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It Calls to Me: The Sea 7

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

All you need is Love!

All you need is Love!

Some Enchanted Evening ...

Ava is completely exhausted by the time she enters her home However, the tantalizing odors of pineapple, ginger and lime assault her senses in a most agreeable manner. For moments, Ava sits on her sofa gazing at the painting of the sea over her fireplace and imagines that she is back at Jared’s beach front home. Ava tries to stifle the urge to run away again when the telephone rings.


“Bonjour mon amour and how are you this fine evening?” Jared inquires knowing how much Ava loves it when he speaks French. Without hesitation, Ava is bombarded Jared with a blow-by-blow account of her episode with Gregory. Jared is silent for several minutes before he speaks.

“Why doesn’t that fellow leave you alone. You’ve just gotten home and already he has begun like a marauder. Couldn’t he even allow you a few days home before he’s started in on you.” Jared replies in sympathetic anger.

“He has this personal vendetta against me because I divorced him. As I told you before, he remarried, and I was hoping that Holly would be able to preoccupy his mind.” Ava tells Jared.

“Some women seem to stay on a man’s mind—for better or worse. I know, honey.” Jared reminds Ava and she starts to blush at the thought of the two of them together.

“Have you been thinking about me, Jared?” Ava questions, knowing the answer already.

“Absolutely. I have a pillowcase that captures your aroma. I refuse to wash it because I wish to hold on to that wonderful memory of you and me, together.” The alluring way in which Jared says it makes Ava physically ache for him.

“Oh Jared, that’s so sweet! I wonder when will we be together again?” Ava sighs.

“Things have been really hectic here at the marina. I not sure when.” Jared admits regretfully.

“Same here—at least we can call and sometimes video chat.” Ava decides.

“I know but it’s not like holding you ever so close. I never thought in such a short span of time that I would meet someone who makes me feel so alive again.” Jared confesses.

“This is all new to me as well. My relationship with Greg was never as idyllic. And now with him trying to undermine not only me but Westbrook Ltd as well.” Ava retorts.

“They call it revenge of the worst kind! He sees anyone or anything that tries to aid or abet you as his sworn enemy.” Jared acknowledges.

“Then I pity him for I have found something that he will never been able to defeat. Something that not only holds my heart captive, but the rest of me as well. And, that something is called love. I truly adore, Jared!” Ava resounds shamelessly as she clutches the shell in her hand.

“Oh mon amour chéri!” Jared can hardly hold back his desire for her. “Je vous chéris! I long for the day when once again I can prove it!”

“I will sleep easy tonight, Jared. I will revel in the knowledge that I have someone who not only compliments me—but completes me as well.”

“Bonne unit mon amour!” Jared express his good night to his love, knowing that she enjoys hearing him speak French.

“Jusqu’à demain!” Until tomorrow replies Ava. They both release the call. Ava then goes into her bedroom and sleeps the rest of the night.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning ...

It is another day and Ava is ready for it! As she stands under the custom showerhead, she reminisces of the times she’d spent with Jared and has to once again, blush.

With a full breakfast of orange juice, scrambled eggs, slice avocado, turkey bacon and French toast, Ava pushes back from the table with a heavy sigh.

You can never find a more loyal or dedicated businessman than Ralph Murdock!

You can never find a more loyal or dedicated businessman than Ralph Murdock!

Looking at her cellphone, she notices that it’s Ralph giving her an early morning call.

“Hello Ralph.” Ava chirps, wondering how she was able to consume so much food.

“Hello yourself! You sound great this morning. I told Margie about what happened yesterday, and she felt I should give you a call.” Ralph admits sheepishly.

“That is so very kind of her. Please tell her I am well and hope she is too.” Ava can hear Ralph in the background conveying the message.

“It must be simply marvelous having someone like Ralph as a husband. I wonder how Jared will be?” Ava thinks to herself, then chuckles aloud at her obvious assumption.

“Is there something funny going on at your place?” Ralph teases.

“Just thinking about a friend.” Ava admits.

“Maybe you’d like to come over for dinner sometimes and tell Margie and me all about him.” Ralph extends the courteous invitation.

“How did you know—that would be just lovely! Name the day and time.” Ava responds, amazed that Ralph would guess her friend is a man!

“How about night? That will give Margie and her sister a good reason to go shopping. It will do both of them good to get out of the house.” Ralph suggests.

“I have nothing planned and it would be good seeing Margie again.” Ava remembers Erma introducing her at a garden party last spring.

“That’s right, you’ve met once before!” Ralph exclaims.

“Yes and I found her so delightful. Well, guess I’d better get out of here. See you at work, Ralph.” Ava calls out. Ralph responds and they are soon both on their way.

As Ava expects, Gregory is there waiting for her at the Welcoming Station.

He quietly accompanies her in the elevator. Once in Ava’s office and before she can put her things away, he begins his assault.

“You sure took your sweet time getting here.”

“I didn’t realize that I was working for you now.” Ava responds flippantly—completely catching him off guard.

“Uh, well I ah—”

“Did you come here to clear your throat, or do you actually have something to say?” Ava rejoices in her daring approach.

“Why I’ve never been spoken to like this.” Responds Gregory, finally able to capture his voice.

“Well, there is a first time for everything, isn’t it. Now, if you will excuse me Mr. Fairchild, I do have work to do.” Ava speaks in a dismissing manner, turning her back to him.

An angry Gregory storms out of the door, pushes past Ralph and heads for the elevator.

Ralph knocks once and enters Ava’s office.

“What was that all about? I think a cyclone just brushed pass me.” Ralph chuckles. Ava begins to explain to him the particulars of the encounter and they both spend at least 15 minutes laughing.

When Ava is calm enough to resume a semblance of sanity she questions Ralph.

“So—do you have anything new to offer since last night? Are we on the trail of something big?” Ava queries.

“You bet your sweet ass! I just got a call from Victor Glass, an overseas corporate attorney at Yamamoto Intl. He says that Gregory Fairchild has been hounding Akira Haru like a desperate housewife.” Ralph chuckles.

“You have quite a few contacts at Yamamoto Intl..” Ava marvels.

“It pays to play in the same sandbox where some of your associates play. At any rate, Victor and I have done quite a lot of business together and I have developed a pretty close camaraderie with Haru. I am looking forward to you meeting both men soon.” Ralph explains still smiling.

“If they are your associates then why are they considering doing business with Greg?” A confused Ava queries.

“First, its policy to listen to all negotiation offers. Second, Haru’s just very tolerant of Gregory. And third, I don’t think Victor will ever form a personal bond with that man.” Ralph states the obvious.

“They move in different circles, so to speak.” Ava replies.

“That’s putting it very diplomatically. Now, I want to share some information with you regarding our negotiations and then I’m meeting Margie for lunch.” Ralph informs her.

“Lucky girl.” Ava blurts out before catching herself.

“Hey, I’m the one who’s lucky. That woman means the world to me. Let’s get down to business.” Ralph orders and the next three solid hours is spent going over some very interesting information regarding Fairchild Enterprises.

To Be Continued ...

It Calls to Me: The Sea 8

  • It Calls to Me: The Sea 8
    Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west—deception follows the same path, rising and setting. Gregory Horacio Fairchild IV is confident that he will be able to put off his deceitful plan of manipulation. But will he?

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