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It Calls to Me: The Sea 13

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Signed, Sealed and Delivered ...

It is about 10:00 am when Ava receives a telephone call. It’s from Anton Andersson.


“Ava, hello! How are you today? This is Anton Andersson.”

“I recognized your voice, Anton. I’m doing great and you sound the same.” Ava replies.

“I am. This is going to be a wonderful day. I had my attorney spend the rest of yesterday completing our agreement. It has everything we discussed plus a wee bit more.” Anton teases.

“A wee bit more? I don’t understand, Anton?” Ava is surprised regarding this new development.

“Instead of 12 shares of Andersson Almagamaded Steelworks, you are now the proud owner of 20!” Anton gleefully informs her.

What? How did I get 8 addition shares of Andersson Almagamaded Steelworks?” Ava is breathless.

“One of the stockholders died and in his will he returned the shares to me! Can you believe it? Carl Washington was a very dear friend of my father’s and we always got along splendidly. So, when I found out yesterday I thought about you!” Anton laughs.

“Jared said you were solid gold—at least from his praises of you, it sounded like he thought so. Anton, I can never thank you enough. You have made me a very happy woman.” Ava is on the verge of tears.

“And you have make me a fortunate man. I talked with my own father. Although he is physically incapacitated, his mind is still sharp. He is glad that I am gaining complete control of Andersson Industries.” Anton confides in Ava.

“Why didn’t he just give you the controlling shares—never mind I know. He didn’t want to create a wedge between you and your sister.” Ava answers his own question.

“Right. Now, do you have a lawyer who can look over our agreement and be present when you sign the documents?” Anton questions.

“No, but I will ask Victor Glass. He’s the corporate attorney at Yamamoto International.” Ava retorts.

“And from all indications, a darn good one. I will have my lawyer call Mr. Glass to make all the arrangements and my portion will already be executed. You will just need to sign your part and give it to my attorney.” Anton rejoinders.

“That will work, Anton.” Ava states.

“Now, I’ve got some more business to attend to and I will be off to Hatteras Island.” Anton says.

Anton decides to give Ava a call concerning their agreement.

Anton decides to give Ava a call concerning their agreement.

“Don’t you visit the French Rivera or Monte Carlo?” Ava always assumed that billionaires spent their times at gaming casinos and exotic getaways.

“I do on occasions. However, when I want to relax with just the everyday people, I seek out my best friend and rent one of his yachts.” Again, Anton displays how cheerful he is.

“You are a wonderful person, Anton.” Ava happily admits.

“And—if you were not preoccupied with Jared, maybe. But since you are, I will treat you with as much respect as I did dear Olivia.” There is a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Jared loved Olivia very much, didn’t he?” It’s almost a whisper coming from Ava.

“Yes he did. I never thought he would love again but he has. You are a very special lady, Ava Fairchild. Petty that your selfish ex-husband never appreciated it. But then, Jared wouldn’t have discovered your alluring charm.” Anton answers in a low seductive voice.

“I will not detain you, Anton. Thank you so much.” Ava feels that it’s time to end this conversation.

“I thank you, Ava. I can hardly wait until the next board meeting of Andersson Industries.” There is a smirk on Anton’s face.

“The controlling shares and overseeing of operations will be in the capable hands of the right person.” Ava adds wishing she could be there.

“Hej då!” Anton says.

“Goodbye!” Ava returns and ends the call. As soon as she replaces the telephone in its cradle, it rings again. Now, it’s Ralph.

“Hello, Ava. What have you been up to this morning?” Ralph queries and when she gives him the good news, he lets out a yelp.

“I know. Can you imagine. I now have 20 shares in a company that is rising by leaps and bounds!” Ava exclaims.

“You are going to be a pretty wealthy young lady.” Ralph reminds her.

“I’m not that young Ralph, but you are right about me being wealthy. With 20 shares, I can imagine those dividend checks looking really promising.” Ava says.

“What will you do with them?” Ralph wonders.

“Now that I have a taste of the market—I think I will see what other goodies are out there. I will always have my job and my shares in Andersson Amalgamated to fall back on.” Ava concludes.

“That’s true. Well, I’ll meet you at Yamamoto International in a couple of hours. Why don’t you have yourself one of those long, lingering bubble baths and order in.” Ralph suggests.

Ava is feeling completely satisfied with her encounter with Anton's attorney.

Ava is feeling completely satisfied with her encounter with Anton's attorney.

“That’s one of the best ideas you’ve had today, Ralph. I could do with a congratulatory soak. I may add some delicious classical music to help enhance the mood.” Ava decides.

“In the meantime, I can give Victor and Haru a heads up on what’s going on. That is if you don’t mind?” Ralph adds as a second thought.

“I would appreciate that very much, Ralph. You have not only been a good partner during this negotiation task but a terrific friend as well.” Ava smiles to herself.

“I appreciate having you as a friend, Ava. I also look forward to meeting your Mr. Taylor. See you later, gator.” Ralph jokes.

“After while crocodile.” Ava throws back, then ends the call.

All Minds Are Clear ...

Promptly at 2:30 pm Ava has the contracts in her hands, presented to her by Anton Andersson’s lawyer, Wolfgang Müller. Victor Glass looks over the contract thoroughly and gives it his seal of approval.

“Everything looks good to me!” Victor remarks.

“Then will you be so kind as to sign both copies of the agreement, Ms. Fairchild? One, of course, is for you and the other I will give to my client, Mr. Andersson. You have made an extraordinary bargain—but then you are an international negotiator.” Wolfgang retorts with a small bit of envy.

Ava takes his comment as a high compliment and proceeds in signing the documents, handling one completed copy back to Wolfgang. He speaks to her again.

“I don’t normally say this, Ms. Fairchild. Especially not to someone I hardly know—” Wolfgang pauses.

“Please continue, Mr. Müller. What you say will stay within the confines of these walls.” Ava retorts and the others nod their heads in agreement.

“I was a bit skeptical regarding you agreeing to give Mr. Andersson the controlling shares of stock in exchange for Amalgamated Steelworks given the reputation of your ex. However, having met you and considering your character is as opposite as that of Mr. Fairchild—” Wolfgang pauses again.

“I understand, Mr. Müller.” Ava smiles and extends her hand to him. He shakes it warmly.

“Thank you, Ms. Fairchild. I will make sure my client sees these before I secure them in a safe place.” Wolfgang says.

“A very safe place!” Ava adds. Then all rise and Wolfgang is gone.

“We did it!” Ava throws up her hands in glee and everyone is congratulating each other.

“Make sure you put that contract in a safe place yourself. I can imagine that Gregory Fairchild would love to get his hands on it.” Ralph states.

“Ava, do you have a safe deposit box back home in Woodcliff Lake?” Haru inquires.

“Yes, why do you ask?” Ava returns with a question of her own.

“Why don’t you let me send it to your bank with instructions on how to proceed. That way, the matter will be securely handled, and you can even request that the bank manager inform you of its arrival.” Haru submits.

“That’s an excellent idea, Haru.” Ava replies. Haru then summons his personal assistant, Kobayashi Hirata to personally handle all the arrangement, getting receipts where applicable and insuring that the documents are not intercepted by a third party.

Ava is very much relieved with the arrangement and is ready to begin the final negotiation meeting which include Yamamoto International, Westbrook Limited, and Fairchild Enterprises. Little does Greg know that Ralph and Ava will be the representatives dealing with the powerful innovation resource giant and not he.

To Be Continued ...

It Calls to Me: The Sea 14

  • It Calls to Me: The Sea 14
    Sometimes, the best laid plans meet with the most well planned consequences. This is what Gregory Horacio Fairchild IV finds out regarding his bid to combine his dominance over two very powerful organizations.

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