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It Calls to Me: The Sea 12

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


It’s a Deal ...

After the meeting at Yamamoto International, Ralph goes to have lunch with Haru and Victor while Ava returns to her suite and orders room service. It is necessary for her to contact Jared so he can arrange a conference with Anton.

“It’s good hearing your voice, honey. How are things going in Hong Kong?” Jared inquires.

“Quite well, Jared. I got a chance to meet Victor Glass and put a face on Akira Haru.” Ava laughs. “And how are things there?”

“Exceptional! So far people are really getting out and boating. I guess it’s due in part with it being a mild hurricane season. However, it’s early and the weather can be very unpredictable. Speaking of which, I have some exciting news for you.” Jared replies.

“What is it?” Ava asks excitingly.

“Anton Andersson is going to be in Hong Kong.” Jared can imagine Ava hopping out of her chair. She almost chokes on a bite of burger. Then she sips some cola and is ready to speak.

“Are you kidding me?” Ava finally manages to query.

“Are you alright? I didn’t mean for it to startle you like that.” Jared apologizes.

“It’s just that I was calling you to let you know that I wanted to arrange a meeting with Anton as soon as it could be arranged.” Ava informs him, taking another sip of the cola.

“I thought as much. I was going to call you as soon as I could get an ebb in the clients to let you know that you’d be speaking with him this afternoon.” Jared rejoinders.

“Wow, now that is fast. What did you tell him?” Ava inquires.

“That you would know someone who is interested in buying the 10 shares of Andersson Industries and hand it back to him. Well—am I right?” Jared inquires.

“Yes, me!” Ava states, waiting for him to give the usual comment she’s received when informing others of her decision. After a few minutes of silence she interjects, “Well?”

“Well what, honey?” Jared asks innocently.

“Aren’t you going to say, you?” Ava responds.

“Why should I say that? I rather figured it would be you.” Jared retorts thoroughly charmed.

“Now how did you manage to reach that conclusion?” Ava is curious to know.

“I just thought about who better would want to buy those shares of stock and give them back. Also, who would concoct a way of still profiting from the purchase?” Jared deduces.

“I love you, Jared!” Ava exclaims with glee.

“And I love you too, honey. Now get yourself together. Anton will be staying at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.” Jared says.

“That’s top rated, of course. Ralph and I are at The Royal Garden. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, dear Jared.” Ava is sincere in her declaration.

“I have purely selfish reasons—your success is my success!” Jared retorts and means it. “Here’s his phone number. Give him a call! Now, scoot!”

“Wish me luck!” Ava rejoinders, as if she needs it.

“Always, love!” Jared ends the call.

Nervously, Ava looks at the number she has jotted down and dials it. The voice on the other end is rich and mellow. “If I wasn’t already committed to Jared—” Ava thinks to herself.


“Hi, my name is Ava Fairchild and I’m a very good friend of Jared Taylor.” Ava begins.

Anton is excited about the news Ava is telling him.

Anton is excited about the news Ava is telling him.

“Ah yes, Ava Fairchild the negotiator.” Anton says.

“You’ve heard of me?” Ava questions in surprise.

“Yes I have through my connections with Jared and some of my business associates as well. Thank you so much for calling.” Anton says.

“Thank you so much for allowing me to speak with you, Mr. Andersson.” Ava responds in her most professional voice.

“Please, call me Anton. Jared has told me so much about you until I feel that I know you personally. Now, let’s get down to business. Jared says that you know of someone who is not only willing to buy the 10 shares of Andersson Industries but will return them to me?” Anton queries.

“Yes, Anton. I would like to buy the stock and return them to you for a rather exclusive concession.” Ava acknowledges.

“And what might that concession be?” Ava definitely has Anton’s interest piqued.

“The 12 shares you have outstanding in Andersson Amalgamated Steelworks.” Ava holds her breath. The line falls quiet for what seems like an eternity but is actually only about 35 seconds.

“Those same 12 shares that Mr. Gregory H. Fairchild and everyone else is after, Ms. Fairchild?” Anton chuckles when he finally speaks.

“The very same, Anton. Please call me Ava.”

Another few seconds pass before he speaks again.

“You’ve got yourself a deal!” Anton replies very pleased.

“Are you serious?” Ava can’t believe her ears. She expected to have to put on her very best negotiating shoes.

“Absolutely! It’s an excellent way for both of us to get back at that rascal.” Anton lets out a hardy laugh when he hears Ava scream with sheer delight, then has to tone it down.

“Mr. Andersson—Anton, you have made me one happy person.” Ava shrieks.

“As well you have returned the compliment, Ava. I happen to be here on business with my attorney and press secretary. Yes, I do have one. I will see what he can do for us at the spur of the moment and then we will give you a call. I’m sure he can just modify a standard form.” Anton retorts flippantly.

“Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing you.” Ava replies.

“And I, you Ava. Have a good afternoon.” Anton responds and ends the call.

For the next couple of minutes, Ava walks around her suite pacing and grinning. Excited at the prospects of denying her ex the opportunity of a lifetime and sealing the fate of his acquiring negotiating rights of both Takahashi Unlimited and Yamamoto International.

Shortly the doorbell buzzes, it’s Ralph. Ava rushes to let him in.

“You look like the cat that ate the canary and then proceeded to gulp down the goldfish.” Ralph responds in amusement.

“Better than that—I’ve just got off the phone with Anton Andersson. He has agreed to make the deal. He just happens to be in Hong Kong on business with his attorney and press secretary—”

“He has a press secretary?” Ralph asks in wonder.

“Apparently he does.” Ava replies a little annoyed at being interrupted and Ralph finds that comical.

“Anyway, he will get a contract setup and I will be the owner of Andersson Amalgamated Steelworks, well 12 shares anyway. He will have controlling shares of Andersson Industries. He will have outfoxed Gregory.” Ava announces happily.

“That’s fantastic! You both would have outdone that jackal. Oh wait until I tell Haru. Let me give him a call.” An excited Ralph decides.

Within minutes, he is on the phone with Haru. Ava can hear him cheering on the other end. Then she hears Ralph reply—

“We must be elusive regarding the entire transaction. We don’t want to give Gregory or any of his people even an inkling of what is happening.”

Ava goes into the bathroom to freshen up. She knows she must look a mess after laughing and crying at the same time. When she returns into the living room she hears Ralph winding up the call.

“As soon as the paperwork is finalized, we will be back in touch with you. Sayonara!” Ralph turns to face Ava with the biggest smile she has ever seen on his face.

“You’ve done it!” He proclaims.

To Be Continued ...

It Calls to Me: The Sea 13

  • It Calls to Me: The Sea 13
    Ava receives the telephone call she has been anticipating. The contracts are signed, and she becomes a stockholder in one of the most affluence companies in the world. All this being accomplished with Gregory H. Fairchild not knowing a thing about it

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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