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It Calls to Me: The Sea

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

One woman's journey toward happiness!

One woman's journey toward happiness!

A Need for Change ...

“I’ve just got to get away, and I don’t care where I go. I need to be somewhere where I can relax my mind, free my soul, and escape the corporate grind of making a living.”—Ava Fairchild.

The rain has temporarily subsided when Ava Fairchild conclusively decides to call it a day. Ava is a very stylish, high-powered executive at Westbrook Ltd. Because of her hard work and a recent Master of Business Administration Degree in Global Affairs she has been promoted to the rank of International Trade Specialist. Ava’s previous positions with the organization have composed of mundane and extremely uneventful duties. However, when it comes to her personal life, there seems to be no end to the drama! Ava’s love life, for instance, can be described as a hodgepodge of ill-fated but well-meaning match-making along with an early marriage destined to failure from the start. You can’t put two young head-strong people together and expect a smooth transition. The only positive note is a beautiful daughter, Alexis Jade.

Nineteen year old Alexis Jade has the stunning features of her mother plus the shrewd, perceptive business savvy of her father, successful billionaire entrepreneur Gregory Horacio Fairchild IV. Greg has ensured that his only offspring attends the best ivy-league university along with learning the intricate handling of Fairchild Enterprises. In spite of these accouterments, Alexis is still 100% loyal to her mother.

Two distinct characters stand out in Ava’s private world. One is Pamela, the suburban gossiper and another is Anita the “I just saw this on Social Media.” Please—let us not forget Howard, the frequent waver who always manages to be jogging at the precise moment Ava leaves for work. Somehow Ava knows by the way he smiles at her that there may be something more in the waving each morning and the greeting each evening after work than mere politeness. However, she’d rather not be bothered.

Ava both loves and hates her private little world. She either spends her evenings totally exhausted on the back patio, or on the phone with Alexis. Occasionally, she’ll try to start a new DIY Project only to lose interest in it half-way through. Now that she is approaching the week of her 39th birthday, Ava is doing more introspective thinking. One more year and Ava Rose Fairchild will be 40 years old! Ava decides to drown her melancholy in a pint of Rocky Road Ice Cream. So off she goes to the nearest Baskin-Robbins© before heading home.

After carefully finishing off her favorite treat on the outside terrace, she makes her way to the local supermarket. Once there, she is in a selective mood. Ava carefully picks her food and thinks, “All my recent out of town trips have been for business. It would be nice to just once, just once go somewhere that didn’t have to do with trade agreements, labor disputes or the like.”

Ava makes it home, takes the keys out of her purse and commences to open the door. The same old smells greeted her. The odor of fettuccini from the night before and the cinnamon potpourri on the coffee table embrace her. Ava flicks on the lights and surveys her surroundings.

On the mantle over the impressive fireplace is a beautiful painting of the ocean that she inherited from the previous owners. Ava had decided she wanted her living room to reflecting the pensive mood of that ocean scene. She has managed to purchase attractive furniture and accessories to coincide with a breathtaking view of her home. Ava is captivated by the old painting and drifts in and out of a cheerful fantasy of being there on the sea.

Clang! Bam! Clonk! Ava drops her groceries to the floor right where she is standing!! And she doesn’t bother picking them up.

“I’ve just about had enough. Dealing with the problems of others. Smiling and nodding in agreement while a bunch of silly old men sitting on their corporate asses making millions off my hard work. I’ve just got to get away, and I don’t care where I go. I need to be somewhere where I can relax my mind, free my soul, and escape the corporate grind of making a living!” Ava exclaims. Then she calls Westbrook Ltd, talks with her boss regarding the upcoming Hong Kong affair, and leaves a voice message on her busy daughter’s answering machine.

A haunting picture of an ocean cliff ... what significance does it possess.

A haunting picture of an ocean cliff ... what significance does it possess.

Ava packs some of her new clothes in a valise and catches a cab to the airport leaving her Lexus in the driveway. While riding, she thinks about how she has made the garment purchases on the spur of the moment. Never thinking about whether she would ever wear them. It’s just one of the many impulsive moves she’s made as she approaches middle age.

Upon arriving at her destination, Ava grabs a few brochures from the airport lobby. The brochure regarding North Carolina attracts her attention because of the similarity to the picture in her living room with the exception of having a lighthouse on the brochure. It reads:

“Come to Hatteras Island, North Carolina; a place as timeless as the sand, constant as the sea; there for you like an old friend.”

“This is the place I want to go.” Ava says. “Away from the crowds, the relentless deadlines, and the constant demands of corporate life.”

So, she purchases the next plane ticket to North Carolina.

After the initial takeoff and everything has settled, Ava makes reservations a few thousand feet in the air from her cell phone. The melodious voice of the hotel island clerk makes Ava feel as if she is indeed going to the right place. It reminds her of the enthusiasm she once held when she first started out on her career.

“No problem at all ma’am. Happy to oblige you. We look forward to you staying with us. And you have a pleasant day, ya’ hear!” The clerk with the strong Southern drawl replies optimistically.

From a day filled with back-to-back conference calls at work, an impromptu stop at the supermarket, a home revelation and now flying to North Carolina; Ava slithers down into her seat and dozes off peacefully.

Ava is awakened thirty-five minutes into the flight by the stewardess.

“Ma’am would you like something to drink or snack on?” the stewardess questions.

“No, thank you.” Ava replies. The nap has made things a little clearer and she thinks to herself, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Ava glances down at the brochure, grips her purse and looks around the plane. She hasn’t even remembered to notice who got on with her. Everything happens so fast; even now her strong feelings of uncertainty couldn’t make her turn around. Her mind is set! Cape Hatteras Island lay twenty-five miles off the coast of North Carolina with miles of sand dunes, salt marshes, freshwater swales, and beautiful forest. Yes!

In order to arrive at her final destination, it is necessary for Ava to take a helicopter. After the second aircraft lands, which is a charter to the island, Ava arrives safely around about 7:15 pm. There is a special kind of sea-born feeling in the air that night. As she looks over her shoulder and sees the night ocean, it seems as if the waves are calling for those tired feet of hers. The moon is absolutely majestic! The silhouette of the waving trees waltzes across the shimmering white sand.

Ava asks the pilot, who is a little captivated by the ocean himself, about the rental car area. Ava walks over to the designated car and drives to the hotel. The Velvet Seagull by Comfort Inn is where she will be staying. The room—spacious; the bed—just right; the view—breathtaking!

To Be Continued ...

It Calls to Me: The Sea

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    Its not everyday that you meet someone who understands you, who doesn’t prejudge you and who seems to share the same interests as you do. However, sometimes it can happen in such as way that it both pleases and frighten you at the same time.

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