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It Calls to Me: The Sea 11

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

What mysteries does this painting hold?

What mysteries does this painting hold?

I’m Ready to Talk Business ...

Early the next morning, Ralph Murdock finds himself knocking on the suite of Ava Fairchild.

“Good morning Ralph! A sleepy Ava responds, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Ava. Just ready to get things started, I guess.” Ralph smiles.

“We’re going to handle this as expeditiously as possible. Got to get you back to Margie!” Ava returns the smile.

“You know it. I didn’t get to touch bases with you much on the plane. We were both tired and in need of some rest. In fact, I was sound asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.” Ralph confesses.

“Same here, Ralph. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable while I shower. Then we’ll find ourselves somewhere to eat and keep our appointment with Akira Haru and Victor Glass.” Ava responds, directing Ralph to a sofa while she returns to the bedroom.

Ralph fiddles with the remote but doesn’t find anything appealing to him, so he goes to the window to look out at Hong Kong. The view is breathtaking. Ralph makes a mental note to remind himself to bring Margie here when he has the time and she is up to the challenge.

Moments later, Ava is attired in a smart business suit and joins Ralph at the window. Ava is blessed with excellent eyesight. However, sometimes she adorns eyeglasses to create a more professional persona.

Ava and Ralph decide that Café Gray Deluxe will be an idea place to enjoy breakfast and do some premeeting strategy. Ralph decides on sunny-side up eggs, streaky and back bacon which comes with a papaya mango salad. While Ava is content with smoked salmon scrambled eggs, salmon caviar and brioche. They both compliment the meal with Earl Grey Tea.

When each participant is thoroughly satisfied, they decide to get down to business. Ava starts the conversation.

“I’ve been discussing with Erma the prospects of being the person to purchase the 10 shares of Andersson Industries.”

“You, Ava?” Ralph displays the same reaction as their boss did.

“Why does it seem like such a surprise. I’m no millionaire but neither am I hurting for money.” Ava replies indignantly.

“While it’s true that the divorce settlement with Gregory Fairchild must be a very lucrative one—I just never saw you in the light of being an investor.” Ralph offers his honest assessment.

“Why?” Ava leans toward him to maintain confidentiality.

“You don’t strike me as a risk-taker, Ava. No offense meant.” Ralph rejoinders.

“None taken, Ralph. Normally, I am not. However, I do have an ulterior motive.” Ava whispers.

“And we are whispering because?” Ralph questions.

“Gregory could have easily found out where I was going and planted a spy. I don’t put it pass him, you know.” Ava informs Ralph.

“Hey, I never thought of that. It would be just like him to trace you here. When it comes to business—that man is ruthless.” Ralph has lowered his voice an octave.

A wonderful place to enjoy a good meal!

A wonderful place to enjoy a good meal!

“When it comes to me, Ralph. Anyway, I want to sweeten the deal with Anton Andersson. I’ll give him the controlling shares of stock in exchange for a few shares in one of his top moneymakers!” Ava announces.

“You are a shrewd business professional.” Ralph chuckles. “Now that would really put a bee in old Greg’s bonnet.”

After Ava and Ralph finish their breakfast, they leave for the headquarters of Yamamoto International. Haru’s personal assistant, Kobayashi Hinata, is there to greet them.

“Mr. Murdock, Ms. Fairchild good morning to both of you!” Is her cheerful response.

“Good morning, Ms. Kobayashi. It is indeed a pleasure to meet you once again.” Ava says cordially.

“Good morning, Hinata. How are you and your family?” Ralph is well acquainted with the woman.

“They are doing fine, Mr. Murdock—Ralph. Please to wait here for a moment and Mr. Akira will be with you.” Hinata points to a couple of comfortable chairs, gives a gracious bow, and leaves the area.

“Are you nervous?” Ralph asks Ava as she is sitting very erect in her chair.

“I always feel a tinge of nervousness whenever I meet with an important client—prospective client for the first time.” Ava gives him a weak grin.

“There is no need. Haru has the upmost respect for you. Just follow his lead. Since you are not that familiar with him, use cordial business conversation until he gives you the go-ahead to be less formal. I have been doing business with both Haru and Victor for a number of years so our rhetoric may be more casual.” Ralph preps Ava.

“That’s good advice. I would never want to take unwarranted liberties.” Ava retorts.

“I know you wouldn’t—just standard warnings.” Ralph recites.

It’s about ten minutes later when Haru along with Victor come into the Welcoming Area. Both are smiling warmly.

“Good morning, Ms. Fairchild and welcome to Yamamoto International!” Haru extends his hand giving Ava a warm and friendly handshake and bowing gracefully.

“And good morning, Mr. Murdock. It is indeed a pleasure to see you again.” Haru gives Ralph a sideways glance at a few other businessmen who are in the area.

“Good Morning, Mr. Akira.” Both Ava and Ralph reply simultaneously.

“Good Morning, Mr. Murdock and Ms. Fairchild.” Victor follows the same procedure as his employer. “Let us adjourn to Mr. Akira’s office.”

Once inside the office, everyone sighs heavily. Haru speaks first.

“I’m sorry Ralph, Ava but such formalities are necessary—especially when there are other entrepreneurs within the area. There is a certain amount of decorum we have to display.”

“We understand perfectly.” Ralph replies.

The four conspirators search the Internet hoping to find a company for Ava to invest in.

The four conspirators search the Internet hoping to find a company for Ava to invest in.

“Now Ava, if you will be so kind as to explain to both Victor and me your scheme for defusing Mr. Gregory Fairchild IV.” Haru wastes no time in getting down to business.

Ava painstakingly outlines her plan to acquire the 10 shares of stock in Andersson Industries for the purpose of trading them for an equally valuable share in one of Anton’s other interests. Haru nods his head in full agreement and Victor speaks up next.

“Let’s make sure that the company is not a rival of ours. It would definitely be a conflict of interest and put us in a most precarious situation.” Victor warns.

“Absolutely! It is not that I don’t trust you, Ava—” Haru interjects and Ava speaks.

“It would be awkward indeed, Haru. For me to hold stock in a company that is competing in world trade with you would be a violation of our trust.” Ava proclaims much to the satisfaction of the three men surrounding her.

“Now that we have that understanding, let’s do a little research to see what nice little company would be appropriate for Ava to be a stockholder in.” Ralph decides and the four individuals get busy searching.

Andersson Amalgamated Steelworks!” Victor proclaims.

“Perfect!” Haru decides.

“Bravo!” Ralph applauds.

“I don’t understand?” Ava looks from one person to the other.

Andersson Amalgamated Steelworks manufactures the best steel used in making luxury automobiles. And what’s even better, Greg has been trying to get his paws on shares for years. Not even his wife, Anton’s sister has any shares. This would definitely be a slap in that pompous ass’ face.” Ralph explains.

“The stock has not been on the market for years although I believe there is like 12 outstanding shares. Now, if you can persuade Anton to make such a deal—” Haru says.

“I’ll personally name you Negotiator of the Year!” Victor applauds giving Ava a wink.

“Now Ava, you need to get your boyfriend to set up an appointment between you and Anton on the low-low.” Ralph advises.

“And, if he feels the way that we do about Gregory Fairchild IV, it shouldn’t be too hard.” Haru adds.

“The hard part may be in persuading him into forking over those 12 shares of Andersson Amalgamated.” Victor looks at each individual.

“Not if he wants controlling shares as badly as Jared says he does. It’s not like 12 shares give me much influence over the company.” Ava surmises.

“No but 12 shares could make you one rich cookie!” Haru offers and everyone laughs hardily.

“Well—let me get this show on the road!” Ava proclaims and everyone is in agreement.

To Be Continued ...

It Calls to Me: The Sea 12

  • It Calls to Me: The Sea 12
    There is nothing as tantalizing as the sweet taste of success. Ava has finally managed, after quite a few years, to upstage her greedy and ambitious ex-husband, Gregory Horacio Fairchild IV. He is a man used to getting his way, now the tables turn!

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