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Keily, the Bookworm Part-16

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

At 6.45 pm there was a gentle knock on Keily’s door. She was engrossed in unpacking but was delighted to hear it. She opened the door hurriedly and was very happy to meet Grace.

Keily let her in. Then she said, “Grace, you are not going back without having dinner with me. I have cooked a good meal, and I would like to share eating it with you."

"Okay, okay I would like to taste your homemade recipe”, Grace said with a gracious smile.

"I would like to warm it up a bit on the stove, and then, it will be ready”, said Keily.

Having done so, Keily got disposable plates and spoons and both tasted the recipe. Grace said, “Wow! I love the way you cooked rice with chicken and spices. It sure is very scrumptious. Thank you, Keily."

Keily said happily, “Thank God! You like it, and that makes me happy.”

Grace said, “I am sure you are good at cooking.”

Keily smiled and nodded.

Grace said, “Have you called up the number I gave you for dial-up internet?”

Keily said, “No. I need a land phone first to get in touch with my family back home. And for the internet, I would need to buy a computer set."

Grace, “Okay, I will call the number after I reach my apartment to have a land phone set up in your apartment tomorrow in the late afternoon. We can help you buy a computer and have an internet connection set up later.”

“You are so sweet”, Keily said gratefully.

After a little more chitchat between the two friends, Grace decided to leave, and then, Keily resumed folding her clothes in stacks in the closet chamber.

She was ready to explore the campus on her own. She hoped with all her heart that the orientation on the next day would turn out fine.

She cleared away the wastes in the kitchen. Then she took a shower and wore comfortable clothes, ready to fall asleep and wake up early in the morning to catch the orientation

The alarm at 7:00 a.m woke up Keily. She was still sleepy but got out of bed anyway. After getting refreshed and dressed up, Keily took her important documents with her and was on her way to the shuttle stop.

The shuttle stopped to take her, and then Keily got on it. She got down near the premises where her orientation would take place. It was 8:05 am, and yet, new students and guides were gathering up slowly.

Soon the place filled up. Guides and professors took turns to speak in front of the new students and familiarized them with rules and regulations.

There was a little paperwork to be done. And Keily completed it with the help of guides. Everybody initially had breakfast in plastic containers. After three hours of orientation, they were catered coffee and cookies. Then the students were asked to head to the University Health Services for having blood tests for TB screening and measles.

The guides and students followed there. The guides left. And the students queued up for blood tests. They were asked to contact the next day for test results. Next, the guides had already mentioned to the students to register for classes with the help of department advisors. Keily was going to do a Masters continuing to a Ph.D. in Computer Science. There was less rush of students in this area, and Keily heaved a sigh of relief.

She talked with the senior advisor, and he helped her to register for classes. Being a graduate student and to retain the scholarship she earned, she had to take the full load of 9 credit hours. Keily was smugly happy.

As she came out of the complex, she headed for the Student Services Building to get her student ID card. They took her photo and provided her with the student ID card within minutes after examining her passport and visa.

She was heading for her apartment when Lucy called her from a distance.

Lucy approached nearer and asked, “Where are you going?”

Keily replied, “I am going to my apartment. Just done with my orientation and chores.”

Lucy asked, “Did you see the academic advisor?”

Keily replied, "Yes, indeed. He helped me register for courses.”

“Well, your university billings account should show how much is due. Come with me to the lab and let me help you”, said Lucy.

Keily followed Lucy to the lab. She then opened the university home page on a computer and said to Keily, “Check your email, Keily and login to the university billings account.”

Keily got what Lucy meant. After checking her yahoo email account, she noted down the username and temporary password for her UT-Austin student bilings account.

Inserting them in the login area of the UT-Austin student billings page, she got inside, and Lucy started to set up her account, but then Keily realized she didn't have her bank card yet. So Lucy said kindly, “Okay, there isn’t much time for you to pay as the deadline is late afternoon today. Let me pay with my bank card details.” And good Lucy paid for the due amount in Keily’s account.

Well, Keily had two scholarships one from the graduate office and another from the department so that the due amount which Lucy paid was only $150.

Keily was surprised and equally happy. Lucy accompanied Keily to her apartment in the shuttle. Soon Keily gave her the cash she owed her.

Keily asked Lucy about the land phone set up which Grace had arranged for the evening before. “Do you want me to remind them?” asked Lucy.

“Yes, please”, said Keily.

So Lucy went outside to a nearby telephone booth and dialled the required number and they confirmed that they would arrive in 10 minutes.

Lucy remained in Keily’s apartment and both were in anticipation of the arrival of the techie guys.

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