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Just Beyond the Sea, Part 1

As she looks upon the sea waiting for the return of her husband

As she looks upon the sea waiting for the return of her husband

Early to Rise

Three o’clock in the morning, Aaron begins rubbing his eyes, trying to wake up. He had a long day ahead of him out on the open sea. It was quite chilly and windy outside, and he knew he had to start a fire for his wife before he left out on his journey.

He looked over at his wife, who was all snuggled up to her pillow.

He smiled as he thought to himself, “What a wonderful, sweet forty-seven years it has been.”

Sitting up on the side of the bed, he slipped his feet in his slippers and put on his robe. Trying to be quiet, he tiptoed over to his wife’s side of the bed, pulled the covers up on her and kissed her on the forehead before leaving out of the room.

Quietly exiting the room, he went to the bathroom to wash his face to help wake him up. Then he went outside and grabbed a few pieces of wood for the fireplace. When he opened the door, the wind caught it, blowing it up against the wall.

Oh, it’s going to be a rough day out there today,” he spoke to himself as he placed the firewood down on the floor and went back to close the door.

Luckily the fire hadn’t gone all the way out; there was still some red coals burning. He placed the wood on the hot coals and then started poking at the coals to get them up and going real good. After placing the fire-rod back in the holder, he headed to fix a pot of coffee.

In the kitchen, he pulled out the coffee scoop and measured out just the right amount of grains to go in the coffee pot. Then he added his water and turned it on. Walking over to the refrigerator, he couldn’t decide if he wanted eggs and toast or just some toast. Not really knowing what he wanted just yet, he decided to get ready and come back for breakfast.

Turning the shower on, he stuck his hand under the water until he had it at the right, hot temperature that he liked. Then he discarded his clothes and stepped in. As he stood there and let the hot water run over his old fragile body, the thoughts of staying home kept going through his mind. But hardheaded as he was, he finished getting ready for his long journey that day.

Vittles on the Table

Back down to the kitchen, he went. As he headed down the stairs, he could smell hot biscuits cooking.

Umm-hmm, she knows how to get my day a going,” he said, grinning from ear to ear as he hurried on down the stairs.

On the table sat the butter, honey, and molasses. Nothing was more satisfying on a cold morning then some hot biscuits topped with butter, honey, and molasses. The coffee was already sitting on the table, with steam still rising from the cup.

I tried to be quiet so that I wouldn’t wake you,” Arron said, as he took a sip of his hot coffee.

Now, you know I can’t let my favorite man go out to sea without some vittles on his stomach,” responded Anna with a slight grin and a wink.

Favorite? Well, who are the other men?” asked Aaron as he smeared butter on his hot steaming biscuits.

Oh, hush your mouth! You know you are the only man I will ever need in my life. I wouldn’t have spent one day with anyone else in this lifetime,” said Anna, as she sat down at the table with a cup of coffee in her hand.

And I wouldn’t have looked at anyone else, my dear. You caught my eye the first time I ever saw you. I wouldn’t change anything if I had to do it all over again.”

Well, eat up, you don’t want it getting cold now, do you?”

No, ma’am. Not after you were so sweet to get up out of bed to make me such a delicious breakfast, and here I was deciding if I wanted eggs or toast,” laughed Aaron.

Now what was toast going to do? Make you hungry again in about thirty minutes,” chuckled Anna.

Good thing you got up then, my sweetness. Or I would have been doomed for sure.”

I knew you needed me.”

I will always need you, my dear. Even on the brightest days.”

Awe, you say the sweetest things.”

That’s because you only deserve the sweetest thing in life, my dear.”

Aaron got up from the table, walked around to the other side of the table where Anna was sitting.

He leaned over, kissed her on the forehead, and said, “There is not a day of my life that I would have done anything differently. You make my life complete. I don’t think I could have made it through this world without you by my side every step of the way. Now I am off to catch the biggest fish in the sea. I will see the most beautiful lady when I get back. Go back to bed and get you some more rest. I will be back later this evening.”

Then he walked out of the kitchen. Grabbed his raincoat and boots then headed out the door.

The wind was strong, but Aaron knew he had to get on down to the docks to get his boat ready for the daily journey.

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