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Keily, the Bookworm Part-12

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Keily

Pic: Keily

Keily’s family was ready to leave for Dhaka airport. They had hired a van to take her suitcases and her backpack. Keily started from the door of her home and said a prayer. Mom and Natalie followed.

Downstairs the van was waiting. Her suitcases were already inside. Keily’s backpack was with her. They settled inside, and off they left.

She watched the greeneries around, shops, high-rise buildings and more. Was she feeling sorry? Probably not. She was thinking about what to expect in her future.

It was a two-hour drive in the late afternoon. They had started at 3 pm. Keily’s flight was four hours later. Now that they had reached the airport, Keily entered the entrance through the passenger area. And her Mom and Natalie passed in through the visitors’ section.

Her baggage passed through the initial security checkup and then she went to the zone that boldly said “British Airways” and got her suitcases weighed and tagged.

Natalie called out to her, and Keily smilingly waved at Natalie and Mom. She forwarded her passport and ticket. And the officer at the counter recorded everything on the computer and then gave her boarding passes. Her suitcases were taken away by the moving conveyer belt, and she walked forward to go inside. She took one last look behind. Yes, Mom and Natalie were still waiting. She waved again and felt a pang of agony. But she was going to be okay.

She filled the forms and went inside and checked in again at the inside counter, and the officer further recorded on his computer and let Keily pass to the waiting area. She waited for two hours and then thought she would buy herself something to eat. She settled on chips and coke and had them and felt invigorated. After another almost two hours, an announcement sounded to board British Airways. She walked right as she was shown. She produced her passport, ticket and boarding pass as she came up to a counter. She was let in through another door. A security female officer checked on her from top to bottom, and she was allowed to go further inside with her backpack.

Here was another sitting area. Keily took off her backpack and sat down comfortably. She waited. After about thirty minutes, all the passengers of the "A" section were told to queue up. Keily looked at the section on her boarding pass and found it to be “B”. She cheered up. Soon she would board the plane.

In no time, she was inside the airplane, and she was surrounded by warm air hostesses and stewards. They showed her seat. Keily put her backpack on the top cabinet and kept her purse with her.

A lady passenger soon came to sit beside her. She started talking with Keily. Keily came to know that the lady was flying to Finland, stopping in London.

Keily asked her happily, “What do you do you in Finland?”

The lady answered, “I work at a multinational company.”

Keily asked, “Do you love your work?

She answered, “Yes, very much.”

Keily instantly liked the woman.

“Are you married?” Keily asked.

“No. How about you?” The lady asked.

Keily answered, “I am single too.”

The woman said, “I hate traveling next to unknown men. So I asked to be seated beside a girl. I am glad they let me sit beside you.”

Keily said, “I am happy to get a companion for the journey to London.”

She helped her operate her remote control and showed how she could watch movies or songs or the position of her flight. Keily was excited.

The plane had already started to fly. It wasn’t frightening for Keily, and she enjoyed the plane take off. Soon the plane was high above the ground. She could still see some greeneries and water of her home country. The plane flew higher and higher, and all she could watch now were clouds.

An air hostess came and asked her to shut the window. Keily shut it down and started watching the movie on her screen in front. She was also able to hear the voices of the movie through an earphone. She got engaged in watching it.

Soon meals were being served.They were Halal food. So Keily had nothing to worry about. She took chicken with fried rice and coke along with others on the tray. The woman next to her chose fish with plain rice.

Keily watched the movie a bit longer and thought of taking a short nap. It was a dreamless nap. She slept for two hours in a row and was soon awake as she felt a bump on the plane. Nothing scary though.

Three more hours to go, and she would be in London! Keily wondered what Heathrow airport would be like. Time was flying. Another conversation with the lady next to her and a short snack killed off the time.

And then the plane was going down to land at Heathrow airport. The wheels of the plane touched the ground, and it proceeded forward speedily, and then gradually taxied on the ground, coming to a halt. Everyone was asked to keep their seat belts buckled.

After another twenty minutes, the passengers were allowed to leave the plane. Yes, Keily strolled out of the plane and walked on with her backpack.

She saw signs and directions, read them and went forward and forward until she came to a vacant area. She saw nobody at first but soon encountered a woman who worked probably at the airport.

“Where do I go from here?” Keily asked the woman. The woman replied, “Take the bus which will be arriving soon.” Keily waited. Indeed the bus looked promising and was in sight a few minutes later.

She got on the bus and some Non-English speaking men got on as well. For a moment, Keily felt scared, and so she started talking to the Indian driver who assured her that he would be stopping the bus a while later.

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