck and put down a request for one.

She came back to her apartment and mulled over her class schedule one more time. Yes, the advisor had suggested Compiler Design and Computer Architecture classes. She wondered how they would turn out. Maybe her teacher for Algorithms back in her home country wasn’t so good after all. Why did she find Algorithms so intimidating? She had to try again and again.

After it was late afternoon, she called Grace to share the day’s events. Grace was kind and patient to listen to her day’s story. Grace said, “It’s hard to make friends at first. Every class has a different set of students although you may see two or three of them in more than one course that you are taking. After you show up in every course, some might approach you for friendship or you might approach them because then they would be willing to talk.”

Keily said, “Yes, I understand how it is here. Anyways, thank you, Grace, for supporting me. I will call you again later tomorrow.”

Grace said, “Okay sure. By the way, Lucy said that the strong guys that we know are not free in the coming weekend. But they will be during the next weekend. Sorry about the delay.”

Keily said, “That’s okay, I understand.”

Keily had Algorithms class the next day as well. She tried her best to follow the class but in vain. All were new concepts to her, and she was worried sick thinking why she hadn’t been taught the basics well back at the university in her country. It had become a challenge for her to perform well in the class. Her textbook would be coming in the mail. So she was looking forward to reading it.

After an hour she had Computer Architecture class. Keily sighed in relief. Yes, this was a course she had excelled in her country. So it shouldn’t pose any threats. She tried to follow the class and yes, she was able to comprehend. Next, she wondered how Compiler Design class would turn out because she hadn’t attended such a course or related courses before, or so she thought.

There was another hour gap after Computer Architecture. She roamed about the campus. She had her favorite chocolate cone ice cream. She bought a few small afternoon snacks and loaded them into her backpack.

Soon it was time for Compiler Design class. She loved the female professor and the way she described the content of the course going from the basics to more complex topics. Keily decided this was not a menacing course either.

So she had to put a lot of focus on Algorithms. She felt she needed to form a study group as the course had concepts she didn’t understand by herself.

From this day on, every time she wanted to hold an Algorithm book, she fell asleep. Anyone could imagine how boring she found the course and that it was not her cup of tea.

And that was not all the pressure because every course had course projects to work in a programming language like Java or C++. Keily loved to code in C++. The algorithm projects were okay for her as she could easily code them in C or C++. She found the projects in other courses equally interesting.

Keily was soon facing midterm exams. She had formed a study group for Algorithms but she couldn’t make it effective nor could she extract valuable, comprehensible lessons from them as the students only liked to joke around, and they were already good in the course and just played around with each other.

Being utterly nervous, nevertheless, she answered the Algorithm midterm exam to the best of her ability. The other two exams were okay.

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