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It Calls to Me: The Sea 8

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

There is a secret in this painting ... when will it be revealed?

There is a secret in this painting ... when will it be revealed?

Now It Adds Up ...

Before Ralph’s meeting with Ava, he has a very fruitful conversation with his wife, Margie.

Flashback to earlier this morning …

“I don’t get why Gregory would devote so much time into making Ava miserable with regards to the Yamamoto Intl Negotiations.” Ralph says as he rushes to finish his breakfast.

“It would make a good diversion if you were trying to coverup something else. You know darling, the red herring that so many people talk about. If I needed to cover up something shady that I was doing, then setting up a diversion would be the obvious thing to do.” Margie rejoinders, handing her husband another glass of orange juice.

“That sounds like the plot in a mystery novel.” Ralph waves off.

“Maybe so, darling but I’ve been doing a little investigating of my own.” Margie reveals to Ralph and he stops eating temporarily and looks up at his wife with interest.

“Well, it’s not much else to do around here. After my treatments, I’m flat on my back for three days. So, my sister Jenifer brings the laptop into our bedroom and I just let my fingers do the walking.” Margie mimic her hands dancing around. This brings a smile to Ralph’s face.

“Okay, and what did you discover, Ms. Holmes?”

“Elementary dear Watson! Andersson Industries has holding shares in Takahashi Unlimited.” Margie informs Ralph.

“Okay, and—” Ralph probes.

“And, Anton Andersson being Chairman of the Board!” Margie informs him.

“Margie, I am not one of your mystery writers’ fans, if there is a point to this will you please get to it.” Ralph is beginning to feel aspirated.

“So impatience. Alright, Anton Andersson has a sister named Holly who—” Before Margie can complete her sentence, Ralph jumps up and gives his wife the biggest kiss he can muster.

“Margie Murdock, you are a genius! Wait until I get this back to Ava and Erma.”

Now, armed with some very damaging information, Ralph is ready to unload his arsenal of evidence. He decides to use what he has labelled The Margie Murdock Tactic.

“Have you ever heard of Andersson Industries? Anton Andersson is the Chairman of the Board.”

“Why does that last name sound so familiar to me?” Ava rolls the name over in her mind.

“Maybe it’s because Anton Andersson is the brother of Holly Andersson Fairchild!” Ralph states excitedly while you can almost see a light bulb turn on above Ava’s head.

“You don’t mean—” A broad smile spreads across Ava’s face.

“Oh but I do mean. It seems that this organization has holdings in one of Yamamoto Intl’s chief competitors, Takahashi Unlimited. Would it not be convenient to have a toe in the same pond that your biggest import rival swims in. At first, it did seem like a personal vendetta between Greg and you. Then I was talking with Margie about it after hanging up with you—”

“That sneaky scoundrel! Using me as a decoy to hide his true purpose. And I give him exactly what he needs.” Ava shakes her head in wonderment.

“The timing is perfect! The fact is that Gregory Fairchild has his interest shielded under the name of—”

Andersson Industries” Both Ralph and Ava proclaim.

“So how are we going to expose this crook?” Ava licks her lips together as if getting ready to sample a slice of German Chocolate Cake!

“We give him enough rope until he hangs himself. It’s more delicious when you have your cake with a tall glass of milk.” Ralph laughs and again Ava wonders if this man is clairvoyant.

“I believe that we have had a very meaningful meeting today, Ralph.” Ava says as both rise from their seats.

Ava has finished a very successful meeting with Ralph Murdock.

Ava has finished a very successful meeting with Ralph Murdock.

“You will relay our discoveries and plans to the boss? I don’t want to keep Margie waiting. That woman of mine is a treasure chest of useful information.” Ralph acknowledges as he heads for the door.

“You bet I will. And Ralph—”

“Yeah, Ava?”

“I think that both of you are very luck people. Give my best to Margie, will you.” Ava is very sincere in her remarks.

“I sure will, Ava. See you later.” Ralph throws her a wink and is off to meet with his lovely wife.

Meanwhile …

Gregory has arranged another meeting with Akira Haru. Greg is a very shrewd con artist. However, he doesn’t realize that Haru is also a master of disguises. In this one, he is playing the naïve businessman who pretends to be impressed with Greg’s presentation.

“I assure you, Mr. Akira that you will not be sorry if you hitch your wagon to Fairchild Enterprises. Not only are we expert negotiators but we can also advise you regarding your import/export needs.” Ralph is please by the interest that Haru is showing when he mentions this facet of the organization.

“So, am I to understand that your international scope also entails not only trade agreements but identifies you as a trading functionary as well?” Haru is finding it hard to maintain his charade.

“I consider myself more in an advisory or fiduciary position. It will be an added bonus to extend my services in this capacity. I don’t believe that Westbrook Ltd has anyone in that capacity. Ava Fairchild hardly qualifies as being one.” Greg never misses the opportunity of throwing disparity in the direction of his former wife.

“Ah Ms. Fairchild. The two of you were married, is that right Mr. Fairchild since you brought her up?” Haru seizes the opportunity to pull Greg out.

“It was the one bad decision that I made. However, as you may know that problem has be rectified.” Greg boasts.

“Yes—I believe I heard that she divorced you.” Haru takes secret pleasure in seeing Greg momentarily cringe. Then he gets back to the business at hand.

“I will carefully take your recommendations under advisement, Mr. Fairchild with my Corporate Attorney, Victor Glass. I have enjoyed our conversation. It has been very enlightening. Thank you, Mr. Fairchild.” Haru ripostes as he rises, forcing Greg to do likewise.

“I hope to meet with you again, Mr. Akira?” Responds Greg.

“Indeed you shall, Mr. Fairchild. Good afternoon.” Haru parries and as soon as the door is closed. “Pompous Ass!”

Victor enters his employer’s office a few minutes later.

“How did it go, Haru?” Victor queries after pouring himself a cup of Green Tea before sitting down.

“The buffoon has upped his ante. He now wants to offer us his skills as a fiduciary as well as a negotiator.” Haru relays after also indulging in Matcha.

“He doesn’t know that Ralph Murdock has been successfully doing this for us for years now. That puts us at an advantage. Let’s see just how far he is willing to go before he trips himself up.” Victor smiles.

“Did you find out that information I wanted?” Haru swiftly changes the subject.

“I sure did. Takahashi Unlimited has a holding company backing it.”

“And I wonder just who that could be?” Haru smiles.

Andersson Industries. Do you know who runs that company—who really runs it?” Victor queries.

“Why of course, our dear friend Gregory Horacio Fairchild IV. His brother-in-law is Chairman of the Board Anton Andersson. Just like Geppetto made Pinocchio who he was—”

“Gregory Fairchild IV does the same for Anton Andersson.” Victor finished.

“I wonder if Mr. Andersson longs to be a real boy?” With that, both men exchange whimsical glances. “Let’s find out!”

To Be Continued ...

It Calls to Me: The Sea 9

  • It Calls to Me: The Sea 9
    There is a new player in the game of corporate chess—Jared. It seems that he is good friends with Anton who just happens to be fed up with Gregory pulling his strings. Jared gives Ava the information she needs to pass on to Haru; the team begins!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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