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It Calls to Me: The Sea 10

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Something to Think About ...

It’s Monday and Ava has returned from an exciting weekend with Jared. It’s true that they spent some of their time around his beachfront home, but they also enjoy boating on one of his best yachts and eating some of the most scrumptious omelets at The Outer Banks Omelet. Jared decides that preparing meals could be designated for another time. They will enjoy a carefree weekend of sunning and yachting.

Ava leaves the airport and goes straight home. This time she drives her Pink Lexus, so she doesn’t have to try to procure other methods of transportation to get back to Woodcliff Lake. As soon as she arrives, her telephone rings. It’s Erma Westbrook.

“Hey kiddo, I got a call from Akira Haru. He is very impressed with your presentation regarding Andersson Industries and the fact that they happen to be the holding company of his biggest rival.”

“He’s really easy to talk to. I’m in the process of getting myself prepared for the trip to Hong Kong. Have you heard from Ralph yet?” Ava inquires.

“Just before I contacted you. He told me basically the same thing that Mr. Akira did. You must have done a bang up job. This is going to be sweet. You guys are going to take Mr. Fairchild down by using his own company against him.” Erma says with glee.

“Actually, the company belongs to Holly and Anton Andersson. However, when we pull off this deal—Anton will have the controlling shares. Do you know what the going price for a share of Andersson Industries?” Ava wonders.

“Right now it’s holding steady at $500 per share.” Erma tells her friend.

“Then 10 shares of Andersson Industries would be $5,000. Say, that’s a pretty good investment.” Ava smiles.

“Yeah, that’s why it’s not very likely that a person would pay that for the shares and then just give them back. With the way that company is growing—it will be worth double that by the end of the year.” Erma predicts.

“I can see why Gregory feels so confident. I think things would be a little amicable if there could be some type of incentive offered to sweeten the deal.” Ava seems to have more than a casual interest in the transaction.

“Are you telling me that you are interested in buying the 10 shares? You, Ava?” Erma looks up at the ceiling in surprise.

“I am—but only if I could swing a deal with Anton. I think I will discuss it with the team when I get to Hong Kong.” Ava decides.

“Well, don’t let me hold you up. Be sure to have that neighbor of yours, what’s his name—”

“Howard.” Ava states dryly.

“Yeah, Howard. Have him look in on your place. He usually does a good job. He and your daughter Alexis are like a couple of blood hounds.” Erma replies.

Ava is determined to wipe that smug smile off Gregory's face and she does!

Ava is determined to wipe that smug smile off Gregory's face and she does!

“That’s because dear Howard hopes that by getting chummy with the daughter—that puts him in a better position with the mom.” Ava responds.

“He’s been at it for a while. Come to think of it, with things the way they are between Jared and you it may be best to leave him out of the mix.” Erma concludes.

“Right. I’ll text Anita. She lives down the street and she has an eagle eye for everything.” Ava retorts.

“If you can keep her away from her tablet long enough. What about Pamela? Being the neighborhood busybody, she will definitely keep an eye out.” Erma suggests.

“I’ve got to go, Erma. I just may text the two of them. It’s not like it will be out of the way for either one. Talk to you later, bye!” Ava replies knowing that talking with Erma any longer and she might miss her flight.

Again, Ava takes her Lexus to the airport and parks in a special reserved spot. As she grabs her bags and heads for the terminal, she runs into Gregory.

“Well, and where are you off to in such a hurry, may I ask?”

“No, you may not ask. Look Greg, we have been divorced long enough for you to remarry and have a life of your own. I think it’s time you paid more attention to your current wife than your ex.” Ava retorts slamming the trunk, click locking it and pushing pass Greg almost throwing him off balance. He quickly regains footing and trots after her.

“You didn’t used to talk to me in that manner. You used to have more respect.” Greg acknowledges as he finally catches up with her.

“I’ve got a plane to catch, Greg. I don’t owe you anything. We settled that in divorce court, remember?” Ava lashes at him and a passing security agent happens to get the tail end of the conversation and sees the look in Ava’s eyes. He comes forward hoping to defuse what could become a messy situation.

It will be night when they finally reach Hong Kong International.

It will be night when they finally reach Hong Kong International.

“Hello Ms. Fairchild. Can I help you with your baggage?” Robert asks.

“I seem to have one piece of baggage too many, Robert.” Ava rejoinders and Greg gives her an angry look but silently turns away.

“Some men just don’t know when to quit.” Robert replies.

“No, they don’t. Thanks.” Ava answers as she rushes to get things situated so she can catch the flight. Ralph is already there waiting.

“I thought you were going to miss our plane.” Ralph says looking a little concerned at Ava.

“I met Greg in the parking garage and well—”

“I understand. Let’s go.”

The flight takes roughly fifteen hours and forty-five minutes nonstop. In that time, Ava sends text messages to both Anita and Pamela who both respond that they would be delighted to assist. They also request that she purchase souvenirs.

Ava then calls her daughter to remind her to also look in on things.

“Don’t worry mom, between the three of us, we’ve got you covered.” Alexis chirps.

“By the way—I almost missed my flight. Ran into your father at the Airport Reserved Parking Garage.” Ava tells her.

“Yeah, I know he called me.” Alexis informs her mother.

“Really, what did you tell him?” Ava inquires, knowing her daughter very well.

“Apparently what you said. He’s divorce, got a new wife, needs to move on.” Alexis laughs.

“He didn’t like that, I know.” Ava tries to stifle a grin, knowing the way her daughter delivers a message.

“He accused me of conspiring with you after all he has done for me, yah-dah ... yah-dah—you know the spill.” Alexis is still laughing.

“At any rate, you are his only child. It looks like either Holly can’t have any children or she doesn’t want any with Greg.” Ava states the obvious.

“My money would be on doesn’t want any. I really don’t think she’s the little baby-mommy type. Now someone my age, hey she’s really not that bad. I’ve had lunch with her occasionally and she doesn’t believe half the things dad’s told her about you.” Alexis informs her mom.

“Really?” Ava is shocked but shouldn’t be.

“Have a good flight mom. Love you!” Alexis says.

“Love you more, baby!” Ava replies.

Ava spends the rest of the flight relaxing. She overhears Ralph connecting with his wife. He tells Margie that he is missing her terribly, but so far everything is running smoothly.

Arriving At Hong Kong International Airport ...

It is late at night when the intrepid travelers arrive at Hong Kong International. Ava is a little tired from the long flight and so is Ralph. A representative from Yamamoto International is there to meet them and they give each other the customary greetings.

“Ms. Fairchild, Mr. Murdock welcome to Hong Kong. It is good to see you again, Mr. Murdock.” Says Kobayashi Hinata, Haru’s personal assistant.

“Hello Hinata, its good to see you as well. This is not Ms. Fairchild’s first trip to Hong Kong—only the first one representing Westbrook Ltd with your organization.” Ralph explains as the two women exchange handshakes.

Ava is excited about being here again. The last time she visited Hong Kong she had to attend some very tense negotiation procedures with a Los Angeles firm based here. It was also during her divorce proceedings with Gregory. This time it would be much different.

To Be Continued ...

It Calls to Me: The Sea 11

  • It Calls to Me: The Sea 11
    Finally in Hong Kong, Ralph and Ava begin their Tuesday morning with a superb breakfast at Café Gray Deluxe and then they are off to the Yamamoto International Building to meet with Akira Haru and Victor Glass his corporate attorney.

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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