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Jessica’s God-Given Gifts Part-1

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Jessica had just graduated from the university in Computer Science program. She was looking for suitable jobs but in vain. She got turned down everywhere she applied for a job.

She consulted her family doctor. Job hunting had become stressful. What should she do?

Pic1: Jessica Worn Out from Job Hunting

Pic1: Jessica Worn Out from Job Hunting

Her doctor replied, “Pray from the core of your heart every day. Recite the Holy Book. Visualize what kind of office work you would like and how you would like your office to be. How would you like your Boss and other employees to be? Do you like the cubicle style office or office rooms of your own?"

Pic2: Jessica’s Wise Family Doctor

Pic2: Jessica’s Wise Family Doctor

Jessica said, "That's interesting. I will make a note of it now and take actions accordingly.”

The doctor said, “Good. Let me know two weeks later how far you have progressed. God is always merciful. You have to believe what you ask from Him.”

Jessica became teary at this moment and said, “Thank you so much, Doc!”

After Doc visited her family two weeks later, Jessica still hadn’t got any positive good news.

Doc advised, “Keep hanging on to God’s rope and ask Him never to let go of it.”

Doc felt sorry for Jessica and wondered why a job still hadn't landed on her lap.

After Doc left, Jessica remorsefully opened her best email inbox and blinked. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The title of the email read, “Job Offer from Tektronix.”

Excited, Jessica opened it, which said there was a position empty for Junior Web Developer in their company. Was she interested? If she was, she should call them immediately.

Jessica smoothed her hair, cleared her voice and composed herself. Then she dialed the number that the email provided.

A secretary by the name, Jelena picked up the phone on the other end and said, "I am sorry the Manager left for some urgent business a few minutes ago. He is the person who would take your interview. Come to our office two days later on Thursday at 10 am. Will that be convenient for you?"

“Yes, certainly", said Jessica, her heart warming up with joy.

Jessica then called the family Doc. She said, "Dr. Andrew, I have just got a job interview for an exciting post in my field of expertise.”

Doc smiled gently over the phone and said, “I told you God answers every prayer you say from the heart. I am happy for you, Jessica. I hope things work out positively. Thank you for letting me know.”

Jessica said, “You are most welcome, Doc.”

Thursday came. Jessica dressed in new formal clothes appropriate for an office and proceeded towards the office by taking the bus.

The Manager of the office was polite and questioned Jessica a lot of required information. Jessica was sure he would test her knowledge of a Web Developer, but he didn't. The interview was over, and he asked her to come over and sign the contract in a day or two.

It seemed to Jessica that the Manager trusted her to be loyal as an employee and was impressed with her resume, which he completely believed. This thought made Jessica land on the moon. She was so jubilated.

When Jessica finished signing the contract, she was asked to join their office on Monday, August 24, 2020.

Jessica shopped a variety of office clothes meanwhile and filled her wardrobe.

When August 24 arrived, she got up excited, ready to start work. She washed up, put on another set of formal outfits and caught the bus early enough to reach her office on time.

She was introduced to all the colleagues, and they greeted her saying "hi hello". She was given an individual room with a flat-screen computer.

She acquainted herself with the rules and policies of the office. There weren’t any work assignments yet.

But she felt lonely. She was in a fix on how to make friends. Gradually as days went by, she had work assignments on web development to carry out, and the loneliness problem took a back seat. She found joy in her work.

After three months glided by and she had no friends at the office, she talked to her family Doc about the problem.

“I find it strange, Jessica”, Doc said, “I think they are too jealous. I will tell you a holy verse to recite every day and do pray regularly. In your prayers, describe exactly what kind of friends you would like at the office. It should include their appearance, manners, ethics, principles, how they converse, and the outfits they wear to the office. Try these things and let me know in two weeks.”

Jessica had full trust in the doctor. She wrote in her notebook the descriptions and designs of two friends- a male and a female. As the doctor advised, Jessica asked God from the bottom of her heart about having a female and a male friend at the office. She recited the holy verse every day.

Two weeks were almost over. But on Friday, the day before the weekend was to begin, two extra new employees made entrance to the office. They were introduced to her by Jelena, the secretary. Jessica felt she knew them all her life just because she had already designed them vividly well in writing before. She knew instantly they were both going to be great friends.

Jessica was elated because the new employees were both smart and friendly (following her design). They liked her a lot as well.

During tea and lunch breaks, she conversed with them and found the mojo of life. The girl’s task was to design graphics, and the guy dealt with hardware.

Jessica immediately had a crush on the guy. The way he talked and gestured with his hands and his body language enticed Jessica. But the guy, Cesar didn’t notice Jessica that way.

Pic3: Cesar in the Outside of Office Premises

Pic3: Cesar in the Outside of Office Premises

Again, Jessica went to the family doctor and told him that she was grateful that she found new friends, Violet and Cesar at the office, following his advice. Now she had a crush on Cesar, who didn’t seem to notice her. Jessica inquired enthusiastically, "What would you recommend me now, Dr. Andrew?"

To be Continued …

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