In The Place of Eridu Pt 9

Updated on February 17, 2018
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April has been a psychology student for 6 years. She has a Bachelors Degree in psychology and is currently attaining her Masters Degree.

Jinn | Source

Waves of time crashed upon the sea shore showing no resistance to the rock masses aligning the shore. The Black sea gave up its residue of yesterday into the sands. The train going into Bulgaria set the scene of alluring beauty to new eyes that have not been there before. The foreign air is new to the senses.
Aziza lay her head on Jacks shoulders asleep. Francesco sits behind in a far-off seat, as if to be a stranger.

Back in Bulgaria
Kalina: The man by the name of Jack is coming here, and there are two others with him.
Lordanka: There is no one coming here, it is all just a dream Kalina.
Kalina: We are to be their guides to the sacred place in the mountains. I am getting dressed.
Lordanka: I guess we sit here and wait for your imaginary friends to arrive.
Goran: And just where are we guiding them to?
Kalina: The Thracian city of Perperikon.
Goran and Lordanka stare at each other.
Goran: And why are we going there?
Kalina: We are portals, and we are the astrological alignment that is needed to open the door to another dimension.
Goran: This is crazy talk.
Meanwhile there are men in black that have arrived in Bulgaria.
There is a knock on the door. Kalina is in her room changing.
Goran: Who is knocking on the door?
Lordanka: I will check. There are three people out here.
Lordanka opens the door.
Lordanka: May I help you?
Jack: We are here to see Kalina.
Kalina: Let them in.
Jack removes his shades and stares at Lordanka and Goran.
Lordanka and Goran is taken back to a past life where they use to be druids.
They all get ready for the trip to the mountains. Francesco awaits outside in a vehicle. As the car drives off, the town of Kurdzhali, began to fade into the background. Upon arriving to their destination, they leave the vehicle parked and began the hike. Francesco walks slowly behind them in the distance. Shadowy figures follow and spy on them from afar. Sundown reflects a golden layer in the sky. Men in black follow a distance from Francesco. They plan to first, attack him but he disappears into the dusk. Creatures in the deep skies began to surface above. One of the men look up in disbelief at what he is seeing. Man in Black: Jinn! They are the Jinn!! Something unheard of to normal reality, creatures of fire. Unreality to this world. They began attacking the men. Jack, Aziza and their guides continue walking. Jack knowing what has taken place behind them from the distance.

Stay tuned for part 10..

By: April Seldon, Febuary 12, 2018.


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