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It Calls to Me: The Sea 4

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The sea beckons ...

The sea beckons ...

Now I Understand ...

It’s seven o’clock when Jared arrives at the Velvet Seagull in his sea green 2020 Land Rover which he uses on the island for business purposes. Ava comes out in a petal-soft pastel yellow top which complimented her beautiful complexion and a light, flowing organdy skirt. The sweater is a contrast from the more conservative dark gray business suits she usually wears. Her makeup is light and flawless, although she really didn’t need any. Ava is still an ageless beauty!

Jared takes Ava to “The Groddle” an Italian grill with a seafood twist. It is known for its open-air atmosphere which bares lighted candles on each table. Passing boaters observe the twinkling lights as numerous fireflies flickering on a moonlit night! Everything is superb!

“Ava, now that dinner is over, how would you like to take a short walk along the beach.” Jared asks, feeling thoroughly satisfied with his meal.

“Yes, Jared. I think that just sounds simply grand.” Is Ava’s response. And after leaving a generous tip, they both leave.

Jared drives a very short distance to a secluded area on the beach and finds a place to park his vehicle. The sun is softly setting, yet they slip off their shoes, put them into the truck and commence walking. Before knowing what has happened, Jared and Ava have almost walked a mile chatting and laughing about the silly things of life.

Ava remarks how they both seem to be finding a sense of calm in the midst of their own personal crises. Jared suggests resting near an empty pier that goes about thirty feet into the water. It’s located in front of the Hatters Island Lighthouse. Of all the lovers journeying pass them this night, none have chosen to reside here.

The pleasantness of the entire day is magical and without question Ava and Jared know it is okay to purely enjoy it. They pause for a while to meditate before traveling back towards the Rover to relax near some boulders.

Soon, it is eleven o’clock. The winds are starting to accelerate. This in turn signals the lighthouse beam to begins its sweep across the waters. The sound of the current ebbing and receding on the rocky banks is similar to someone clapping in approval as they slowly walk by.

As she slowly hesitates near a sandy patch, Ava can sense the ocean extending its waves to her feet, beckoning her to pull off the path and start walking towards the welcoming waters.

“Where are you going?” Jared inquires.

“Oh, I’m just going to meet with an old friend!” Ava replies.

“Hmm, okay.” Jared looks at her in bewilderment.

“How could he possibly know that I am speaking in regards to the painting on the mantle at home?” Ava silently assesses his glances.

Ava stands still with her eyes closed on the sandy beach as the little waves creep in and caressed her feet. Wave after wave continue their gentle onslaught.

“Oh come with me and be my love, and we will all the pleasures prove.” Ava whispers quietly, reciting the opening lines from The Passionate Shepherd to His Love—Christopher Marlowe.

This is more than just a washing of her feet; this is an emotional cleansing to her. She lifts her hands in thanksgiving as the next wave comes in. She opens her mouth as if welcoming a cherished comrade.

Every wave that comes in to greet her brings Ava more and more joy. Every wave that leaves her carries away her bitterness, insecurities, and doubts with it. Finally, ava gratefully just sits down in the middle of the water laughing and crying at the same time.

After observing enough, Jared rushes out and scoops Ava up into his arms and carries her to the upper sand. She knows she is finally free to do whatever now. It feels almost as though she’s been a beautiful bird released from her gilded cage. Ava knows that after tonight, she will never be the same.

"It beckons me ... Love calls to me!" Ava Fairchild.

"It beckons me ... Love calls to me!" Ava Fairchild.

“And if these pleasures may thee move, Come live with me, and be my love.” Jared replies to her tenderly.

“How do you know, Jared?” Ava asks in wonderment.

“Because I felt it, dear wonderful Ava. The first time that you stared at me unabashed—I was drawn to you.” Is Jared’s response.

“You, me and the sea have so much in common. We are the ones who carry the loads so that others can be happy. You with your yachts and me with my negotiations. And the sea—kings embraced her splendor. Whales have swum in her depths—” Jared interrupts her.

“Yes—you, me and the sea have often been stormy on the outside yet calm in the depths. You came here to calm the waves of despair. And … in the interim, Fate brought you to me.” Jared wraps his arms around Ava and begins a kiss. First, of mere exploration but as it deepens, it becomes one of desire, of need, and of fulfillment.

Ava originally has scheduled herself to reside on the island for only seven days. However, she manages to stay fourteen instead. For Ava’s thirty-ninth birthday, Jared has one of his coast guard buddies shoot fireworks in the shape of the number 39 at a small beach gathering outside his home given in her honor.

Jared also manage to surprise her by persuading her daughter Alexis to fly in for the event. Alexis is surprisingly overjoyed at the prospects of meeting the new woman her mother has become.

“Mom, I can’t believe the transformation. You look so happy. You have an aura about you that is so contagiously tranquil. If daddy could see you now—he would never believe it.” Alexis proclaims.

“It all has to do with the sea—and especially Jared.” Ava blushes.

“I only wish the best for you but what about your job?” Alexis wonders.

“We plan to work that out. For now, I will be visiting Jared when I can arrange the time and he will visit me. We both know this is sudden and want to make sure that this is lasting.” Ava answers and Alexis nods in full agreement.

“You really have changed. I’ve known the time that you would shy away from a relationship such as this like the plague. Now, you embrace it with open arms.” Alexis retorts and as if on cue, Jared invades in on the private conversation, kissing Ava tenderly on the lips.

“May I remind you young lady that this is your birthday and you have guests.” Jared chuckles.

“Sorry.” Ava replies in fake remorse. “Are you coming, dearest?”

“In a moment—I want to talk with Alexis.” Jared answers. Ava blows him a kiss and hurries off to return to her guests.

Jared eyes Alexis for a moment then asks, “Well, what do you think?”

Without any hesitation Alexis replies, “Completely flabbergasted. I have not seen my mother this happy in a very, very long time. What you have done in a couple of weeks is more than me or any of her friends could do in years.” And on impulse, Alexis gives him a big hug.

“You don’t know how much it means to me to have your approval regarding this. I’m treading in waters I never thought I’d be in.” Jared confides.

“I really appreciate you explaining to me a little bit about your past. It is because of your obvious openness and sincerity that I made this trip.” Alexis confesses.

“What about your father, billionaire entrepreneur Gregory Horacio Fairchild IV?” Jared looks Alexis straight into her eyes and Alexis answers him honestly.

“Now that, dear Jared, is going to be a problem. My father is a sore loser. As long as mom was miserable, and he knew it—he was content. However, that has all changed.”

“I see, looks like I may be in for a bit of a battle. Can I count on you for moral support?” Jared smiles.

“You bet your sweet donkey!” Alexis returns the smile as the two of them go to join the festivities.

To Be Continued ...

It Calls to Me: The Sea 5

  • It Calls to Me: The Sea 5
    It is finally time for Ava to return to her home in the Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey area. It is a 51 minute drive in light traffic from the airport. During those minutes, Ava is given an opportunity to reflect on the tranquil two weeks.

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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