Kadonnut and the Blue Fairy Ch.1

Updated on January 15, 2020
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A spin off of Alice in wonderland's white rabbit. Here, you will meet his brother.

Chapter 1 : Torment

Multiple voices overlapped each other as their words hit and lingered to Kadonnut's ears, clinging to the lobe. "He's insane. He's crazy. He's a loon. Stay away from him, he'll bring your life into darkness." Words that molested him and burned their memories into his mind which trickled into his heart and dripped down to his soul. Repeated voices rendered the helpless hare alone, shredded of his dignity and reality. "I just want to help you. Find him and kill him. He killed his parents. He's a monster. You're safe here." Lyrics of his life from those he held close like his brother, to those who wanted him destroyed and more to those who barely knew of him. Moonstruck, as few knew him by, he was lost and never would he fully return.

Kadonnut Kuulik was a strange creature indeed, but little did anybody know the wonders of a world that had been brewing since the day he watched his parents die. Clinically insane, he was sent to an asylum, by his brother Kavatu. Some would judge the elder brother before knowing the situation, but it was for Kadonnut's own well being. The crazed hare had been singled out by the Crimson Queen and nothing good would result if the woman got her hands on him. Kavatu placed his brother in the Happy Trails Asylum to hide him, to save his life. If nobody could find him, how could they kill him. There had been rumors that traveled through the lands of Lakarta that the dangerous Queen was secretly afraid to step foot into the asylum for reasons of her own, however, none could prove the rumor true or false.

Inside the asylum, Kadonnut was strapped into a white cotton jacket with four buckles on it's back. The good doctor says he wouldn't stop harming himself. The hare kept claiming that the tiny blue fairy has done it herself and not him. "It was her! Listen to me. It's the blue fairy, she's right there. You insolent fools!" His words went unheard as his laughter spilled from his vocals like a maniac. He was truly, completely and utterly ludacris. Who really knows the truth but the one who goes through it all? Who can believe a man strapped to himself and who laughs like one of the crazies? Kadonnut was all alone. Kavatu would only visit once in awhile, though the kolikko, the coin never ceased to pay for his stay. Alone in the dark, drugged and locked away in a padded room, left to be forgotten. 》

He had enough of the games and the play, Kadonnut yanked his arms free and wiggled out of his coffin clothing. "Ei enää koskaan." His whispered the nevermore from the poet from the morbid books. A misunderstood man he adored. He stood and walked to the door and shook his head. Clutching the brass knob, he let himself out. Free at last. Upon his right shoulder a little blue fairy with transparent wings sat and mocked him. " Let me out

Let me out. I'm not crazy, it's the fairly not me." She giggled which nearly caused her to roll off his shoulder." Moonstruck was a fine gentleman with a crispness to his demeanor and elegance to his personality.

Walking out of his office, the man began his routine of walking the grounds to try and understand the world of his patients. Gentle violet eyes roamed the area as he walked. The grass grew rich with a deep earthy green that looked nearly too healthy to be real. The skies were grey and cloudy which told tales of oncoming thunderstorms, though that was the excitement one could see within his eyes. Oh, he loved thunderstorms. The dense atmosphere and aromas calmed him. Quick pitter prayers of rain turning into a loud shower always caused a smile to curl upon his lips. There was just something so serene, so real and undoubtedly breathtaking about a storm. Weather never lies, it may change sporadically like an adolescent's mood, but it was always true. Truth was an important value to Kadonnut. He searched for the truth in everything as if it were his mission or maybe perhaps he was trying to prove something.

Pure white flowers chosen by himself littered the hospital grounds as a symbol of innocence. "Every man and woman who has no control over his or her mind is innocent in their actions, therefore cannot be held accountable for any falsely accused intentional doings," he repeated to himself. Normally he would spend an hour walking the grounds and reminding himself of his values before going over his patient's needs. Today, his daily walk was interrupted by the storm. Enchanting thunder boomed like cannons and caused a few birds to fly away from their nests. The dull day grew darker allowing the lightning to illuminate the world before him. Moonstruck melted as he noticed different hues of blues and purples electrified the skies. He was infatuated and distracted from the fairy who had for some reason vanished without a thought. 》

The world went black for hours. New pools of tears streamed down pale cheeks over old dried up stains. Kadonnut lay in a corner quiet as can be, sleeping soundly save for his hushed whimper of misery. Who else would show up but the tiny blue wench of a fairy. "Stupid little rabbit," her voice was small and annoying with a nasal to each word. "Who would love you after what you have done. This is your punishment for the rest of your life, but you'll always have me. I shall never leave."

As long as Kadonnut had been kept inside the asylum, he grew to know every orderly , patient and other staff members that were accounted for on a daily routine. His favorite patient was Jax, a man who was attached to the asylum more than most due to the fact that he was born there. His mother was a paranoid lunatic and his father was a schizophrenic who committed a mass murder, but was labeled a loon. Jax was now thirty-five years old and had never left the asylum, not once. His genetics mixed quite the cocktail and birthed a quiet, nutty little assailant with no morals.

Kadonnut sat on a yellow faded couch that rested in front of a foggy window that overlooked the south grounds. He could hear the scuffling of feet from the others as they piled into the open area where patients could interact with one another, play games or watch the telly. Kadonnut sat quiet and waited for a red haired male who's stubble began to grow slightly past a desired ideal. Jax came from in with a rather large and muscular orderly.

Normally, things with Jax would be simple, but on rare occasions. He would have an episode that would begin an uproar. Today, Jax lazily walked in and bumped into an older female nurse. Before she could say anything a fit of smoker's cough drummed inside her throat and she waved him off as she stumbled back to her office. Kadonnut's eyes never left Jax, he was mesmerized and in awe. Jax grinned, pleased with himself as he parted ways with the big oaf and found himself a window alone.

The skies held a dull grey over them and there were very few clouds. Kadonnut's eyes burned with anticipation as Jax looked around a bit before taking out the stolen cigarette pack and lighter. Jax licked his lips in glee as he plucked a fag from the pack and placed the tobacco infused cancer stick betwixt his lips. Lighting the severed end, he inhaled deeply and shivered in delight. Jax sat on a nearby chair and smiled before meeting Kadonnut's gaze. " Eh, they hardly pay attention to us anyways. They will never know the difference. " Jax's voice was raspy and low of having just woken up.

Kadonnut smirked and crossed his legs, his white clothing matched Jax's. He slipped to the end of the couch, closest to Jax and fixated on him like a schoolgirl with a crush. Kadonnut himself had just woken up. This was the best part of his day because the the blue fairy was still gone and would be for another few hours. It was too early for her to show up though Kadonnut didn't care why. "Let us have one then." The dark haired man cooed. His voice wore a cool and smooth speech that matched his slight deepened tone.

"Sure. Jax yanked another fragile stick from the pack and handed it to Kadonnut, helping him light it. "Today is the day I leave. Sweet escape." Jax whispered. Kadonnut's ears perked up and he rubbed his smallish button nose. "We will help if we can be freed. We will help real good." Kadonnut promised. Jax flicked his ashes onto the dirty white tiled floor and nodded his head.

A loud whistle was heard. It screeched throughout the large room. Kadonnut froze in noticable fear and Jax too couldn't hide his nervous expression. A petite woman with chocolate brown curls and bright deep blue eyes came walking in with a cart filled with small plastic cups of pills. Her six inch heels clicked and slapped against the hard tile floor as she made her way closer to her patients. With each cracking tap of her heel, Jax shivered and Kadonnut stuttered with inaudible woes. "T-T-Tis the beast."

"Medicine." The voice of an angel sang out from the nurses lungs. Everybody easily began to gather around. Kadonnut rose, but was grasped by Jax who was extinguishing his cigarette rapidly. There was something about her that Jax didn't like, though he oddly didn't recall why. "No" He whispered. "It's a trap!" He exclaimed.

The white haired, naive male brushed off the warning and scattered over to the beautiful nurse. Her smile was velvety in a sea of water and Kadonnut swam to her. She quickly poured his pills into his mouth and handed him a paper cup filled to the brim with water. She suspected Jax would put up a fight, but she wasn't having it today. She motioned for the large make orderly to assist her as she pointed her long blue fingernail toward the patient with a cloud of smoke hovering about his body.

Sucking her teeth in a tisking sound three times, she shook her head."Take your medication, Jax. What would your mother say?" There it was. It hit him like a bag of bricks. He remembered. Her question repeated itself inside his mind and drove him to scream like a banshee. He dazed off as he raced around the room. Trying to get away, he punched a laughing man who stood naked after having his medicine. He shoved a woman who mocked him in her own crazed state. Four orderlies rushed Jax and tackled him to the ground.

Struggling for dear life, Jax bit the closest ear to his mouth and pulled as hard as he could. Feeling the cartilage tear, he sunk his teeth deeper. Then he blacked out. An orderly had knocked a nightstick against Jax's head. The commotion was over and not one other patient became unruly outside naked Nick and poor Martha who was still sprawled out on the floor. They picked Jax up and took him. All the while, the rest of the patients seemed unbothered by the whole ordeal. They acted as if nothing was happening out of the ordinary.》


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