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Journey After Dark Part 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

A Night of Blood-Curdling Terror!

A Night of Blood-Curdling Terror!

The next morning in Octavius’ Bedroom, Baron Von Schreiber’s Castle—

It is early the next day when Jillian decides to pay a visit to her comrade.

Jillian enters Octavius’ room. She wants confirmation regarding her suspicions. Everything seems to be in place. As she stares at his sleeping form, she senses that there is indeed something very special about this young man. Jill then goes to the window to draw the curtains. She turns to look into the eyes of Octavius Archimedes. At first, there is a predatory wildness in his eyes; the wolf meeting the falcon; neither flinches. However it is brief and quickly vanishes.

“So sorry Octavius, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Jill says softly.

“I was aware of your presence the moment you entered the room.” Octavius says.

“I know that you were sent by The Order.” Jill says.

“How could you possibly know that?” Octavius asks taken completely off guard.

“I was told to expect your arrival.” Jill confides.

“You’re the Jewel of De Otero?” Octavius asks again in surprise.

“I am and does that surprise you?” Jill inquires.

“Yes, in fact it does! I knew the Countess had a daughter. I didn’t think she would be as beautiful or as cunning …” Octavius answers in disbelief.

"Precisely, do you think the Baron would welcome me into his home with open arms?" Jill questions.

"Of course not, but why do you need me?" Octavius finds it hard to resist the hypnotic spell of those captivating eyes.

"My evil uncle has grown much stronger since his last encounter with The Order!" Jill explains further.

“The Baron has made a pact with the Prince of Darkness himself!”

“You don’t mean …” Octavius gulps.

"We do not speak his name!” Octavius nods in total agreement.

"Octavius, we must set the stage for the final confrontation between the Baron and The Order!" Jill states mysteriously.

"I am up to the challenge!" Octavius states defiantly.

"You must be! The Baron is a very powerful force to be reckoned with the ability to dominate the lives of many. Those who oppose him will meet unmentionable atrocities. Only two animals will be successful in their war against him ... the falcon and the wolf together!" Jill concludes.

"That means you and me." Octavius says flatly.

"Yes Octavius that would be you and me." Jill agrees.

The Power of the Countess ...

The Power of the Countess ...

“Why doesn't your mother just use her powers of the Phoenix and be done with it? Octavius questions impatiently.

“The Power of the Phoenix can only be used to heal and protect … not to destroy! I must use the Falcon as the natural enemy of the Bat!” Jill states triumphantly.

“Along with the cunning of the Wolf" Octavius adds.

Jill nods in agreement.

"Well ... how do we begin?" Octavius asks leaning very close to Jill. His eyes betray the astuteness and veracity of the wolf.

“Of course this should be easy. Since the Baron only comes out at night all we need to do is root out his daybed and he is history.” Octavius replies with chuckles.

“It’s not that easy Octavius. This is not your conventional Dracula from a Bram Stoker novel. This creature is crafty beyond belief. How do you think he has been able to survive so long? He has alliances with both the undead and living.” Jill informs Octavius, shaking her head in disbelief.

“The Baron has alliances with the living?” Octavius is amazed.

“Yes, of course he does. He is a creature of darkness ... he needs day light accomplices. And it would be wise to guard against who you associate with because they could be anyone. And now that the Baron knows that The Order is still after him; he is going to be even harder to track down.” Jill warns.

“What do you suggest we do then? Again Octavius leans closer to Jill.

“First we need to leave the castle. It would not be wise to remain here.” Jill states motioning Octavius to secure his belongings.”

“We are going to ally ourselves with the third member of our company.” Jill concludes.

“Ah, you mean the Jaguar don’t you?” Octavius questions with intrigue.

“Yes, I do. I have been in contact with her and she will be arriving on the afternoon train. Although she will not risk herself in confronting the Baron, she can be very beneficial in extracting information from locals.” Jill answers thinking back on her brief conversation with Monica Adler.

“The Jaguar sounds like a very formidable woman. In the meantime I suggest we do a thorough search of the castle.” Octavius suggests smiling.

“With that horror of a butler around; that man has more eyes than a spider.” Now Jill is laughing.

“Spider … that gives me an idea.” A strange smile spreads across his handsome face.

"I have done a lot of research with spiders. I have been able to inject a tarantula with a special toxin that places the victim in a type of trance. He or she becomes a willing how shall I say it; assistant." Octavius replies.

"That is some discovery. Did you bring any of that concoction with you?" Jill asks feeling uneasy about her proximity with Octavius.

"No, unfortunately I didn’t think it would be needed. Do I make you nervous, Jill?" Octavius questions her.

"Octavius, there are a few chosen apostolates that are more susceptible to the power of the amulet. I fear that you are one of them." Jill states in a slightly alarming manner."

"All the more to intensify our plans. I become the wolf; however, I still retain in full control of my human thoughts. I rather enjoyed stalking prey." Octavius smiles again showing huge canine teeth.

To be continued ...

Journey After Dark Part 3

  • Journey After Dark Part 3
    Never become too self confident. Sometimes, even the most cunning of predators can find himself prey to a more powerful adversary! Never, ever underestimate your opponent!

The Choice is YOURS ....

© 2013 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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