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Keily, the Bookworm Part-10

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: Adult Keily

Pic: Adult Keily

Keily was informed in a short while to be prepared for a job interview at the university. She had been emailed to bring her resume only. If she passed the interview, the authorities would appoint her as a full-time lecturer with an attractive salary.

Keily beamed all smiles and yet, she was also nervous about what she would be asked at the interview. But everyone at the university was sure she would make it.

Finally, the day came. She wore a new yellow salwar kamese stitched by her Mom. Then Mom lightly decorated Keily’s face. And she looked elegant.

As she waited in the reception area of the university with two of her classmates who were also candidates of the interview, she heard her name being called. In God’s name, Keily entered the interview room.

The other two candidates were perspiring from extreme anxiety and were wondering what was going on inside.

After a full hour, Keily was released from the interview room, and she came out smiling. Yes, her interview went well.

While Keily set forth for her home, the news spread rapidly that Keily made it in the interview, and she would be appointed as a faculty member in the Computer Science and Engineering department.

Keily was called on her land phone, and she was given the good news. She felt happy and sad at the same time. She was happy to accept the job offer but sad about her Dad not being there to celebrate with her. Anyways, her remaining family was extremely happy for her.

Soon October 11, 1999, arrived. She wore a simple cotton flowered dress that had a glamour look. She appeared to be very pretty. She was about to start her teaching career, and she had prepared well for the lab lecture class.

At the allotted time, she went inside the specific lab and found a bunch of students waiting for her. They were all 2nd-year students, and she had the feeling they already knew her from before as a senior student.

She went to the board and started explaining stacks and queues and how data could be pushed in and popped out. She wrote down pseudo-codes for them but the students seemed new to pseudo-codes. Nevertheless, after she explained line by line of the codes, it looked like they got her.

She gave them a home assignment in the lab to convert the pseudo-codes into C programs. She said strictly she would be sure to check them out next week, and she warned them not to copy from each other. She would ask them questions on the programs and would find out if they were the original programmers.

The lab time was over, and she came out happily. The first day of her teaching career went extremely well. She looked forward to taking more classes, not just lab classes but also theory classes.

Meanwhile, Keily had big dreams of going abroad for higher studies. As she continued to take classes, she secretly bought GRE and TOEFL books and started making preparations for them in her spare time.

Her target was to go to a US university and do a Masters continuing to Ph.D. in Computer Science for a span of five years. She browsed different universities in her leisure time and got acquainted with the application process.

Meanwhile, Keily was doing extremely well with teaching. Word spread that she taught very well so that 80% of her students comprehended her lectures lucidly.

Simultaneously, Keily was familiarizing herself with GRE and TOEFL lessons. At a point, she felt confident and registered for them. She would take the two tests a month apart.

On the other hand, the end of the Fall semester at the university was nearing. She had to hold final lab quizzes, making question papers and fixing dates. She had to report to the department the lab results after taking quizzes in the form of formal grade sheets.

After she was done with the semester duties, she was back in GRE and TOEFL preparations. The dates of the tests were in the university semester break. So no worries in that respect.

She appeared in the tests with a cool head, answering questions to the best of her ability at the test center. She knew the results as soon as she completed the tests because they were all computerized. The test results proved to be very promising.

Meanwhile, as a lecturer of the university, Keily had to invigilate both final and clearance exams of the semester. She had a senior invigilation partner at the exam hall. Together they made it till the end following the rules and regulations.

A new semester would be beginning soon at the university. All the same, Keily felt encouraged to apply to several of the US universities for higher studies. She browsed more thoroughly their websites and finally applied to a few of them along with processing fees.

For the new semester, Keily was given the charge to teach “Microprocessors” according to her choice. It was a course she was eager to impart to the students at the university. She had fun teaching the concepts to the students. It was her first theory class, but she was doing well. The majority of the students got her lectures well, and she was soon popular among them.

Meanwhile, a US university responded to her application positively with the prospect of funding. It was the University of Texas at Austin. Keily had friends there, and she was overjoyed. She proceeded with the formalities until she was ready to face the interview at the American Embassy in the city.

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