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It Calls to Me: The Sea 9

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Testing the Waters …

Erma Westbrook is delighted with the information her two star negotiators have uncovered. The next move will be for them to journey to Hong Kong with what they have learned. Ava firmly agrees.

“I’d like to speak with Mr. Akira Haru before Ralph, and I head for Hong Kong.” Ava retorts.

“Why don’t you visit Hatteras Island, North Carolina before your Hong Kong visit?” Erma queries.

“Visit Hatteras Island, why?” Ava is completely confused.

“It’s been a while since your last trip there. I think it’s time for another visit.” Erma laughs as Ava stares at her speechless.

“This is Tuesday. Get your work done between now and Thursday night. Then take a flight out early Friday morning. Have a great time there. Then return here refreshed. I want you in top form for Hong Kong.” Erma demands.

“Yes ma’am!” Ava answers and rushes to her office to give Jared the good news.

“Really? Your boss ordered you to come here?” Jared shouts over some roaring noise that sounds a lot like mechanical work being done.

“Yes Jared, I am serious. Erma insists because starting Monday I will be in Hong Kong. Ralph’s wife has found some great information regarding Andersson Industries and—”

Andersson Industries? The company where Anton Andersson is Chairman of the Board of Directors?” Jared interrupts.

“You know him?” Ava is completely shocked.

“Yes, I know him and his sister, Holly. My gosh—she married your ex didn’t she!” Jared is thinking what a small world it really is.

“He’s the one. How do you know him?” Ava queries.

“He comes to the island about once a quarter. Rents one of my best yachts and away he goes. Man, isn’t that something—old Anton!” Jared reminisces.

“I never would have thought that a billionaire would need to rent a yacht.” Ava replies.

“A lot of his billions are in tangible business assets and advanced research technology. It’s not like he has it just sitting in some Swedish bank, honey.” Jared explains.

“So how do you know him?” Ava probes.

“I met him in Sweden when Olivia was still alive. At the time, I didn’t know his net worth until we visited his mansion. Wow! Then we got to talking and he gives us an open invitation to return any time. After Olivia’s death, he assisted me in opening Dividing the Waters Yacht Center, and he became a frequent client.” Jared tells Ava.

“He backed the funding of your business? That’s some interesting news!” Ava is enthused in regards to the implications.

“Well, I’m more interested in the prospects of being with you for the entire weekend.” Jared chuckles and they exchange other pleasantries for about 15 more minutes.

“We both need to get back to work now, darling.” Ava gingerly reminds Jared.

“Yeah, I know! Hey—I’ve got to get someone to clean my house. I need to restock my pantry—” Ava interrupts.

“You mean we won’t be eating out?” Ava starts to giggle.

“Are you kidding? You’ll be lucky if I allow you out of bed!” Jared laughs as well.

Akira Haru is pleased with the information that Ava has for him.

Akira Haru is pleased with the information that Ava has for him.

They say their goodbyes and end the call. Ava searches her notes for the telephone number of Akira Haru.

“This is Ava Fairchild of Westbrook Ltd. May I speak with Mr. Akira Haru, please?”

“One moment, please.” Replies a woman with a strong Japanese accent. Moments later, Haru comes on the line.

“Ah Ms. Fairchild. It is so good of you to call. How are things?”

“Very well Mr. Akira. I hope you are well and your family?” Ava inquires.

“All are doing very well. How may I assist you?”

Ava begins to tell Haru everything she knows regarding Andersson Industries, and her willingness to eradicate any plots that involves her former husband against Yamamoto International. Haru is more than delighted to hear Ava volunteering to aid him.

Convinced of her sincerity, Haru shares with Ava his information and upcoming plans with help from his attorney.

“I think I can help out with that also, Mr. Akira.” Ava offers.

“And how is that, Ms. Fairchild. Please call me Haru since we are going to be associates.” Haru says.

“Okay Haru. But only if you call me Ava. Ms. Fairchild in this case sounds so inappropriate.” Ava returns.

“Okay Ava. Now, tell me how you can help.” Haru is beginning to enjoy this conversation very much.

“Jared Taylor is a very good friend of both me and Anton Andersson. I think I can persuade Jared to feel Anton out for you. There would be no suspicions and we could definitely, shall I say—test the waters.” Ava replies thinking how exciting this is becoming.

“That is an excellent idea. Ralph is right when he says that you are not only an intelligent woman, but a great asset as well. I know we are all in agreement that your ex-husband is a pompous ass and it will be a pleasure to knock him down a peg or two.” Haru is well versed in American clichés.

“I will enlist Jared’s aid now. He can get back with me later tonight. In the morning, I can inform you of the progress.” Ava decides.

“Tomorrow will be more than acceptable, Ava. I do not discuss business matters once I leave for the day. You do understand?” Haru queries.

“I understand and once I receive my friend’s report, he and I will be discussing other things.” Ava rejoinders.

Anton Andersson is pleasantly surprised to hear from his friend Jared Taylor.

Anton Andersson is pleasantly surprised to hear from his friend Jared Taylor.

“This friend of yours, you have a very personal interest in him?” Haru has to remind himself that his relationship with Ava is a business one. “Please forgive me for being so bold.”

“No apologies needed, Haru. And yes, this man holds a very special place in my heart.” Ava feels comfortable speaking with Haru about Jared.

“Then he would be very wise not to leave a woman like you dangling like a fish on a hook.” Haru gives his honest assessment.

“Thank you, Haru. I know that Jared is a wise man and in time he will do the right thing.” Ava has never been so confident of anything in her life than her whirlwind relationship with Jared Taylor.

“I appreciate you getting in contact with me, Ava Fairchild. It was a delightful and enlightening conversation. I will look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Sayonara!”

“Sayonara!” Both individuals end the call. Ava gets back on the phone to Jared and explains what she needs him to do. He promises to oblige and when they talk tonight, he will advise her on how well the conversation went.

After hanging up with Ava, Jared gets right on the phone to Anton.

“Hello, Jared! Nice hearing from you.” Anton replies in a rather cheerful voice.

“The same here, Anton. I’m not going to beat around the bush. How are things going with you at Andersson Industries?” Jared queries.

“Funny you should ask.” Anton retorts.

“And why is that, Anton?”

“Because I am in desperate need of someone to talk to. My sister was mad in marrying that jackal Gregory Fairchild. He bosses everyone around as if he owns the place. Holly is helpless to correct him, and I only hold my temper because of her. I simply despise the man.” Anton relays to Jared.

“Can you not just buy the 10 outstanding shares from the bank and become the majority stockholder in the company?” Jared asks.

“When my father became incapacitated, he put a clause that forbade me, my sister or Gregory from doing just that. Only outsiders can buy the outstanding shares and then they have to be given to the recipient—not sold!” Anton explains to Jared.

“And of course no one is willing to just buy 10 shares of Andersson Industries and give them away.” Jared says.

“Absolutely, this is why my father introduced this in his bequest. It’s to keep Holly or me from gaining the upper hand in the running of the business. Since Gregory knows this, he feels content in the knowledge that I cannot buy it and he can control the company through my sister’s interests.” Anton laments.

“Would you be interested if I told you that I might know someone who would buy back the shares and then give them to you?” Jared casts the bait.

“Would I? I would kiss you both!” Anton exclaims with glee.

“That will not be necessary, my old friend. I will get back with you. Tell no one of our conversation.” Jared cautions.

“You have my word, Jared. Hej då!” Anton promises.

“Goodbye, Min vän!” And both men release the call. Jared sits back and smiles. So does Anton.

To Be Continued ...

It Calls to Me: The Sea 10

  • It Calls to Me: The Sea 10
    Ava has returned from her idyllic visit with Jared. Being re-energized and revitalized, she is ready to go to work. Unfortunately, she meets Gregory at the airport, and he wants to know where she is going. Ava pulls no punches!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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